Phoenix brand electric scooter for riding, driving, and commuting


Phoenix Electric Scooter Mounted Folding Electric Scooter Driver Two Wheeled Scooter Small Car Mini Battery Car


The Phoenix electric scooter is a mini electric scooter suitable for short distance commuting. It features a convenient folding design and can be easily placed in a backpack or basket, making it suitable for carrying out. Its lightweight and compact body structure is convenient to use, while also having sufficient endurance and comfort, suitable for daily commuting, picking up and dropping off children, shopping and other scenarios. The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which is durable and stylish in appearance. Equipped with high-efficiency lithium batteries, high energy density, short charging time, worry free travel. Equipped with a safety braking system to ensure safe driving. The Phoenix electric scooter is a great choice for your short distance travel.

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two rounds

Is it foldable


For people


Does it support apps


top speed

30km/h and above

Is it a smart car

smart car

Does it support Bluetooth


Pure electric range

Above 150km

Body weight

15kg (inclusive) -25kg (inclusive)

Load capacity

150kg (inclusive) -200kg (exclusive)

Is it equipped with a seat

Can be equipped with seats

sort by color

36V black] with a range of about 60 miles, explosion-proof solid tires/century old Phoenix brand/constant speed, 36V black] with a range of about 80 miles, explosion-proof solid tires/century old Phoenix brand/constant speed, 36V black] with a range of about 100 miles, explosion-proof solid tires/century old Phoenix brand/constant speed, 36V black] with a range of about 130 miles, explosion-proof solid tires/century old Phoenix brand/constant speed, . 36V black] with a range of about 150 miles, explosion-proof solid tires/century old Phoenix brand/constant speed, Electric scooter frame [without battery]



20 reviews for Phoenix brand electric scooter for riding, driving, and commuting

  1. Anonymous

    It’s okay, but the wheels are a bit small

  2. Anonymous

    Battery life: compact and convenient to carry

  3. Anonymous

    Buyer did not provide a review within 15 days

  4. Anonymous

    Easy installation: Satisfied Product quality: Satisfied

  5. Anonymous

    Battery life: can also be installed conveniently: very convenient

  6. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Very good battery life: Stable and easy to install: Convenient and fast.

  7. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: average battery life: not yet tested and installed. Convenient: indeed. Product quality: quite good

  8. Anonymous

    I evaluated it after riding it for several days. It’s pretty good. I don’t know how to ride an electric bike and I learned it after a few trips.

  9. Anonymous

    Convenient to travel, very lightweight, can jump and jump while cycling,?? Electricity can be quite fast, very convenient, small and very lightweight

  10. Anonymous

    I just got it and tried it out. It is just suitable for commuting to and from get off work. I hope the battery will last for a week and it will be fine.

  11. Anonymous

    I was quite satisfied with a shopping experience. As described, I will leave a detailed review after using the product. The quality of the product is good

  12. Anonymous

    I have received the car, it is easy to install, has a delicate and compact appearance, and is very practical. I will evaluate the battery life after using it

  13. Anonymous

    I received the treasure and tried to install it myself, but it was a bit difficult. The customer service was very patient and helped me direct the installation quickly!

  14. Anonymous

    I bought this electric folding bike and it arrived today. I tried it out and it feels good. The customer service is also considerate. I’ll give it a review after riding it for two days.

  15. Anonymous

    I tried riding for several days, but overall it was pretty good. On the road surface supplemented by bricks, one may feel that the wheels are too small. Is it good on a flat road surface??

  16. Anonymous

    The car is compact and convenient. If you encounter any difficulties, thank you to customer service representative Lin Lin for his help. Wait for me to drive for two days before following up on the review

  17. Anonymous

    Easy to install: It is easy and convenient to install by oneself, and can be quickly installed. Product quality: It is quite good, foldable, compact and convenient. After folding, the car trunk can also be put down, and there is also a storage bag for storing things, with a relatively large capacity

  18. Anonymous

    A very convenient electric vehicle with convenient storage. It charges two to three times a week. My commute to work is quite short, with a 3-mile bike ride for about 7 minutes. Therefore, this small electric vehicle is very convenient for me. I am very satisfied with buying such a convenient and useful car at this price. Best wishes? Business is thriving

  19. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Excellent and easy to install: The baby is small and lightweight, which is my favorite style. The quality and workmanship are very good, and the installation is extremely simple. It is also convenient to fold and store. I tried it and the shock absorption effect is good, and the driving speed is also good. Also included were hanging baskets and car locks. Decisive pairing is the first choice for transportation.

  20. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: The shock absorption is very average. I just put this in the car and park it for a few kilometers. The shock absorption requirements are not high.Battery life: After receiving it, I rode it back and forth for an hour and a half on the first day of vacation. It was very good. It has not been charged until today.I bought a 75km one and it should have been driven forty or fifty kilometers by today.I weigh 110 pounds.Easy to install: I installed it myself without watching any videos, but I couldn’t figure out the basket part, so I asked the store to send a video.Product quality: It feels of good quality, quite rigid, and should be durable.Generally speaking, it is enough for throwing the trunk or picking up children from kindergarten.

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