Xianke Outdoor 220V Mobile Power Household Battery


Xianke Outdoor Mobile Power Supply 220V, Large Capacity 300W, High Power Portable Backup Power Supply, Household Battery


Xianke outdoor mobile power supply – a powerful, portable 220V large-capacity backup power supply.This 300W high-power device is an ideal choice for family outdoor life. It has a large capacity and can meet the charging needs of various devices.This power bank is small and lightweight, making it ideal for outdoor travel, picnics, camping and other scenarios.It can provide power for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electrical appliances anytime and anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about power issues.In addition, this power supply is environmentally friendly and reusable, making it safe and reliable to use.Whether it’s a short trip or long-term camping, Xianke outdoor mobile power supply is your indispensable right-hand man.

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shell material


Maximum output power



SAST/Advanced Technology

Maximum output power supply


Battery Type

lithium polymer battery

Cell type

Cylindrical aluminum shell


Guangzhou Okaton Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

Charging mode

Solar charging, direct insertion charging, in car charging

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20 reviews for Xianke Outdoor 220V Mobile Power Household Battery

  1. Anonymous

    The quality is good, the price is affordable, and it is worth buying.

  2. Anonymous

    The quality is really good. Compared to other stores, it is indeed very cost-effective. I recommend everyone to buy here

  3. Anonymous

    The outdoor power supply has a beautiful appearance, exquisite workmanship, suitable size, high power, convenient portability, texture, and is very user-friendly

  4. Anonymous

    Now I often take this with me when I go out with my friends for team building, spring outings, etc. I rely on it for everything. It is portable and it is really comfortable. It doesn’t require a lot of work. My girlfriend likes it very much.

  5. Anonymous

    The evaluation I made after experiencing it once is generally okay. It has power protection and requires the switch to be turned on after plugging in. Currently, the price is reasonable and the cost-effectiveness is good. I will conduct a follow-up evaluation after using it for a period of time

  6. Anonymous

    I originally wanted to give it a try and bought a power supply, but I was very satisfied with it when I received it. The various interface outputs have proven to be very useful. It is inevitable that small appliances on my phone need electricity during outdoor activities, so it is necessary to have a power supply!????

  7. Anonymous

    Solve my urgent need. The car mounted inverter is not stable and needs to be constantly ignited before use. I also looked around and found the outdoor power source, which is fully charged. Stable, super user-friendly, suitable for outdoor play, charging laptops without any problems, with sufficient sockets and voltage.

  8. Anonymous

    Not bad.It’s quite heavy to carry.I feel at ease as soon as I carry this weight, which shows that the product made by the manufacturer is very conscientious, and the appearance and performance are all to my liking.It would be better if it has a larger capacity, and big brands can use it with confidence.Stock up first in case you need it later.

  9. Anonymous

    I have wanted to buy this super large “power bank” for a long time, and the purchase price is much discounted.It’s really easy to use. I usually go out camping and 7 or 8 people’s mobile phones are out of battery, or plug in the induction cooker to cook hot pot or plug in the stereo to listen to music. It’s perfect! I regret not buying it earlier!

  10. Anonymous

    After choosing the outdoor power supply for a long time, I finally chose it. After receiving it, I was not disappointed. The packaging was very professional and the appearance and strength were very high. I immediately tried it out. The induction cooker, high-power hair dryer, refrigerator, and household water kettle were all fine, not to mention other small appliances. Now you can have a happy camping time!

  11. Anonymous

    I have been using it for a while and it feels very good. Charging is also very convenient. The battery is large and can directly convert to 220 volts. This is the most convenient and useful in critical moments! The normal charging and 220V switch are separate and can charge the phone while blowing the fan. The battery is also durable, so the plan for self driving and long-distance travel can be put on the agenda now

  12. Anonymous

    I have received the power supply. It is very good. The price/performance ratio is very high. I love it! I wanted to buy a cheap one at first, but then I felt that it is not possible to buy a good product at a cheap price.It is wise to choose this company. The quality is very good, the power is sufficient and the casing is finely made. It can be seen that it is carefully designed and manufactured. I highly recommend this company!

