32 inch desktop computer LCD display curved surface


32 inch desktop computer LCD esports monitor 27 curved 144HZ high-definition 2K internet cafe 165 large screen 24


This 32 inch esports monitor features a 27 curved screen design, providing a wide field of view and stunning visual effects. The refresh rate is as high as 144Hz, and the game process is smooth without dragging shadows. The resolution reaches 2K HD, with delicate image quality and unobstructed details. Especially suitable for large screens in public places such as internet cafes. In addition, this monitor also has advantages such as high definition, high refresh rate, and high response speed, making it an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Additional information



Panel type



brand new

screen ratio

16: 9

refresh rate



SANV (Digital)

Backlight type


screen size

27 inches

warranty period

1 year


Chinese mainland

Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Screen Resolution

1920×1080 pixels

Interface Type

HDMI, DP, Type-C, Audio

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion nine hundred and three million three hundred and ninety-seven thousand three hundred and seventy

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Orange black 24 inch straight face 1K75HZ, Beautiful white 24 inch straight face 1K75HZ, Whitened 24 inch straight face 2K 75HZ, Brown black 24 inch curved surface 1K75HZ (hot selling in office), Large white 24 inch curved surface 1K75HZ (hot selling in office), Nightfall black 24 inch straight face 1K165HZ, Atmospheric black 24 inch curved surface 1K165HZ, Black and red 27 inch straight face 1K75HZ, White 27 inch straight face 1K75HZ, Black 27 inch curved 1K75HZ (hot selling recommendation), White 27 inch curved surface 1K75HZ (hot selling recommendation), Black 27 inch straight face 2K 100HZ, Glacier white 27 inch curved 2K75HZ black, Silver black red 27 inch straight face 1K165HZ, Speckled black 27 inch straight face 2K 170HZ, Black splashed ink 27 inch straight surface 1K 165HZ lifting rotating base, Da Hei 27 inch straight face 2K165HZ lifting rotating base, Colorful black 27 inch curved 1K165HZ (recommended for popular models), Matte black 27 inch curved 2K 165HZ (popular game), Double black 27 inch curved 1K165HZ lifting rotating base, Pure black 27 inch curved 2K165HZ lifting and rotating base, Graffiti black 32 inch straight face 1K75HZ cost-effectiveness, Elegant black 32 inch curved 1K75HZ (best-selling model), Apricot white 32 inch curved surface 1K75HZ (hot selling model), Black matte 32 inch curved surface 1K144HZ (game recommendation), Miscellaneous black 32 inch curved surface 1K165HZ (recommended for gaming), Grey black 32 inch curved surface 1K200HZ, Large black 32 inch curved surface 2K 75HZ (high-definition recommended), Pure black 32 inch curved surface 2K 120HZ, Gray 32 inch straight face 2K75HZ, Black gray 32 inch straight face 2K165HZ (high-definition gaming), Dark black gray 32 inch curved 2K170HZ (for popular games only), Dark black gray 32 inch curved surface 1K165HZ lifting and rotating, Double black gray 32 inch curved surface 2K170HZ lifting and rotating, Single black 32 inch curved 4K75HZ (design specific design push), Double black 34 inch curved 4K100HZ fish screen (hot selling), Dark gray 34 inch curved 4K165HZ fish screen (hot selling)

package type

Official standard configuration

20 reviews for 32 inch desktop computer LCD display curved surface

  1. Anonymous

    The monitor is better than I imagined, with a high resolution. I hope it can be used for a longer time! Next repurchase!

  2. Anonymous

    Easy installation: Easy to install. Screen display: Very clear. Appearance material: The display screen is larger, which is the size I want

  3. Anonymous

    Easy to install: convenient and simple, screen display: very good, very clear, appearance material: good quality, very good screen, very clear, the quality is also good!

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to install: Easy and simple. Screen display: Excellent display effect with strong visual effect. Appearance material: Very good, and the workmanship is also very fine

  5. Anonymous

    I just received it and couldn't wait to install it. The white color is very beautiful, the screen is big, and it's great for playing games. I recommend it to everyone!

  6. Anonymous

    The price is not expensive, but it has a good texture. The screen is very thin and the logo looks good, which is better than expected. The purchase is worth it, and the details are also satisfactory??

  7. Anonymous

    After looking at many monitors, I chose this one. After waiting for a few days, the product finally arrived, in perfect condition.I tried the high-definition machine and was very satisfied with my day’s shopping.

