Baicui PE5400 Sponge Electric Oven for Household Use


Baicui PE5400 Oven 2024 New Home Electric Oven Specially Used for Baking Multi functional Large Capacity Small Gifts


This Baicui PE5400 oven is the new 2024 home electric oven designed specifically for baking enthusiasts. It has the characteristics of large capacity, versatility, and specialized baking, suitable for various cooking needs. This oven has multiple modes to meet your different baking needs, such as baking bread, cookies, cakes, etc. It adopts a high-quality temperature control system to ensure that each part is evenly heated, providing the best baking effect for food. In addition, its capacity is moderate and can accommodate up to one kilogram of food, meeting your need to bake a large amount of food at once. This oven is very suitable for home use and can also be given as a gift to family and friends. Its design is simple and elegant, easy to clean, making it the ideal choice for your kitchen. The Baicui PE5400 oven is your ideal companion for baking, bringing you a delicious baking experience.

Additional information










Foshan City




Embedded type


Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months


Guangdong Province

control method

Computer style

Product Category

Conventional oven

Inner liner material

Non oil coating

After-sales service

National warranty

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Heating tube material

Stainless steel

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Capacity range

31L (inclusive) -40L (inclusive)


Foshan Shunde Baicui Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Temperature control method

Independent temperature control of upper and lower pipes

Additional features

Low temperature fermentation with built-in lighting and hot air circulation for thawing and sterilization

sort by color

Jian Mi Bai [Consultation Enjoyment Fund Gift], Light green [more favorable when paired with purchase]

20 reviews for Baicui PE5400 Sponge Electric Oven for Household Use

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The oven is good, the delicious food is delicious, and official account is concerned, there are many recipes, customer service Xiaoxiao will answer any question! Like it??

  3. Anonymous

    The oven is good for baking and the appearance is very versatile. It has many function modes. Xiaoxiao’s service is very patient. I like it. I have tried baking cookies and cupcakes.

  4. Anonymous

    The oven is good, the delicious food is delicious, and the official account pays attention to it. There are many recipes, and customer service Xiaoming will answer any question! Like it!

  5. Anonymous

    Very good, I bought it because of its appearance, and when I received it, I saw that it was exactly what I wanted!!! Hahaha, I made bagels to try, and it was not bad, hehehe!!! Next time I will try making cakes!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Novice, this is my first time baking. Fortunately, Xiaowen customer service is very patient in guiding me and also allows me to learn in the communication group. The oven is very cost-effective! Home use is sufficient. Buy it!

  7. Anonymous

    I couldn’t wait to open it. It’s super beautiful. The real thing is the same as the picture, very textured, and the baking tray is of great quality. I’ve been looking at this oven for a long time. If you like it, go for it! It’s really worth it! ??????

  8. Anonymous

    I was always struggling with whether to choose a convection furnace or a flat furnace. After-sales service patiently answered my questions, I chose 5400. After using it a few times, I felt it was enough for home use. I baked bread and it was pretty good.

  9. Anonymous

    I bought a special rack for the oven. It’s not white, it’s a little yellowish. I like it. It’s 100% beautiful. Just looking at it makes me feel good. Hahahaha. The temperature control is pretty good. I like it. The gift was just used and saved me a lot of money.

  10. Anonymous

    I have never used an oven before. Yesterday, I made cookies and the oven was really useful. Thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of Xiaowen customer service, she was really patient and had a great service attitude! The oven has a high cost-effectiveness and looks great, making it worth buying for beginners!

  11. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: The appearance is very beautiful. Close. Can a few small breads be used at home? I just started using it now. It can also be multifunctional. Introduction: If you don’t have yogurt, you can also pack me. It has more fermentation functions. I haven’t started to test it yet. The capacity is OK. A lot of tools are also given.

