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Rongshida handheld ironing machine is a portable ironing machine designed specifically for families and dormitories. It adopts steam ironing technology, which can easily flatten clothes. Whether it is clothes made of different materials such as cotton, silk, or wool, satisfactory ironing results can be achieved. This handheld ironing machine is very portable, easy to carry and use, suitable for ironing anytime during travel, business trips, or at home. Its compact design makes ironing space no longer a problem, making it easy to iron clothes anytime, anywhere. In addition, it has multiple modes for users to choose from, suitable for clothing of different fabrics. It is a practical and powerful household clothing care product.

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Hanging hot/flat hot dual-purpose


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20 reviews for Portable handheld ironing machine Rongshida small

  1. Anonymous

    The ironing process is smooth, easy to operate, cost-effective, and worth recommending. It has a good ironing effect, saves time and effort, and does not take up space. I am really satisfied with it. The items are stored without taking up space, but they are truly of good quality and affordable. Convenient to use, fast steam release, great ironing effect, no need to worry, thick clothes in winter are not afraid of uneven ironing, clothes can be used all year round, specially ironed bed sheets, really great! Just a few irons will flatten it, I really like it!

  2. Anonymous

    After trying it, it’s great value for money. From now on, I will be a delicate pig girl again. It’s definitely worth buying!!! No, it’s not easy to use.The phenomenon.ps: The customer service lady’s service attitude is very good, much better than I expected.Recommended to buy.It’s not an ordinary product, it’s cheap and convenient. The clothes are ironed like new. It’s really good. It doesn’t cost much, and it’s practical and good.Before I bought it, I was worried that it wouldn’t achieve the effect I wanted. Like, it doesn’t take up much space when storing things. The effect is really great, I just ironed it a few times and it was flat. Overall, it’s cost-effective A very high product.Guanjian still has a three-year warranty. If it breaks, replace it with a new one. Only with good service can you have a good brand!

  3. Anonymous

    It is suitable for ironing. The two clothes I ironed were a denim jacket with a thick velvet lining and a down jacket. The results were good and they looked really good. It made a girl’s heart burst. It is a good-looking and easy-to-use garment steamer. I like it very much. I used it as soon as I received it. It is very easy to use. Be careful not to get wrinkles. It can be ironed for about the same price. The bicycle garment steamer is really cost-effective. Easy to use???????, after-sales service is guaranteed, I have already recommended it to my friends! It’s good, a big brand that is trustworthy~ It’s also easy to use~ It’s also very convenient to carry when going out, it looks good, and it warms up quickly~ ????The clothes are really ironed with this garment ironing machine~~The effect is really amazing, and the service is also perfect!

  4. Anonymous

    It is small and exquisite, no bigger than a book. It is very convenient to carry on business trips. It can be flat ironed or hung ironed. I just tried ironing a coat. It can easily remove wrinkles and the seams of clothes can be ironed easily. Look. The round machine actually has a beauty point design, which can even take care of the corners of the buttons. It can really be flattened with just one iron, and the effect is obvious. It’s hard not to love it.I have tried flat ironing and hand-held hanging ironing, and the results are very satisfactory.The key is that the ironed clothes are warm, dry and ready to wear.It’s so beautiful! It’s a good thing that appeals to my aesthetic! It’s compact, compact and portable, and the effect is very good. It can be flattened once ironed, so novices can start it directly because the operation is really simple!

  5. Anonymous

    It’s compact and convenient. I’ve ironed coats, down jackets, sweaters, and shirts and it feels pretty good. It meets my needs. Their after-sales service is also very good and any problems are solved.The price is really a good deal. You can buy such a good thing. I have collected it and followed the store. I tried it after receiving the goods. The quality is very good and worth owning! Five-star praise! The warranty is three years. If there are any problems, it is ok. Replaced it with a new one, and the after-sales service was great.Recommended.It is portable and can be taken with you anytime for business trips. I like it very much because it does not settle or fogs up. It can be used at multiple angles and can be used to iron clothes in all seasons. It is very good for dry ironing and wrinkle removal with steam ironing. It is really good. It is a dual-purpose machine. The garment steamer saved me a lot of money.

