Hilop Q28 Folding Universal New Product Small Electric Vehicle


Hilop Electric Scooter Mounted Folding Electric Vehicle for Driving and Walking Small Car Two Wheeled Mini Battery Car


With a compact physique and strong motivation, it can handle both commuting to and from work and weekend outings. The Hilop electric scooter is suitable for various occasions, whether it is city commuting, community commuting, or outdoor sports, it can meet your needs. Choose the Hilop electric scooter now to make travel easier and more convenient!

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two rounds

Is it foldable


For people


Does it support apps


Is it a smart car

smart car

Does it support Bluetooth


Load capacity

200kg and above

Pure electric range

Over 65km (inclusive)

Body weight

25kg (inclusive) -50kg (inclusive)

top speed

20km/h (inclusive) -25km/h (exclusive)

Is it equipped with a seat

Can be equipped with seats

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Q28/48V500W/National 3C Jinyuxing Motor/10.0AH Approximately 40KM, Q28/60V500W/National 3C Jinyuxing Motor/25.0AH Approximately 160KM, Q28/48V500W/National 3C Jinyuxing Motor/30.0AH Approximately 160KM, Q28/48V1000W/National 3C Jinyuxing Motor/30.0AH Approximately 160KM



20 reviews for Hilop Q28 Folding Universal New Product Small Electric Vehicle

  1. Anonymous

    The car is very good.Yaoyao has good customer service.

  2. Anonymous

    Q28 car quality is very good.Yaoyao has good customer service.

  3. Anonymous

    Easy to install: easy to operate, excellent shock absorption effect, and very sturdy quality

  4. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: good battery life: good installation convenience: good product quality: good

  5. Anonymous

    The quality is good and the service is very good. Regular customers keep repurchasing, which is great.

  6. Anonymous

    The car has excellent shock absorption, strong battery life, convenient folding, and excellent workmanship

  7. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: consistent with the described battery life: very good, easy to install: convenient

  8. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: battery life of the lever: strong, easy to install: simple Product quality: trustworthy

  9. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: good battery life: good installation convenience: good product quality: good Xiluopu old brand

  10. Anonymous

    Easy to install: I really like the simple operation, beautiful appearance and practicality. It’s a great shopping experience.

  11. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Level 1 battery life: The installation of the lever is convenient and fast. Product quality: Excellent*

  12. Anonymous

    The new electric vehicle has a higher cost performance ratio. Longer range. The battery is more versatile. Worth buying. Thank you, boss

  13. Anonymous

    The shock absorption effect is good, comfortable to ride, very stable to ride, lightweight and easy to ride, customer service is very meticulous, very good

  14. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: very comfortable battery life: excellent installation convenience: simple operation Product quality: fine workmanship, solid materials, worth purchasing

  15. Anonymous

    The car is very solid, but 60V is too heavy. With a weight of 60 pounds, it is still very difficult to carry it with one hand. The configuration is really good, and the appearance is also very good. We will add endurance feedback after further testing

  16. Anonymous

    The old brand of Xilop, the speed is sizzling, good????! Easy to install: convenient.Product quality: good quality Battery life: turn it on as soon as you come back, it doesn’t lose power after being turned on for a long time Shock absorption effect: very good

  17. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: The front shock absorber is slightly harder, while everything else can be maintained with battery life. It can now be installed easily. Product quality: Overall, the quality is good, and the customer service attitude is very good, patient.

  18. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: very good and balanced. Battery life: very durable. If it is turned on for a long time and does not start, it will turn off smartly. Easy to install: very convenient. It can be installed in a few minutes. Product quality: I like it very much. Friends say it is very high-end.

  19. Anonymous

    Battery life: The battery life is quite good, and after driving 110 kilometers, there is only one or two more grids left to charge. Easy installation: The entire vehicle is shipped, eliminating the need for installation upon arrival! Product quality: As described, it is easy to use and has a good quality

  20. Anonymous

    ?? The product has been received, packaged very well, and the logistics are very fast. The customer service attitude is very positive, and any questions are answered promptly! Overall, I am very satisfied! Shock absorption effect: Upgraded front shock absorption system! Battery life: The battery has been upgraded to 30A. Product quality: The side lights have been upgraded, and there are also welcome lights, which are very bright!

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