  12. Anonymous

    Capacity: The packaging is good, solid and big. I didn’t expect the capacity to be so large. It is completely enough for the family. Appearance material: *** Very retro and beautiful Multi-function Introduction: Fully functional, can’t wait to use it. By the way, I would like to praise the customer service Xiaoshu for her patience and careful attitude.

  13. Anonymous

    The previous oven was a mechanical oven. After the upgrade, my impression was that the oven preheated quickly, the temperature was accurate, the product quality was high, and I personally liked the appearance of the oven. Although the materials were very lightweight, it was also worth getting what you paid for. Overall, I was very satisfied. By the way, customer service representative Xiaoming gave me a good review.

  14. Anonymous

    Christmas condensed milk square cookies are successfully launched! Hahaha, a very good Christmas cookie. And it is baked with this Petrus 5400, the effect is very good, the color is even. The oven capacity is also 38L, and it is not a problem to bake ** on weekdays (it has a rotating fork function). The shelf next to it can be disassembled, which is more convenient to clean, and you don’t have to suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder anymore.

  15. Anonymous

    I couldn’t wait to unbox the new oven and use it. It worked surprisingly well. The appearance is the first priority, and the baking effect is also very good, with fast heating, accurate temperature control, and uniform coloring. The inner pot is also made of non-stick oil, so it is not difficult to clean. Just wipe it with kitchen paper. The annual Christmas is coming soon. This time I saw a tutorial on Christmas wreath cookies on the Internet and successfully replicated it with this oven. What a surprise!

  16. Anonymous

    Since my child started primary school, the oven at home has never stopped, and I think of ways to make breakfast and afternoon tea for him every day. It’s Christmas, so I have to change the oven and prepare a cake to eat on the same day. The oven is beautiful, creamy white, and even the inner tank is made of white, which makes it more beautiful when taking pictures. The baking tube can be independently controlled up and down, the temperature rises quickly, the temperature control is accurate, and the color is very uniform, which is quite good!

  17. Anonymous

    As soon as the oven received it, it started making an eight inch qifeng, with 150 minutes on top, 160 minutes on bottom, and 55 minutes on top. The color was slightly darker, and the inside was fine and elastic. It was not as hard as before when it was baked in an air fryer, and the inside was still damp. At night, the bread roll was made with glove film from the same brand and noodle machine, and the heat was slightly higher for 170 and 30 minutes on top and bottom. However, it was covered with tin foil midway, and the color was good and even. Overall, I was quite satisfied.

  18. Anonymous

    How can Christmas be complete without a baked gift box? This year, I tried to make a gift box and sell it in my circle of friends, hahahaha! To show my sincerity, I also specially changed an oven. The high appearance is the first thing that impressed me. Putting it in the kitchen, the kitchen instantly feels beautiful. The second is the M-shaped heating tube, which heats up quickly, heats evenly, and has very good color. The design of the shuttle knob is also very user-friendly, which is much more convenient to operate, and the white non-stick oil liner is also very easy to clean!

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance is justice! It’s so beautiful. I’ve been making guides for a long time and finally placed an order. This is my first oven in my life! I like the milky white color very much?? The touch of the button is also very good. It’s very relaxing to twist it. It also comes with a baking inspiration log. No worries for novices. The recipe and temperature are very detailed and can be followed. The customer service Xiaoshu is patient and can properly and reasonably solve the problem???♀? Go, welcome to the new oven and look forward to making a lot of delicious bread???? Biscuits?? Desserts??

  20. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Soft and cute milky white, it is a highly attractive oven with multiple functions. Introduction: The white enamel inner liner combined with furnace lamp lighting makes the delicious food very impressive! The small sponge 5400 oven has M-shaped heating tubes on top and bottom, which are individually controlled for temperature and evenly colored. It also has a low-temperature fermentation function. Capacity size: With a capacity of 38 liters, it is still sufficient for daily home baking. It can accommodate a 28 x 28 x 5 baking tray and two 450 gram toast boxes at the same time.

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