  13. Anonymous

    It is a must-have when camping out. I have wanted to buy it for a long time. I used a generator before, which was loud, troublesome, and bulky. When I go out, I have a small refrigerator, a speaker, and many other things that require power to use. I used it on this trip and it was a real solution. It solved a lot of problems. The battery capacity is real. There is still some remaining power when you come back from the game. Buy early and enjoy it~

  14. Anonymous

    I have been looking at outdoor power supplies for a year. After comparing several brands, I finally decided on a power supply. It is a very good domestic power supply product. I took my family out to play during the National Day holiday. I used it for three days and two nights, basically boiling water and lighting. After using it a lot, I still have a few dozen batteries left when I get home, so I don’t have to worry about using it when traveling far away.

  15. Anonymous

    I received the mobile power supply and am trying it out. After plugging in a baby warmer with this mobile power supply, I plan to try it on the computer to watch TV series and see how long it can last.The customer service said that it can be used for about 5 hours. The visual inspection shows that there is no problem and it looks very good. This time I don’t have to worry about power outages. It’s high quality and low price!, and this time I don’t have to worry about power outages!

  16. Anonymous

    The workmanship of the power supply function is absolutely top-notch, with guaranteed quality. If the power is large, the volume will be large, and you can take what you need. Get two advanced power supplies at once and observe your choices for a long time in preparation for a self driving trip. Previously, I encountered a situation where half of the battery was running low and unable to start. This product comes with a built-in start function, which perfectly solves any future concerns

  17. Anonymous

    Very satisfied with the large capacity mobile power supply.Complete sockets.It has USB, so you can use it with confidence.very good.The delivery speed is fast and the price is the most affordable. The quality I bought from other stores was much worse than this one before and it stopped working within a few days. I returned it decisively. Then a friend recommended this store. He has already bought two and both are gone. What’s the problem? This product has enough capacity and is easy to use. It’s good. This company is trustworthy.

  18. Anonymous

    As an outdoor cycling enthusiast, I really use such a large-capacity outdoor power supply. It is very thick. All electronic devices on the car do not have to worry about battery problems! It is also very possible to charge mobile phones very quickly.Overall evaluation: high value for money.Usage: I tried it a few times initially, and the charging and discharging times are basically normal.Cost-effectiveness: relatively high. Appearance and workmanship: relatively fine.Product material: Shell material and workmanship are pretty good

  19. Anonymous

    It can be used for a long time when fully charged, and it also has a USB port for charging.I just used one today and it started to burn. I let the car automatically replenish the power supply when I was driving. When I parked, I accidentally turned off the key out of habit. It still couldn’t start when I started it again. I used this emergency power supply again and it really worked. very useful.The voltage is super stable, I am very satisfied with the quality, and the store’s customer service attitude is also very good, answering all my questions.

  20. Anonymous

    I finally received the outdoor mobile power bank that I had been longing for. I felt it was too small when I looked at the pictures. When I opened the package, I saw that the appearance is amazing. The streamlined design is very comfortable to look at. It took more than 7 times to charge with this 220-volt voltage. Fully charged in hours.The introduction is very detailed. It has a 220-volt socket and a USB interface, so it looks very good and convenient.Prepare to have some practical experience and see the real effect of outdoor use. It feels very good to use this mobile power supply while driving. First, their service is good. If you have any inquiries, they can respond promptly and provide patient guidance.The second is that the quality of their products is excellent. I basically rely on this charger to charge my mobile phone, cook rice and vegetables, heat water, boil water, and fly drones on the road.It is used for electrical appliances such as flashlights, and a fully charged mobile power supply is completely sufficient.So feel free to use it.It is much safer than buying a gas tank for a gas stove before.It’s also much easier to worry about.thank you boss

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