Four wheel skateboard for children beginners 6 to 12 years old


Skateboarding for children aged 8-15, capable of turning, male 3-6-12, female beginner, adult professional double legged four-wheel scooter


Every child is different and suitability for skateboarding should be determined based on the individual’s age, height, weight and health.)

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Toy type

plastic toys


Jumping to Kyoto

Applicable gender


Skateboard type

Double warping plate

Applicable age

14 years old and above 14 years old 6 years old 3 years old 5 years old 7 years old 11 years old 13 years old 4 years old 10 years old 12 years old 9 years old 8 years old

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Basic model [Tiger Descending Mountain] small wheel – no gifts, Basic [Game Life] Wheel – No Gift, Basic model [Frontline Charge] small wheel – no gifts, Basic [Skateboarding Girl] Wheel – No Gift, Basic model [Tiger Descending Mountain] small wheel+protective gear+backpack, Basic [Game Life] Wheel+Protector+Backpack, Basic model [Frontline Charge] small wheel+protective gear+backpack, Basic [Skateboarding Girl] Wheel+Protector+Backpack, Advanced [Tiger Descending the Mountain] Widened Flash Wheel – No Gift, Advanced [Gameplay] Widened Flash Wheel – No Gift, Advanced [Fireline Charge] Widened Flash Wheel – No Gift, Advanced [Skateboarding Girl] Widened Flash Wheel – No Gift, Advanced version [Tiger Descending the Mountain] Widened flash wheel+protective gear+backpack, Advanced [Gameplay] Widened Flash Wheel+Protector+Backpack, Advanced [Fireline Charge] Widened Flash Wheel+Protector+Backpack, Advanced [Skateboarding Girl] Widened Flash Wheel+Protector+Backpack

20 reviews for Four wheel skateboard for children beginners 6 to 12 years old

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice for newbies, worth a try

  2. Anonymous

    Very good quality, fast delivery, very satisfied

  3. Anonymous

    Good quality, timely delivery, collect and purchase again

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to organize: 1. High cost-effectiveness and good after-sales service

  5. Anonymous

    Skateboards are very good and of good quality. Children love them very much

  6. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, I really like it, and the logistics are fast and worth buying.

  7. Anonymous

    The quality of the skateboard is good, children like it, and the color is also beautiful

  8. Anonymous

    Little skateboard, big dream. This little skateboard is really good, with good quality and super cool style

  9. Anonymous

    The color chosen by the child is quite beautiful. This needs to be learned slowly, the quality is good! satisfaction

  10. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast and the service attitude is very good! The quality is also very good, very suitable for children!

  11. Anonymous

    The scooter arrived and my child loved it. As soon as it arrived, he took it apart and played with it and couldn’t stop.

  12. Anonymous

    The color of the scooter is beautiful and the workmanship is fine. Children love it and it helps to exercise their balance

  13. Anonymous

    I received the skateboard, the pulley is flexible, and the child enjoys playing with it. I love it so much, the quality is amazing??????????????

  14. Anonymous

    I have obtained the skateboard, and the child loves it very much. The quality of the board is quite good, and it is sturdy and not easy to crack

  15. Anonymous

    The scooter is exquisitely crafted, has good stability, is easy to get started with, has a beautiful style, and is super cool for children standing on it??

  16. Anonymous

    The child chooses their own color and style, and the delivery is really good. The workmanship is meticulous, and it slides steadily. The wheels are smooth and cool??.

  17. Anonymous

    The delivery speed and quality are very good. When I received it, I played with it and it was flexible and easy to slide. The workmanship and materials were all good, and the price was affordable. I like to play with it

  18. Anonymous

    I really like skateboards, and the quality looks very good. They are also very sturdy and durable to ride. The quality is divine, and they are usually shipped by express delivery quickly. The package received is very good, easy to fold, and the color is very beautiful. Friends who like them, come quickly!

  19. Anonymous

    Applicable age: My family is now 7 years old, which is just right for use. Easy to organize: At first, I gradually adapted with my feet on it. In about 40 minutes, both feet can slowly slide on it, and after a while, I can control the direction. It is still quite smooth, with excellent quality. Now, I can slide quite far Baby features: quite flexible, wheels with bright lights, cool material introduction: can be played by adults and children, with good load-bearing capacity

  20. Anonymous

    Applicable age: My baby is two and a half years old. I think we can start training him to play and exercise his balance.Ease of sorting: When I first got it back, I couldn’t play with it, so my family had to lead him to skate with me. After playing with it for a few days, I can now let go and stand on it and twist and slide a little bit.Features of the baby: The skateboard looks good, and the wheels light up as soon as you slide! Material introduction: The skateboard is made of PP, which is very strong and heavy. The wheels are very smooth and can be played by adults. The quality is absolutely superb.

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