Xiluopu rear wheel drive foldable electric scooter substitute driving vehicle


Hilop 160km range electric scooter, high-speed folding scooter, small electric scooter


The Hilop 160 kilometer range electric scooter is a suitable electric vehicle for commuting. It adopts a compact body design, which is easy to carry and store, and has high-speed performance and long endurance. It can travel 160 kilometers on a single charge, meeting daily travel needs. The car adopts a folding design, which is convenient for storage and storage, making it very suitable for urban travel. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a safety control system to improve driving safety. It is a high-quality and high-performance electric scooter suitable for various travel scenarios.

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two rounds

Is it foldable


For people


Does it support apps


Is it a smart car

smart car

Does it support Bluetooth


Pure electric range

Over 65km (inclusive)

Body weight

25kg (inclusive) -50kg (inclusive)

top speed

20km/h (inclusive) -25km/h (exclusive)

Load capacity

150kg (inclusive) -200kg (exclusive)

Is it equipped with a seat

Can be equipped with seats

sort by color

Q26/48V white/National 3C Gold Star Motor/37.5AH approximately 160, Q26/48V Black/National 3C Gold Star Motor/37.5AH Approximately 160, Q26/60V white/National 3C Jinyuxing motor/30AH approximately 160, Q26/60V Black/National 3C Gold Star Motor/30AH Approximately 160



18 reviews for Xiluopu rear wheel drive foldable electric scooter substitute driving vehicle

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Easy installation: good product quality: good

  3. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: good battery life: good installation convenience: good, good, good product quality: good

  4. Anonymous

    Very textured. I made a second purchase and previously bought a Q8 with good quality. I have always trusted Hilop

  5. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: good battery life: the baby has just arrived and has not been used yet. Easy installation: very convenient. Product quality: good

  6. Anonymous

    The car is exquisitely crafted and meets expectations. The customer service provided a detailed introduction, giving you what you pay for. We recommend purchasing it.

  7. Anonymous

    The car is very good, with good shock absorption. It has been driving for a long time without losing power and can be easily folded and placed in the trunk. Highly praised

  8. Anonymous

    I have bought small electric cars from other brands before, what should I say? Compared with this one, they are just rubbish, but Sinop is better, it is an old brand, beautiful and practical.

  9. Anonymous

    The shock absorption effect is good???? Battery over endurance???? Is there still one space left for climbing???? Amazing???? not bad Powerful???? Great???? A good electric scooter???? Wind resistance????

  10. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: quite strong, the seat cushion sits like a cloud~Battery life: very long-lasting. Easy to install: quite convenient, but the car is relatively heavy, so girls should not be able to move it

  11. Anonymous

    Is the second car from Hilop getting better and better in terms of appearance, style, functionality, and quality?? Is the first Q8 also very good?? Shock absorption effect: Very good?????? Easy to install: simple and easy to understand?????? Product quality: Made of aluminum alloy material, heavy and stable.

  12. Anonymous

    The first Hilop was purchased in 2019 and has been in use for almost 5 years. The quality is still excellent. I armed myself with a new Hilop Q26 off-road vehicle on Double Eleven this time. Within two days of receiving the vehicle, my friend saw it and insisted that I also help him buy a model of the same model. It indicates that both appearance and quality have been recognized by him.

  13. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: the shock absorption system is really unexpected, very comfortable and smooth to drive, battery life: the first charging range is 140 km, very unexpected and really awesome! Easy to install: Easy and fast to install! Product quality: Most scooters are made of aluminum alloy material, which is worth owning as a means of transportation. My car is an SUV that folds up and fits perfectly in the trunk.

  14. Anonymous

    The shoe rack is thick and heavy; I weigh 180 pounds and can run at a speed of 30 miles per hour. I estimate that I can climb up to 100km (5 grids of electricity, 20km per grid) when running to my stomach; I recommend choosing a 48V scooter. A 60V scooter has a fast speed, but if you don’t use it, you can’t run too fast. After all, it’s dangerous for a scooter to hit the brakes and lose its tail. 48V has a little more range.

  15. Anonymous

    Product quality: The car is good, the battery is big enough, and the battery life is long enough. The customer service service was patient and communicated repeatedly to reissue the gift. I bought the price version. The battery life is very difficult. The vehicle runs smoothly. Power loss in winter is not detrimental. The only drawback is the workmanship of the threads, which needs to be economical. Some Rough yet needs improvement

  16. Anonymous

    I bought the second car at his house, and the first one has been ridden for 5 years, but the quality is still impressive. This time, I resolutely chose the top of the line 160 kilometer off-road tires. These tires are really wide and heavy, and the speed and power of the car are even greater. Riding them is really fast and comfortable, running far away is worry free, and there is no need for a total charge. The Hilup is worth having.

  17. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: The shock absorption effect is excellent on bumpy road sections during cycling. Battery life: Large capacity batteries provide longer endurance! I have only ridden 0.5 kilometers so far, and I am still measuring my mileage when fully charged! Easy to install: Installation and disassembly only require three steps. Simple and convenient! Product quality: Aluminum alloy material greatly reduces the weight of the car body! Two people stand up without any pressure, with excellent quality. The Hilop electric scooter is worth owning!

  18. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: very good, very comfortable to ride. Shock absorption is done very well. Battery endurance: currently in testing, I lost 2 grids of battery after running 40 kilometers, so I should be able to run 100 kilometers without any problems. However, it is still sufficient. It must be a commuting tool, easy to install. The installation is also convenient, and it can be installed in three steps. Product quality: Hilop is a commuting car worth using. I bought the first Q8 from this company before, and the quality is also very good. I bought it in 2019, but the range is still impressive. Q26 is my second purchase, and I hope the quality will be better. I also hope Hilop can create better quality products. When choosing a good car, please recognize it. Hilop electric scooter, welcome everyone to choose, good products are trustworthy,

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