Ninebot No. 9 electric scooter


Ninebot No. 9 Electric Scooter C10/C15/C20 Children’s Adult Ultra Light Folding Two wheeled Station Rider




Ninebot Ninebot Electric Scooter C10/C15/C20 children’s model and adult ultra-light folding two-wheeler is an electric scooter suitable for adults and children.Lightweight, foldable and easy to carry, while providing strong power and stable riding experience.Suitable for children to study and adults to use.The unique design is suitable for people of all ages and allows you to travel easily in the city.Choose Nine Electric Scooter C10/C15/C20 to make traveling easier and more convenient!


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two rounds

For people


Is it foldable



Number 9 Scooter

top speed

Below 12km/h

Does it support apps


Does it support Bluetooth


Is it a smart car

Non intelligent vehicles

Is it equipped with a seat

No seats allowed

Body weight

10kg (inclusive) -15kg (inclusive)

Load capacity

50kg (inclusive) -100kg (exclusive)

Pure electric range

10km (inclusive) -15km (exclusive)

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— Comparison chart of C-series product parameters, — Collect and purchase, prioritize shipping, post orders and receive a 20% refund, — Consult customer service to enjoy luxury gifts! Order a gift worth 69 yuan, [10KM]九号儿童款C10适合身高1.3m-1.6m!!+顺丰包邮!!, [15KM] Adult C15+Yellow Duck is suitable for heights of 1.4m-1.8m!, [20KM] Adult C20 Black+Little Yellow Duck is suitable for heights of 1.4m-1.8m!!, [12km续航]儿童款C2pro+4选2适合身高1.15m-1.70m!!



20 reviews for Ninebot No. 9 electric scooter

  1. Anonymous

    Very good and inexplicable

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Easy to install: the material is very good

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to install: Good battery life: Long product quality: Good

  5. Anonymous

    The product is very good, and children love riding. I recommend buying it

  6. Anonymous

    I gave it to my family. The kids like it very much and say they can use it at school!

  7. Anonymous

    1 kilometer round-trip, convenient for commuting, not heavy, and convenient for parking

  8. Anonymous

    Shock-absorbing effect: able to maintain battery life: decent and decent, it can be inserted

  9. Anonymous

    Fast delivery, packaging, yuan. If you have feet, you will get angry. The best gift for children

  10. Anonymous

    The kids like it very much and want to buy it. They have been playing with it for many days. It’s great!

  11. Anonymous

    The quality is good and children really like it. I hope it is durable and easy to disassemble with just one click

  12. Anonymous

    The scooter is exquisitely crafted and a birthday gift for children. I had a great time playing in the park at night.

  13. Anonymous

    The power is good, it can handle short distance traffic, has a high appearance, good cost performance, and a moderate weight.

  14. Anonymous

    A birthday gift for my baby, my baby asked for it by name.It’s cold, so I haven’t ridden much yet, but the body is quite heavy and looks solid.

  15. Anonymous

    The car chosen by the child is now very convenient to ride to and from school every day, even if it slides without electricity, it is also easy to ride

  16. Anonymous

    The electric scooter that the child asked for was quite fun. The customer service sent me a picture of switching modes, and the operation was very simple.

  17. Anonymous

    The bike is easy to ride, suitable for short distance cycling, and very convenient for travel. Finally, I got my hands on Double Ten and the price was also very cost-effective. Highly praised

  18. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: OK, all scooters are like this. Battery life: I ran six kilometers before it was fully charged last time and it still has electricity. Easy to install: Easy to install. Product quality: good??

  19. Anonymous

    The car is very beautiful and of good quality. My child is 7 years old and learned it in a few minutes, making it suitable for children. Shock absorption effect: good battery life: good installation convenience: convenient product quality: very good.

  20. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: 10 inch tires, good shock absorption, convenient road conditions, battery life: affected by temperature, customs, and road conditions, I have calculated that it is about 17 kilometers. Installation is convenient: it is very easy to install, but for girls, folding is almost impossible. I am already very strong, but I still cannot open it. Every time I need to use a wooden stick or badminton racket to press it down. Product quality: The sense of quality is good, after all, it is a professional in this field

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