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ROCKET Rocket APPartamento TCA Semi Automatic Coffee Machine Italy APP Water Tank Small Single Head


The ROCKET Rocket APPartamente TCA semi-automatic coffee machine is a small single head coffee machine made in Italy, designed specifically for modern living spaces. This coffee machine provides users with a brand new coffee experience with its unique semi-automatic function and high-quality materials. The nTCA semi-automatic coffee machine has the advantage of high efficiency, making it easy to handle both espresso and regular coffee. Its small size and large capacity water tank make it easy to use and can also perform well in compact spaces. Meanwhile, its design and quality assurance make it an elegant and practical coffee making tool. The characteristics of the nTCA small single head coffee machine also include its unique water tank design, providing stable water flow and excellent temperature control to ensure that every cup of coffee reaches the best taste. In addition, its operation is simple and even beginners can easily master it. Overall, TCA semi-automatic coffee maker is a powerful, well-designed, and easy-to-use coffee making tool suitable for users with high standards for coffee. Whether you are enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at home or providing yourself or your colleagues with a high-quality cup of coffee in the office, the TCA small single head coffee machine is an ideal choice.

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APPartamento TCA

warranty period

12 months

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Italian factory


Italian semi-automatic

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seventeen million three hundred and fifty-seven thousand and nine

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