  6. Anonymous

    I have ironed both thin and thick clothes and tried to remove wrinkles. The effect is very good. The ironing is very smooth and the fog is bigger! The effect of ironing clothes is also very good. It becomes flat and very easy to use. Just add a little water and wait a few seconds to use it. It heats up very quickly.All in all, I am very satisfied. It can be used for both flat and hanging ironing. It can be used both wet and dry. It is really easy to use. I can iron my clothes twice and they will be flat. It is really easy to use. I like it so much! I am planning to move it to a new home. , small and convenient, you can also carry it when traveling. It is also very convenient for ironing clothes. It meets my daily needs. Fairies who like it, hurry up! This handheld iron is very beautiful. It’s tall, compact and portable, so it’s very convenient to take with you when traveling.Does not take up space and is easy to store!

  7. Anonymous

    The machine is not heavy, it is very small, and it is easy to use. I will recommend my friends to buy it with confidence. This home appliance is very good. It can be said to be a magic tool for ironing clothes. I am very grateful to the store for the very good service. Be patient. I received it and saw that it is very small. It is really convenient after using it. It heats up very quickly and the steam is very powerful. You can iron clothes quickly. The machine is not heavy. It is easy to use. It has good effect and is compact. Easy to carry, Royalstar Fruit??????? is definitely a big national brand! The quality of the machine is very good and durable, the heating speed is very fast, it is preheated very quickly, 30 seconds is enough to preheat it, today it is ready again I tried on two pairs of trousers and got them all done. They were all ironed and smooth. They look good and are easy to use. I strongly recommend buying them!

  8. Anonymous

    The price is also affordable, and the water storage tank is also large. I estimate that it will be no problem to iron three or five pieces! This product is very good! It is very compact, I didn’t expect it to have such a good effect, it is safe and convenient, and it is cost-effective! The steaming effect is very fast. I didn’t know how to use it for the first time but the effect is very good.It’s really a profit. It’s easy to operate, has plenty of steam, and the effect is obvious. Now you can take it with you on business trips! The main after-sales service is good, which makes people feel more at ease.This steam iron is good for ironing. It is small and convenient. It looks cute. The effect is no worse than a big ironing machine. It has a large amount of air and makes the ironing smooth. I specially found a piece of clothing that was difficult to iron and tried it out. Once ironed, it was set and it was very smooth. Easy to use

  9. Anonymous

    A small and exquisite ironing machine, it has both good looks and functions. It’s absolutely gorgeous! The green color is so pretty! It preheats quickly and has a large amount of steam. It can be used for both dry and steam ironing, and it’s easy to hold. It’s very light. You can use it with your eyes closed if necessary. It’s my first time to use an iron. I looked at it many times and did a lot of homework. Finally, I chose this garment iron. It’s compact and a little heavy, but I can accept it. It has a wrinkle-removing effect on my windbreaker. Really good.For novices, this effect is okay. Let’s explore it slowly! After comparing online for a long time, I decided to choose this one. The appearance is really attractive to me, so I quickly tried it. I tried the effect and it feels pretty good. Winter is here and some clothes really need to be ironed. It can be used wet or dry, flat ironing or hanging ironing, and the effect is very good.

  10. Anonymous

    It’s easy to iron and doesn’t hurt the clothes at all. I didn’t expect to receive such a good product at such a low price.Thin clothes and thicker clothes are no problem. Just add water once and you can iron 3 pieces quickly.The packaging is in good condition. When I opened it, the actual product was as described. It is very useful.An easy-to-operate daily life product. It is really convenient to have this.The color is super beautiful, the appearance and material are also relatively exquisite, the air is evenly distributed, and the clothes are smooth after being ironed. Royalstar Garment Steamer is great! The shape is good, I like it very much, I recommend buying it, the price is affordable, and the product is more perfect than I imagined. The steam comes out to compare Quickly, the wrinkled areas will be smoothed out in a short time. You no longer have to move the ironing board around to find a place to iron your clothes. You can iron your clothes wherever you want. It is worthy of our trust!

  11. Anonymous

    Xiaobai read the manual and got started quickly. The ironing effect is great. It can be used for dry ironing or wet ironing. It’s great. This electric iron works very well. My family said it has a lot of steam. I tried ironing a windbreaker and the effect was great. It is compact and easy to store and looks good. It is really convenient and easy to use. I recommend it.The garment ironing machine looks very good. The green color is really cool. From the outer packaging to the product itself, it is very exquisite and easy to use. It is also very convenient to iron clothes. It mainly saves time. It can be ironed in no time.After plugging in, the steam comes out as described, it only takes ten seconds, it is relatively fast, the workmanship is good, it is genuine, small and exquisite, easy to carry when going out, practical, energy-saving, easy to operate, the color is also cute, high-end and elegant. The warranty is three years, and you can replace it with a new one if it breaks, which is really good.