  8. Anonymous

    Ease of installation: Very easy to install, just tighten a few screws.Screen display: It’s so cool. I like the big screen. It looks very comfortable and I don’t need to wear glasses.Appearance material: looks good

  9. Anonymous

    The product is very good. When connected to my laptop, the resolution is very good and it has achieved the overdue effect. The laptop is used as a host. The screen I bought is beautiful and it comes in handy for me. It is very useful.

  10. Anonymous

    The big baby has been received. It is very beautiful and I like it. It is full of fashion. The screen is big and comfortable to look at. The logistics is also very fast. There is nothing wrong with the packaging. It is safe and secure.

  11. Anonymous

    Easy to install: simple and convenient. Screen display: accurate 4k, not tiring to the eyes, 165hz. Appearance and material: a very high-definition screen is very good and worth buying. You will never regret buying it. Give me a big thumbs up

  12. Anonymous

    The seller delivers the goods in a timely manner, the packaging is in place, the monitor quality is good, the screen is high-definition, and there is no flickering or stuttering during operation. It looks high-end and atmospheric, and is worth buying

  13. Anonymous

    Installation ease: According to the instructions, installation is very easy. Screen display: With a clarity of 2K and a refresh rate of 165Hz, the game is played smoothly without any shadows, and the response time is 1ms. Appearance material: The appearance material is smooth and has a high texture.

  14. Anonymous

    I have been using it for more than ten days and the quality is very good, which meets my requirements very well. The cost-effectiveness is very high. I recommend everyone to buy my model, which is 32 inches and 2k in size. The picture quality is very good, and playing games with high refresh rate is also very good**

  15. Anonymous

    Easy to install, tightly packaged and undamaged. I have been using it for two days now and the user experience is very good. However, I bought a slightly larger one. Haha, I feel that 24 inches is enough, and 32 household items are a bit larger and lost. I am satisfied. If the quality is not a problem, it is really worth it

  16. Anonymous

    The monitor has been received for three days and the logistics speed is fast. The packaging of the goods is intact and undamaged. It is easy to install upon arrival. After trying it out, it feels that the quality is very good. There are no quality issues detected using evaluation software. The product is finely crafted and has a good texture. Good quality and affordable, worth buying!

  17. Anonymous

    Easy to install: Simple, with a screwdriver that takes one minute to complete the screen display. For a 32 inch screen, it is recommended to choose 2K. If the resolution is not enough, it is better to choose a 27 inch screen honestly. Appearance material: It is very lightweight, and there are traces on the screen. I asked customer service and they confirmed that it is a protective film that can be removed. I have kept it. Customer service replied promptly, and the service attitude is good. There is a warranty. Not bad

  18. Anonymous

    Ease of installation: Very simple lifting bracket, you can just snap it on, there are no screws, it is so user-friendly! Screen display: 2k display, VA panel eye protection, 170 Hz, smooth and smooth picture, comfortable appearance Material: Piano paint appearance, looks very textured, there is a slight hiccup in the middle, because I connected the laptop monitor, and did not ask about the external cable when purchasing, the DP cable was defaulted, but the laptop only has an HDMI interface, contact the merchant and immediately give me a replacement HDMI cable, use No problems for a week, a very pleasant shopping!

  19. Anonymous

    Installation ease: It is easy to install without the need for installation tutorials, and you can easily understand how to install it at a glance, which is quite convenient. Screen display: The screen brightness is very high. In order not to affect my gaming at night, I even deliberately lowered the brightness. My favorite thing is that I can clearly see the subtitles on the screen even under direct sunlight during the day. I sincerely recommend everyone to buy this monitor. Appearance and Material: The appearance looks quite good, neither light nor heavy, just right, and it feels good when held in the hand. I bought a 27 inch curved screen, and the more I look at it, the more I like it. Sincerely recommend it!

  20. Anonymous

    This kind of LED display screen looks simple and elegant, and the workmanship is also very fine. The display screen is also very clear, and the colors are very good. The effect is much better than the old display before! It is much more enjoyable whether it is playing games or watching movies.After using it for a few days, no quality problems were found. The color rendering is also very accurate. I didn’t notice much color cast without any special adjustments. The effect is good, the picture quality is good, and the colors are good. Ease of installation: It’s easy to get started. It’s easy for people with disabilities to install the screen. Display: Awesome, immersive experience when playing games and watching movies. Appearance material: ultra-thin, good-looking

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