High tech commercial high-capacity electric oven with integrated air conditioning and leveling


UKOEO High Bike 80S Commercial Electric Oven, Wind Stove, Open Stove, 2-in-1 Private Room Baking Large Capacity Household Mooncakes


In addition to mooncake making, it can also be used to bake other pastries, bread and other foods. This electric oven is a great helper for your baking, whether it is for home or commercial use, it can meet your needs. Choose the UKOEO High Bike 80S Commercial Electric Oven to make your baking journey easier and more enjoyable!

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Zhuhai city


Chinese mainland


Guangdong Province

Inner liner material

Stainless steel

control method

Holographic touch control

heating method

Hot air circulation heating

number of discs

4 discs

sort by color

Off white [80S], customer service has a surprise for consultation, Black [80S] Consultation with customer service for surprises, Fermentation box [beige] consultation with customer service for surprises, Fermentation box [stainless steel color], consult customer service for surprises

20 reviews for High tech commercial high-capacity electric oven with integrated air conditioning and leveling

  1. Anonymous

    Very useful, I really like it. I can bake a lot at once

  2. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  3. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, I believe in the brand, and the matching is beautiful, using a good mood!!!

  4. Anonymous

    It’s not a false reputation, it’s really easy to use, you can bake 4 trays at a time, the heat is even, it saves time and effort #高比克80S

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t quite understand hot air baking, I hope you can help me figure it out. Thank you. This is my first time buying such an expensive oven.

  6. Anonymous

    I used to use a high specific weight fermentation oven all along, and recently upgraded the oven to a matching 80s, which is more convenient. [Laughter R]

  7. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Very good. Efficiency: Good. Appearance design: Beautiful and durable. Applicable scale: Large capacity. Product workmanship: Very good

  8. Anonymous

    Finally it arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it out, it’s worth it I did so much homework to choose this one, it’s one-to-one good in terms of appearance and function

  9. Anonymous

    The customer service attitude is particularly good. I also like the color very much. I have been looking forward to this machine for a long time! Roast toast later??

  10. Anonymous

    Usage efficiency: Wind and flat integrated, sufficient for private use. Appearance design: I like the color very much, easy to make sanitary products. Craftsmanship: Fine workmanship

  11. Anonymous

    After comparing for a long time, I finally got this Gaobik 80S oven. I like the appearance and the operation is very simple. It is very friendly to novices. I am ready to start my baking #高比克80S

  12. Anonymous

    The first time Xiaobai finished the product, overall it was pretty good. Maybe my temperature was too high, the machine operation was very simple, and the customer service was also very enthusiastic??

  13. Anonymous

    I bought a new oven called Jujuezi, which has high appearance and complete functions. I baked two plates with even coloring and was very satisfied with the oven. They all gave me a duck # High Bike 80s

  14. Anonymous

    The oven recommended by a friend is excellent, not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of quality and large capacity. I tried it and the temperature was also very accurate. I strongly recommend it.

  15. Anonymous

    After struggling for a long time, I finally arrived at the Gaobik 80S, which has a high aesthetic value and large space, suitable for private use. I will use it again to review the appearance design: high aesthetic value

  16. Anonymous

    The fire temperature is even, and the biscuits and bread are baked very well. The seller’s attitude is good, and the gifts are good. I will buy again if I need it. Overall evaluation: It is simple, convenient and fast to use.

  17. Anonymous

    Whether in terms of appearance design or oven quality, the Gaobike 80s oven is really super good. The wind oven mode is also the first choice for private baking, and finally it can achieve multi-layer simultaneous baking in one furnace????

  18. Anonymous

    As a baking enthusiast, I can’t live without a good oven. I just bought a Gobick 80 oven. First of all, it looks good, which meets my aesthetic taste. The functions are sufficient and the price-performance ratio is good. The oven temperature is slightly higher than the oven I used before, and I need to adapt to it after further use.

  19. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The appearance is very high, and the most surprising thing is that the side insulation is almost 100%, with no temperature to the touch, but the front glass is very hot to the touch. The temperature is relatively accurate, and the temperature difference is several degrees higher. Stainless steel inner shells are also rare in the same price range, and the quality control is very good. There are no defects in the appearance, and the overall workmanship is very good. Compared to the oven I have bought before, this one is the most satisfactory. The performance of the oven will be further evaluated after baking some cakes.

  20. Anonymous

    It has been several days since the 80S oven was received. I have been evaluating the 80S oven. The customer and the manufacturer are very awesome and personally feel that the quality is very good. The temperature rises quickly. If there is enough room for home use, it is strongly recommended that the 80S oven be in place in one step. Especially multi-layer baking is very awesome. The only downside is that it is recommended that the manufacturer add a real-time temperature monitoring system, which is really practical. If one day the manufacturer restarts the real-time temperature display, I hope the manufacturer can upgrade my 80S. Thank you very much.

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