Zhenghao Rui 2Pro Fast Charging Lithium Iron Phosphate Outdoor Power Supply


Zhenghao [Lithium Iron Phosphate] Rui 2Pro Outdoor Mobile Power Supply [Emergency Disaster Preparedness and Rescue] 220V EcoFlow High Power, Large Capacity Fast Charging, Portable Vehicle Battery, Self driving Camping


Zhenghao [Lithium Iron Phosphate] Rui 2Pro outdoor mobile power supply is a powerful tool for emergency preparedness and rescue. It is a large capacity fast charging portable car battery with a 220V AC output capacity, suitable for various outdoor environments. This mobile power supply uses lithium iron phosphate material, which has the advantages of high energy density, high cycle life, and high safety performance. It also supports high-power output and can meet the charging needs of various electronic devices. In addition, it also has the characteristic of strong portability, which can easily adapt to various outdoor activities such as self driving camping. As an emergency preparedness and rescue tool, it can provide reliable power support in emergency situations and provide strong support for rescue work. In summary, the Zhenghao [Lithium Iron Phosphate] Rui 2Pro outdoor mobile power supply is a powerful, reliable, and suitable for various outdoor environments.

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shell material


Maximum output power


Maximum output power supply


Cell type

Cylindrical aluminum shell

Battery Type

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Charging mode

Direct insertion charging, in car charging, solar charging


Shenzhen Zhenghao Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd

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3-period interest free * 30 day warranty * 15 no reason return/exchange * up to 5-year warranty*, Rui 2Pro-768Wh-800W [Hot selling hot selling item * Boiling water for cooking * Essential for home camping], 110 watt light charging set [lightweight and flexible * waterproof and dustproof * 30% user choice], 160 watt optical charging set [efficient and portable], *Purchase a set and contact customer service to receive a complimentary smart charger*

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20 reviews for Zhenghao Rui 2Pro Fast Charging Lithium Iron Phosphate Outdoor Power Supply

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Not bad, a little smaller than expected, and looks quite classy.Looking forward to warmer days for camping.

  3. Anonymous

    To buy an outdoor power supply, you need to buy a big brand. Exquisite packaging, thoughtful service, and guaranteed after-sales service.

  4. Anonymous

    After three times of water and electricity consumption, the remaining 75% is very awesome. Please review the solar panel after it has not been used yet.

  5. Anonymous

    Good stuff! The battery lasts a long time. I bought it for camping and got a waterproof bag as a gift. I recommend it to my friends! It’s worth buying.

  6. Anonymous

    24% of the electricity is used to cook a pot of rice and there is still 11% of electricity left. It can also be used as an electric heater and camping tool. I hope it can be used for a few years

  7. Anonymous

    I have been using it for over a week now, and the charging speed is very fast. It is very convenient for self driving trips and can be used for stewing rice. It can be used about three times, and the weight is also acceptable~

  8. Anonymous

    The Zhenghao mobile power supply that I have been interested in for a long time has arrived. It can charge several mobile phones at the same time and also use a car mounted rice cooker, making it very convenient for self driving and traveling

  9. Anonymous

    The appearance design and styling are particularly space saving, and 7-8 kilograms are also convenient to carry. You can charge the printer for three to five days of travel without any problems, truly achieving mobile office. Car cooling is also great!

  10. Anonymous

    Received the goods and tried them out, then filled them up to 8% for about 70 minutes. The newly purchased hot water kettle today has a capacity of 1000W, and the boiling time and power consumption of 0.8L are shown in the picture. I feel pretty good, positive reviews.

  11. Anonymous

    Baby received it, as described by customer service, it is fully charged in one hour, with a perfect phone, TV, and computer. The mobile app allows remote monitoring of battery usage, and the weight is within an acceptable range. Looking forward to the time spent camping.

  12. Anonymous

    It will be fully charged in just one hour, and it can be used to connect to a desktop computer for over three hours. Finally, I can sit anywhere with my warm foot pad. The quality of the gift bag is excellent, with waterproof zippers and bottom. Looking forward to camping.

  13. Anonymous

    Use the Zhenghao mobile power supply to drive the surveillance camera on the sailboat. You can monitor it 24 hours a day and use it continuously for about a week.I go to the boat every weekend and turn on the solar panel and it can be fully charged in a day, which is great

  14. Anonymous

    I bought the De2MAX before buying the De1300! I feel like the portions are not light! I decisively bought the Rui 2Pro again this time! Because it is relatively lightweight, easy to carry, and has a high mobility, most electrical appliances can carry it. This time, you can go downstairs to recharge the car battery, good review!

  15. Anonymous

    Overall, it’s okay. I haven’t used it for camping yet. It’s no problem to charge mobile phones and laptops and use it as lighting.It’s okay to boil some water, and you can cook some rice in a small-power rice cooker, but after all, it only uses 0.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Choose the one according to your personal electricity needs.

  16. Anonymous

    The outdoor mobile power supply received a very full purchase first, and when I came back, I tried using a small electric rice bag to charge my phone, bought a light to charge, and the small electric kettle was easy to use. I also used a solar panel to replenish the power, which was fast 220. I replenished the power for over an hour, and it was full of praise

  17. Anonymous

    I received the baby and couldn’t wait to open it and try it out. It was as described by the customer service. It charged very quickly and was fully charged in 70 minutes. I tried the 1300-watt hot water kettle and the 400-watt hot water kettle. There was no problem and everything functioned normally. The customer service attitude was very good. Be patient and worth buying.

  18. Anonymous

    Not bad! After considering several products, I still chose Zhenghao. I feel it is worth the money.The exterior design is pretty good, and it’s not too heavy when you lift it up. It feels like the weight should be right – it has the same battery core with a capacity of 24A, and the power out of the box is 28%. Charging with mains electricity is super fast (I went to the wet market and it was about 100%). After about an hour), I feel that the solar panel is heavier than the power supply??. I will cook some rice later to test the effect (Follow-up review)

  19. Anonymous

    The delivery is fast, the packaging is tight, the charging speed is super fast, and there is a fan sound when charging.Then download the mobile APP and you can see clearly.I tried the egg cooker for a while and it is super easy to use. It is usually used to charge the battery. It should be more than enough for cooking when I am not cooking.Sent a camouflage bag.Customer service is quick to answer questions. Use it first and you should have no problems later.The unboxing experience has been well received, the delivery speed has been well received, and the customer service has been well received.This courier did not notify me. It was very risky to leave it directly in the lobby downstairs. The courier was often lost.

  20. Anonymous

    Um… How can I put it this way? I bought a Rui Pro before. The packaging was relatively good. It has this kind of carton on the outside and a white packaging box for the product inside. It can also be carried. When you open it, there is a carton with anti-collision foam and accessories. Open it. The unboxing experience is also relatively good, similar to that of DJI drone unboxing.(The user experience is also very good. I put it in the car when driving. It can drive cooking appliances and charge with a cigarette lighter. After using it for a year, I only had a problem with the cigarette lighter charging cable being broken, and it was repaired. , OK) …and this time this River 2Pro…ehm…I thought it would be the same, but it turned out to be just a cardboard box? A bit disappointed…I haven’t used it yet, I hope it will be as good when used.This packaging almost made me suspect that it was someone else’s return. Why didn’t it have “original packaging”? So I read the comments and it seemed like others were like this…

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