  12. Anonymous

    The sapphire green color looks very delicate and is very convenient to carry around. It is especially suitable for people who often travel on business. The 4-speed adjustable steam ironing is fast and flat. The key is that it can be used both wet and dry.It doesn’t take up much space, and the ironed clothes are neat.It can also be adjusted in 4 levels according to the fabric of the clothes. After ironing, you can obviously see that it is much neater.It can be used in spring, summer, autumn and winter. You can iron your clothes smoothly at home. Finally, you can wear crisp clothes to work every day. Guan Jian can also be used wet or dry.The merchant also provides a 3-year after-sales warranty. As expected of a big brand, only high quality can provide such a guarantee.A perfect shopping experience! No more wrinkles in clothes when going out in the future. You can use them anytime and anywhere. It’s great. The oatmeal white color looks very high-end. It’s not heavy to hold. It conducts heat very quickly.

  13. Anonymous

    It has big steam and is very convenient to use.When ironing the clothes, they will be smooth with just a few steps.No, it doesn’t work.The phenomenon of breathing out the air very quickly in 10 seconds is not nonsense, it is very powerful.It’s so convenient to be able to stand and lay flat.Why didn’t I find something so useful earlier? I’m so surprised. It’s much better than expected. It’s so worth it to buy it at such a cheap price. I won’t be afraid of wrinkled clothes anymore and will wear new clothes every day.It’s easy to use, the machine is very compact, the coloring is beautiful, the appearance is also beautiful, it is convenient to put away and does not take up space. Once there are wrinkles, just iron it gently and it will appear new.Awesome, the effect is no worse than the big ones. This mini portable steam iron is very convenient, especially the long-sleeved ones in winter that have become wrinkled after being stored for a long time?????? I really can’t wear them~ It just came in handy today whee,

  14. Anonymous

    The wrinkle-removing effect of ironing clothes is particularly obvious. The key is that it is convenient to use. I usually hang it on a hanger and iron it when I take the clothes. It is convenient and does not take up space. I am very satisfied with the appearance of the garment ironing machine. I bought it and was impressed by its ironing ability! It is very convenient and can be ironed quickly.Yes, it doesn’t take up much space in the wardrobe. It fogs up very quickly. The fog is fine and can be ironed and worn easily. There are no watermarks.Good for wet and dry use.Fast delivery, well packaged. It should be fine for everyday clothes. It looks really good.It feels heavy in the hand and has good effects. It is much easier to use than the ones that cost tens of dollars. It is indeed a very compact garment steamer that you get what you pay for. It is not heavy to hold and can be used for daily ironing. It is very convenient to iron clothes, and the green appearance is also super good-looking. Friends who like it can hurry up and buy it.

  15. Anonymous

    The handle can be rotated 180 degrees, the steam is very large and the water capacity is very large. If you like it, you can buy it and recommend it. Come and buy it quickly. It is easy to use and looks good. Wrinkled clothes can be ironed in just a few seconds. I regret buying it. It’s late. I bought one from a certain brand before. It was all flashy and had a lot of functions but it was dazzling.This baby from Royalstar can be used as soon as you add water and plug it in. Even the elderly can use it easily. With its simple and unpretentious functions, the ironing effect is no worse than others.If you need it, you can buy it with confidence. I will continue to support domestic products. Come on.I like the color very much. It looks very high-end. I’m beyond my expectation. I’m satisfied with it. The steam comes out with just one click and it’s easy to use.The steam produced is very large, and I didn’t find any scalding phenomenon. The ironing is very powerful, and it can be ironed smoothly very quickly.It’s easy to iron two or three pieces of clothing, and it’s enough for daily use.

