Babbitt children’s scooter 1 to 3 years old stroller


Babbitt Scooter Children 1-13-6-12 Year Old Girl Boy Baby Scooter Scooter Three in One

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A three-in-one pedal skate suitable for children aged 1-12 years old

The Babbitt scooter is a pedal skate specially designed for children and is suitable for babies aged 1-12 years old.This scooter combines the functions of a scooter, a scooter, and a children’s scooter, making it both safe and convenient.It has a variety of design features, including a stable three-wheel design that provides good balance, while smooth pedals allow baby to ride comfortably.

This scooter is specially designed for male and female babies and provides three different sizes of pedals to adapt to the changes in the baby’s growth process.Parents can rest assured to let their babies play freely without worrying about safety issues.It can be used on flat ground outdoors or on carpet indoors, providing your baby with more activity options.

This scooter is simple to operate and easy to learn, so your baby can quickly master the balancing skills.It has excellent quality and high safety performance, making it a good play partner for babies.Whether as a birthday gift or as a holiday gift, Babbitt scooter is a good choice.Let your baby grow up in happiness and enjoy childhood!




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Chinese mainland

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Number of wheels

3 pieces


six hundred and sixty-nine

Applicable age

2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old, 8 years old, 9 years old, 10 years old, 11 years old, 12 years old, 13 years old, 14 years old

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Rose Gold White – Surfing Edition+Complete Gift+Lifetime Warranty, Rose Gold White – Seat Style+Complete Gift+Lifetime Warranty, Rose gold white – Push rod guardrail universal wheel model+full set of gifts+lifetime warranty, Rose gold white – Push rod guardrail universal wheel model+Sunshade+Full set of gifts+Lifetime warranty, Rose gold white – Push rod guardrail universal wheel model+Sunshade+Cushion+Full set of gifts+Lifetime warranty

20 reviews for Babbitt children’s scooter 1 to 3 years old stroller

  1. Anonymous

    Baby feature: After sales, Xinyue customer service is very good

  2. Anonymous

    The bus is convenient and easy to ride. My baby loves it. Mujin’s customer service is very good.

  3. Anonymous

    Good quality, loved by babies, worth recommending. The price is also acceptable, and mothers who like it can purchase it.

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to organize: easy to install. Baby features: clean, tidy, and generous color. Material introduction: stable material

  5. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with the car I received today.The little baby couldn’t put it down.Xinyue customer service is very good.

  6. Anonymous

    After choosing for a long time, I chose this one. The color is very good. My baby likes it very much. After-sales service from Mujin is very good.

  7. Anonymous

    Suitable for taking babies downstairs for a stroll. Babies love to push and are easy to carry. When the baby gets older, it will probably be very practical

  8. Anonymous

    The car is quite good, with a grand appearance and good performance. The main reason is that customer service is really responsible and excellent. I recommend it.

  9. Anonymous

    Applicable age: Children can also play and take strolls. Easy to organize: quite easy. Baby characteristics: quite convenient, children like getting on and off the car

  10. Anonymous

    The quality of the car is good, it looks very stable, has a high appearance, and has multiple functions. Even if the baby is young now, it can be used as a stroller for children

  11. Anonymous

    High end, atmospheric and upscale, very stable, no odor~Applicable age: over one year old Material introduction: Upgraded at a glance Easy to organize: No need for installation~

  12. Anonymous

    It is very smooth. My one-and-a-half-year-old child can pull the cart very far by himself. It saves a lot of energy for adults. It is multi-functional and can be used for a long time.

  13. Anonymous

    The car is very good and it is very convenient to push the baby for a walk. If you are still hesitating, you can buy it quickly. It is very convenient to take with you when going out. I really like the color scheme and the customer service of the merchant, Muxue, is very good!

  14. Anonymous

    My baby was pleasantly surprised to receive it. The color is very natural and white, which looks very atmospheric. This car was chosen after comparing it with many other brands. It has multiple functions and is really great. The customer service provided by Mu Jin is very good.

  15. Anonymous

    The scooter is quite beautiful and versatile. When a child grows up, they can surf and slide. When they start kindergarten, they can also be disassembled and turned into a scooter. Holding down the handle and shaking it left and right makes it easy to turn. The wheels are wide and stable, and the customer service at Fuyao is also very good and satisfactory.

  16. Anonymous

    Applicable age: It can be used as soon as the baby learns to sit. It is super convenient! Ease of organization: It is very easy to install and does not take up space when stored. The quality is excellent! Baby features: The stability of the car is very good and it is not easy for the baby to ride sideways. Turn over, very safe! Material introduction: fine workmanship, good looks, very nice????

  17. Anonymous

    Applicable age: Baby is one year old and loves playing. The main feature is to buy early, enjoy early, and organize easily. Easy to disassemble and install with just one click, and you can also take your baby for a walk at home. Baby features: The car has excellent stability, is not easy to roll over, and is of excellent quality! Material introduction: With lighting and music, taking the baby downstairs for a walk is very stylish, and the baby loves to play

  18. Anonymous

    Applicable age: I think it is suitable for children over 1 year old. You can assemble and organize freely according to the age of the baby. Ease of arrangement: easy to organize, disassemble and assemble. Baby features: good stability, not easy to roll over, excellent quality, good appearance, very slippery, It’s quite smooth, and the community promotes a more stylish material introduction: good material, good texture, quite stable, and the color matching is also amazing, so beautiful

  19. Anonymous

    Applicable age: Baby is 1 year and 4 months old, can sit for a long time, can be disassembled and turned into a toy car when old, easy to organize: easy to install, mother can also complete it alone. Baby characteristics: absolute quantity, large sunshade, easy to disassemble when not needed. The armrest is also one click open. The cushion provides a comfortable seat for the baby, along with lighting and music, which is very attractive to the baby. Material introduction: The workmanship is excellent, without burrs, and the push handle can be adjusted according to height. The wheels are silent and easy to push

  20. Anonymous

    Applicable age: Babies can start using it when they are over 1 year old, and can sit for a long time. As they grow older, they can be disassembled and turned into skateboards?? Easy to organize: Easy to install, mom can also complete a multifunctional scooter on her own. Easy to disassemble without use. Features: Excellent quality, sunshade can block sunlight and wind for babies, making it easy to disassemble when not needed. The armrest is also one click open. The cushion provides comfortable seating for babies, as well as lighting and music. It is an excellent material for babies to go out. Material introduction: The workmanship is smooth, without burrs, the push handle can be adjusted according to height, the wheels are silent, and pushing feels smooth!

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