Roman Shi 40000 milliampere ultra large capacity brand direct sales


Romance 40000mAh Power Bank 22.5W Bidirectional Fast Charging Super Large Capacity Outdoor Portable Mobile Power Supply Suitable for Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, Phone Romance Private Customization


Romance 40000 mAh 22.5W bidirectional fast charging mobile power supply, suitable for Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi and other mobile phones, with super large capacity, outdoor portability, and private customization. This power bank has a huge capacity and can provide long-term battery life, meeting the charging needs of users when going out. At the same time, it supports 22.5W bidirectional fast charging, with fast charging speed, which can quickly charge mobile phones. The custom-made design of the Roman style also makes it more personalized and practical. Whether for outdoor activities or travel, this power bank is the ideal choice for users.

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Cell type

Soft Case

shell material


Rated Capacity


Maximum output power


Battery Type

lithium polymer battery

Charging protocol

Pd2.0 PD3.0 QC2.0 FCP QC3.0


Multi U output bidirectional fast charging


Shenzhen Huazhongke New Materials Technology Co., Ltd

battery capacity


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[Black Supreme Edition 22.5W Fast Charge] 60% charged in 30 minutes, [Black flagship 65W bidirectional fast charging] * Emergency lighting, [Private Customized Edition] Black Supreme Edition 22.5W Fast Charge, [Mint Green Flagship 65W Bidirectional Fast Charging] * Emergency Lighting, [Glacier Silver Flagship 65W Bidirectional Fast Charging] Emergency Lighting, [Black flagship 65W bidirectional fast charging] Emergency lighting, One year warranty/SF Free Shipping

19 reviews for Roman Shi 40000 milliampere ultra large capacity brand direct sales

  1. Anonymous

    Charging speed: good

  2. Anonymous

    Charging speed: fast

  3. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  4. Anonymous

    It feels quite heavy and has a large capacitance!

  5. Anonymous

    Very good, the new one can be charged four or five times without any problem

  6. Anonymous

    Size: Exact Capacity: Sufficient Product Weight: Very Light Charging Speed: Fast

  7. Anonymous

    It can only be said that the processing speed of the official store is also very poor

  8. Anonymous

    Size: Suitable Capacity: Large Product Weight: Moderate Weight Charging Speed: Very Fast

  9. Anonymous

    This 40000 capacity size is really great, I really like it!?? It is also very convenient to use.

  10. Anonymous

    Very good quality? Has a lot of weight? Not afraid of power outages for a month? Slow power consumption? Long storage time? Too practical

  11. Anonymous

    Roman Shi is definitely an old brand, with excellent quality and reliable battery. It can be fully charged for a week without any problems

  12. Anonymous

    Size: Slightly larger. Capacity: Enough to use. Product weight: Heavy. Charging speed: Charging the power bank is slightly slower, but charging the phone is still acceptable

  13. Anonymous

    It’s the same one I bought before. I was worried about it being a second-hand product. After receiving the goods, I saw that it was original. This power supply is very easy to use.

  14. Anonymous

    Size: Very suitable, neither big nor small, very good. The product has a large capacity and is very durable. This product is also shipped quickly and is genuine. I have checked and the official certificate shows that it is very new. You can use it now!

  15. Anonymous

    I was on a business trip and wanted to buy a larger capacity. I discovered this model, which has a good appearance and online quality. Currently, it charges quickly and has enough capacity for a week of business trips. The capacity is real and very durable

  16. Anonymous

    When I opened it, I didn’t pay attention to whether it was worn or not. It was too heavy and I returned it for a refund. As a result, the store accepted the receipt as showing signs of wear and tear. They said why they didn’t check it after receiving it. They thought they were unlucky.

  17. Anonymous

    Size: About the same size as a mobile phone, just a little thicker Capacity: OK, it can be charged several times Charging speed of my mobile phone: I tested Apple and it does have about 18w 17.6w. You can check whether the current and voltage are fast charging, which is very convenient

  18. Anonymous

    A single charge of the power bank can charge a mobile phone many times. The logistics speed is very fast. The seller’s service is enthusiastic. That’s why he didn’t ask if he could take it on the train when he took the photo?? 40,000 mAh can’t be taken on the train. You can consult customer service when taking the photo.

  19. Anonymous

    Capacity size: Old brand, not bad. Value for money, perfect product design, and a high-end appearance that is irresistible. The material and workmanship are quite good, and there is no false label on the capacity. The size is just right for me, and the quality of the large factory is trustworthy! The customer service was even more enthusiastic. I was very satisfied with this shopping experience. Product weight: bar charging speed: super fast

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