  16. Anonymous

    I don’t know whether to call it a garment steamer or an iron, but for me, it works pretty well.It’s not inferior to large irons at all, and it’s a lot more convenient. It suits me very well. I like it.The workmanship is fine and powerful, the steam is released very quickly, the steam is very sufficient, and the ironing effect is very smooth. The price is a little expensive, but it is really easy to use. The seller also thoughtfully gave me an anti-scalding pad and a water cup, which is very useful. Convenient, it is very easy to iron clothes. It is small in size but has better ironing effect with 1000 watts of high power. It is fast and will save a lot of time.It is quite easy to use, compact and does not take up space. The quality is very good and the material is very good. It can be ironed flat on the sofa or hung vertically on a hanger for ironing.It is very suitable for people like me who need to travel everywhere. When there is no water, you can use the dry ironing mode without adding water.It’s small, so you don’t need to put it in your suitcase, just put it in your bag because it’s very light, so you won’t feel tired.

  17. Anonymous

    I will recommend it to other friends to buy. The overall feeling is good! The effect of using it is also very good, it is very convenient, and you can become a home expert in seconds!?? Royalstar is a brand after all.It can be used for both flat ironing and hanging ironing. It can easily remove wrinkles and can also easily iron the joints of clothes. It is really smooth after just one ironing. The effect is so obvious that it’s hard not to love it.`Supporting domestic production, I compared it with the large garment steamer at home and found that this one is really exquisite and compact. If you like it, buy it quickly.If you don’t use it normally, you can put it in a drawer or hang it on the wall. Haha, I don’t think it will be uneven when ironed. The heating is a bit slow and hard to use. It’s not a problem at all. It takes up space and is easy to carry when traveling. I am satisfied with it and gave it good reviews. My roommate even competed with me to use it. Haha, it seems that I have to buy another one. ??????????????? It’s not enough. Highly recommended The upgraded model is really useful.Good quality, worth buying and giving good reviews.

  18. Anonymous

    The amount of steam is great! It’s full of heat! You get what you pay for, and it’s true that it’s more expensive. It’s great! The effect and experience of using the product are beyond my expectations. It’s great for ironing clothes. The effect comparison is very obvious. I am very satisfied. Family members in need can really buy it! It’s really good. I just came back from a business trip and ironed the clothes I brought back. The effect is really extraordinary. It’s very good and easy, and there are no wrinkles at once. It’s really convenient. It’s more expensive, but it’s not as easy to carry outside. You can also iron clothes. After ironing, the clothes look straight when you put them on. Overall, the experience is very good. It’s pretty good, the color and appearance are pretty, and the quality is pretty good too. Which one is more expensive??????????? Different clothes can be ironed, the operation is smooth, the heating speed is fast, and the effect is good It’s really extraordinary. I’m planning to buy another one for my mother recently. I’ve used this one myself and I feel at ease. It’s not hot and it’s also convenient for my family to use????

  19. Anonymous

    When I got it, I found that it was indeed a big brand, and the stuff was great.The workmanship details are exquisite and the colors are very beautiful. I ironed the clothes and the effect was very good. After one pass, the clothes were very smooth and the ironing effect was no worse than an electric iron.Very good?????????, very satisfied! I also like the color, the practicality and appearance are very good, it is very compact and easy to carry, there are too many clothes in summer, I don’t know what to do with this shirt underneath (?? ???) ?(????) ?It was wrinkled, and then it was flattened by ironing it. The effect is indeed much better than those that cost tens of dollars.It is exquisite and compact, the color is nice, and it has a heat-insulating base which is more convenient. I tried it after watching the operation video, and the ironing effect is okay. It is easy to use.The packaging is very good, the appearance is very good, the placement is very good, the steam is very fast, the steam size is just right, the appearance is very beautiful, the steam is very fast, the steam volume is moderate, and the ironing effect is also good. Not bad, very convenient!

  20. Anonymous

    I came to review it two days after I received the goods. I tried it several times in these two days and the product is very useful.????????Filled the water tank to half of the water and ironed two vests and one T-shirt, but there was still a lot of water left! It didn’t make my hands tired or hot when I held it, and the ironed clothes were flat, compact, and had no space to stand on. It was very practical.It’s enough to dry iron clothes that feel thin. Just brush them twice and they will flatten. It’s really easy to use a handheld garment steamer.It is a small household appliance that I have used frequently recently. It feels very practical. It is a lightweight small household appliance, so it is easy to use and effortless. The effect is also quite good. It is no better than a large ironing machine. The performance of the machine is poor, the size is small but the functions are great. The quality is really good. The warranty is also three years. Replace it with a new one. Use it with confidence. If you have any questions, you can contact the buyer.The pre-sales and after-sales customer service staff are very good.Not only does the closet look nice and tidy, but people also become more confident. It makes sense for people to rely on clothes.

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