Drinking rice faucet filter and water purifier


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This rice water purifier is a faucet filter suitable for home use, which can directly purify tap water into pure drinking water.It is a water purifier that integrates multiple filtration technologies, which can effectively remove impurities, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in the water, retain minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, and ensure the safety and health of family drinking water.Whether you are cooking rice, making soup, making tea or drinking directly, this water purifier can provide high-quality purified water, making your family life healthier and more convenient.Kitchen Purifier Water Filter.Using this rice water purifier, you can enjoy purer and healthier drinking water, making your family life better.

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Ningbo City

Item number


Wastewater ratio



filter element


Chinese mainland

Rated water output


warranty period

12 months


Zhejiang Province


Non direct drinking

Water efficiency level


Is installation service provided



Faucet water purifier

working principle

Ceramic filter element

utilized location

Terminal purified water

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Installation method

Non standard installation

Brand of water purifier

Yinmiclean/Drinking rice


Cixi Youmeng Electrical Appliance Factory

filter element

Activated carbon stainless steel filter, PPF cotton ceramic filter

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[Transparent] 1 machine, 1 core, [Transparent] 1 machine with 4 cores, [Transparent] 1 machine with 6 cores, [White] 1 unit, 1 core, [White] 1 machine with 4 cores, [White] 1 machine with 6 cores, [Kitchen and bathroom dual-use] [Transparent version] 2 machines with 12 cores, [Kitchen and bathroom dual-use] [White version] 2 machines with 12 cores

20 reviews for Drinking rice faucet filter and water purifier

  1. Anonymous

    Water outlet speed: fast installation service: simple filtration effect: good

  2. Anonymous

    Water outflow speed: very fast, it feels very good, worth purchasing, recommending and recommending

  3. Anonymous

    The quality is pretty good, better than the other brands I bought last time. Easy and in place installation.

  4. Anonymous

    It looks pretty good, and it’s very easy to assemble. I don’t know how it will work, but I’ll give it a try first.

  5. Anonymous

    Installation service: very good online teaching. Water flow speed: not too urgent. Filtering effect: very good, obviously clean

  6. Anonymous

    Water outflow speed: very fast, with a large water flow and a pretty appearance. The key is to maximize the cost-effectiveness?

  7. Anonymous

    The installation is simple and does not affect the speed of water flow at all. It feels very reassuring to use this water to wash vegetables.

  8. Anonymous

    Filtering effect: very easy to use, the water is much cleaner, and I love it. Customer service is very patient, and the response speed is very fast. Positive reviews

  9. Anonymous

    Installation service: Easy installation, fast water flow rate, strong filtration effect. The water quality of the school is too poor. This filter is of good quality and affordable,?? enter

  10. Anonymous

    I installed it myself following the tutorial, which is quite convenient. It is used in the dormitory, and the water quality at school is very poor. I just finished installing it today and plan to try the effect~

  11. Anonymous

    The usage effect is very good, the customer service reply is very detailed and timely, the tutorial is simple, and the operation is suitable for use in college dormitories. There is a sense of achievement in installation!

  12. Anonymous

    Installation service: The installation is relatively simple, the steps are written clearly, and the materials are also relatively complete. Water outlet speed: The water outlet speed is also very fast, and the filtration effect is very clean

  13. Anonymous

    The product has been received, packaged very well, and the logistics are fast. It has been used for a period of time, and the details are quite good. You can see that the filter element is prone to yellowing and can filter out some impurities

  14. Anonymous

    The installation is quite simple, with a detailed manual. There are two water outlets, one for raw water and the other for purification. The water flow is also acceptable, but the school water is very dirty. Buying this one has a filtering effect

  15. Anonymous

    Installation service: Very good. When asked about the installation video by customer service, it was all done in seconds. The water outlet speed was also very fast. Filtering effect: The filtered water is visibly clean and clear, much clearer than before

  16. Anonymous

    The third time I made a purchase, I have been using it quite well, the installation is simple, there are multiple water outlets, and there is always one that suits you! Equipped with sandpaper, regularly polishing the water core, convenient and thoughtful

  17. Anonymous

    The installation is very simple and convenient. After a few days of installation and use, I found out that the water quality was so poor. I bought a filter with four filters, and I will replace them after a while. Installation service: simple and convenient. Filtering effect: not bad

  18. Anonymous

    Installation service: Easy to install, as I have already installed one before and the faucet has been treated. It will take a few minutes for the water to flow out quickly. Filtration effect: It has been used for a few days and the filtration effect is good. The visible window is still very convenient, and you can clearly see the usage situation. The water outlet is flat and easy to clean

  19. Anonymous

    Installation service: The installation is very simple, and the merchant has a sufficient number of faucet connection models. The small things are exquisitely made. Water outlet speed: The water flow is suitable, and the conversion on both sides is also very convenient, with one hand operation. Filtering effect: After using it for 2 days, it seems to have some filtering effect, and the filtering device has turned a bit yellow. Affordable price. Customer service and logistics are both quite good.

  20. Anonymous

    Installation service: The customer service staff are very good and very patient when asking questions. You don’t have to worry about installation problems.Ordinary faucets can also be installed! Water output speed: quite fast! There is basically no impact, it is almost the same as before installation. As long as it is tightened, there is no need to worry about water leakage! Filtration effect: The water looks much cleaner than before! The school’s water is used Everyone is starting to get acne, and their skin condition is not good. It should be much better after putting it on~

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