C45 stove, Haishi oven, household multifunctional


Haishi C45 Home Oven Air Fry Integrated Large Capacity Multi functional Desktop Fermentation Baking Wind Stove Electric Oven




This Haier C45 household oven is an electric oven that integrates air frying, baking, fermentation, desktop baking and other functions. Its large capacity design can meet the needs of your family, and a variety of delicacies can be easily made. At the same time, this oven is also equipped with a professional air furnace function, which can bring a more uniform baking effect and improve the taste of delicacies. Whether it is bread, biscuits, pastries or meat, it can be easily handled. In addition, its desktop design can flexibly adapt to various kitchen spaces, and you can bake as you like.

This oven is not only suitable for home use, but also an ideal choice for baking enthusiasts. Whether you are a novice or an experienced baking expert, you can find satisfaction and fun in the Haier C45 oven. Come and try this all-round oven to make your food journey more colorful!



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Chinese mainland

warranty period

24 months

Inner liner material


control method

Computer style

Product Category

Wind oven and oven

After-sales service

National warranty

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Capacity range

31L (inclusive) -40L (inclusive)


Qingdao Haishi Baking Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Temperature control method

Backward hot air heating temperature control

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20 reviews for C45 stove, Haishi oven, household multifunctional

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly. The logistics delivery is also very fast. The courier will deliver the goods to your doorstep. The service is very good.

  3. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: milky white, with a fresh style that the color control really likes. Capacity and size are sufficient for household use

  4. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Tall and Multi functional Introduction: Easy to operate! Convenient to use Capacity size: Double layered enough to bake very quickly

  5. Anonymous

    The oven is great. I started using it as soon as I got it. The bread I baked was very good. I didn’t have to worry about it burning. I made pork floss and basil.

  6. Anonymous

    I have to say: this oven is awesome! Beautiful appearance! Upon receiving it, I immediately baked Qi Feng, paper cups, and melted beans for the child! I really like it??

  7. Anonymous

    I think the capacity is suitable, the operation is simple and convenient, the blast furnace is better than the open furnace, and the customer service attitude is very good

  8. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Excellent Appearance, Texture, Fine workmanship, Multi functional Introduction: Powerful to meet the needs of home baking Capacity Size: Enough capacity

  9. Anonymous

    I like the color of this one. The setting is very simple. It is not bad for baking cookies. There is no sound when the hot air is not turned on. The chef machine of this store is also very quiet. I like this very much!

  10. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: The appearance is very delicate and better than the picture. The white color matches well in the kitchen. I couldn’t wait to burn it in the air to remove the odor as soon as I got it home. The courier was very nice.

  11. Anonymous

    Very good oven, love comes from homemade lamb skewers. I never found using an oven to be so enjoyable before. As someone who enjoys cooking but hates to brush the pot and clean the stove, I finally discovered the most suitable kitchen utensils for myself

  12. Anonymous

    Firstly, I personally think the appearance is very perfect and the design is also very user-friendly. In terms of functions, the hot air is very awesome, the baking time is faster than that of ordinary ovens, and the cake coloring is in place. A very satisfactory oven.

  13. Anonymous

    After collecting for a long time and comparing the c40 and i7, I finally chose a c45 with a high cost performance ratio at the middle price. I like the appearance very much, and I am also very satisfied with the use of it. I like sisters, feel free to go to Kazakhstan. Capacity: 40 liters

  14. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Off white, it looks pleasing and clean. When sent over, the packaging is very good and there are no bumps. Multi functional Introduction: The integrated bread body of the wind furnace and open furnace is more evenly colored. Capacity and Size: It can bake 18 bagels at once, which is very sufficient for household use

  15. Anonymous

    I’ve wanted to buy an oven for a long time. This time, I took the opportunity to move to a new house and finally bought the Haier C45 that I had been eyeing for a long time. When I received it, the capacity was really large, and there was also a convection furnace. The lake green color was beautiful and easy to bake. I tried it for the first time with the yogurt buns. The color was even and the fire was strong. I was very satisfied!

  16. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: beautiful, textured, and immediately feels high-end. I couldn’t wait to bake the buns, the color was even, the outside was crispy and the inside was soft, and I ate two in one go. The original oven has been working for many years. If the button hadn’t broken, I wouldn’t have known that the oven has developed to be so convenient and efficient today, which has improved my baking skills. The annoyance of the broken oven has also turned into happiness??

  17. Anonymous

    I received it yesterday. This morning, under the guidance of the customer service, I first broiled it for 30 minutes to cool it down and wiped the door to get rid of the smell. I went home at noon and started to run it to make barbecue. Before, I couldn’t control the temperature in the pan and had to fry it. It was not delicious and the color was ugly. Now I have this thing, which is much more convenient. It is delicious and the color is beautiful. It is really good and recommended to buy

  18. Anonymous

    After a long time of selection, I finally bought the most common oven. I didn’t want any rotating rack or anything. It’s simple and practical. The buttons are well designed and you can use it without reading the instructions. The cavity is a bit small, narrower than my old 38-liter Panasonic. The overall appearance is good. I baked the most skilled cake roll in the first oven. The overall oven temperature is very balanced, and the skin is basically not deep or shallow. The fan blew it and it was the most perfect roll.

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance material: Milk white, milk white. The appearance and appearance are very high, and the quality is also very good. The customer service attitude is also very patient and explained. They also gave away anti scald gloves?? Very considerate. Multi functional introduction: There are many menu options to meet daily needs. I bought it for baking and it also comes with fermentation function, which is very good. Capacity size: it comes with baking trays, grills, and residue collection trays, which are sufficient for household use

  20. Anonymous

    Appearance material: It looks really good! Capacity: It can hold 28 baking trays. I looked at a lot of things online before buying it. I was particularly entangled and worried about the fiberglass. I looked carefully when I received it, but I didn’t seem to find it. A novice made a very simple sesame cake. The sound was not loud when the hot air was turned on. I was not disappointed and relieved! I only have a thermometer for the temperature difference. The actual temperature was 5 degrees higher. This temperature difference is relatively small, acceptable!!

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