Canon printer, small home phone, copy and scan


Canon 3480 color printer, household small student copying and scanning all-in-one machine, wireless photo connection, ink storage


The Canon 3480 color printer is a multifunctional all-in-one machine that combines copying, scanning, wireless connectivity, and photo printing functions. This small printer is designed specifically for families and students, saving space and making it easy to use. The continuous ink bin system ensures high-quality color printing without the need for frequent ink cartridge replacement, allowing you to use it with peace of mind. This printer has excellent printing speed and clarity, especially for photo printing, with bright colors and rich details. In addition, it is equipped with wireless connection function, allowing you to easily achieve remote printing and print the required files anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are. As a home printer, the Canon 3480 fully considers user needs and is an ideal choice for small home users and students.

Additional information



Maximum format


Interface Type


Energy efficiency rating


Monthly load capacity

1000 pages

printing speed

6-8 pages per minute

version type

Other overseas regions

Number of ink cartridges

4-color ink

Remote printing method

Cloud printing

Applicable scenarios

Home and Home Office

Print type

Inkjet printing (ink bin style)

Consumable type

Integrated ink cartridge, ink

Is it the original factory supplied printer


Covering functions

Copying, scanning, printing

Canon model

three thousand four hundred and fifty

Does it support automatic double-sided printing


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[Popular] 3440 [Comes with WiFi, LCD screen, mobile phone, computer, remote access, and free learning resources], [Popular] 3452 [Comes with WiFi, LCD screen, phone, computer, remote, and free learning resources], 3340 [Comes with WiFi+LCD screen+mobile computer+remote+free learning and office resources], 3660 black [comes with WiFi+mobile computer+wireless+automatic double-sided+free learning and office resources], 3660 red [comes with WiFi+mobile computer+wireless+automatic double-sided+free learning and office resources], 4640 [Comes with WiFi, mobile phone, computer, remote, automatic double-sided, continuous copying and scanning, and free learning and office resources], 5151 [Comes with WiFi+phone+computer+wireless+automatic double-sided+free learning and office resources], 5140 [Comes with WiFi+phone+computer+wireless+automatic double-sided+free learning and office resources], 5340 [Comes with WiFi+phone+computer+remote+automatic double-sided+dual paper box+free learning and office resources], 2545 computer model [USB connection only]

package type

Official standard [disposable ink cartridge], Package 1 [Black Ink Needle Tube], Package 2 [Black Color Ink Needle Tube], Package 3 [External large ink tank+4 bottles of ink], Package 4 [External large ink tank+8 bottles of ink], Package 5 [External large ink tank+12 bottles of ink]

20 reviews for Canon printer, small home phone, copy and scan

  1. Anonymous

    The customer service is really patient. Step by step, they told me how to download and install photo paper and print paper. Let me successfully install the printer!

  2. Anonymous

    It feels very good, a very powerful printer??, the price is not expensive, a very satisfactory purchase, affordable and easy to use, the colors printed are quite good??!

  3. Anonymous

    Great praise, clear printing, excellent service attitude from the store, rarely giving feedback to the seller. Today, I gave the printer store a score of 100, very patient, very good attitude, very good

  4. Anonymous

    The printer packaging is very delicate, and the shipment was quite timely. The customer service was also very meticulous and patiently submitted the installation video. The installation was very smooth.

  5. Anonymous

    Baby received, customer service was very patient and explained how to use it step by step. They have always supported Canon copiers, which are durable and worth buying. They also give away many free gifts

  6. Anonymous

    Value for money! I have been wanting to buy a printer and cannot bear to buy it. Fortunately, it lived up to expectations. The printing was clear, and the customer service representative was very patient. The service was impeccable

  7. Anonymous

    The printer is the same as the description and is very good. Even if they don’t know how to use it, the customer service staff patiently gives guidance and the service attitude is very good. It is worth buying for those who need it.

  8. Anonymous

    The printer is installed, and customer service patiently guides the installation. Everything is normal for wired, wireless, and mobile printing. Print with vivid colors and high-quality photos. I hope the machine runs well and the ink is durable.

  9. Anonymous

    The printer has been received and I tried it for two days and it feels good. The printed color is clear in black and white! When encountering problems, customer service is also very patient in responding and answering questions! You can place an order if needed!

  10. Anonymous

    The printer is very powerful. I didn’t know how to operate it during the installation process. The customer service was very responsible and helped to solve the problem. The problem was solved very efficiently. I highly recommend it. The logistics speed is also very fast.

  11. Anonymous

    The printer is good. I bought one before and it broke after four years of use. It didn’t have so many functions. It’s the same brand but different models. The customer service is very patient. Now it’s much more convenient to print photos and the colors are not much different.

  12. Anonymous

    The customer service is very meticulous and the packaging is simple. Print out the photo, the child likes it. Is the text also good?? This way, learning and entertainment at home are convenient and fast, saving you the need to find a place to print and copy in the rain in the middle of the night.

  13. Anonymous

    I have used it and it is very good. If I encounter any problems, the customer service will help solve them. The service attitude is very good.The printer prints very clearly and can also make copies. It comes with photo paper and you can print photos on your mobile phone or computer. It is very convenient. The last picture is a pistol copied by a child????

  14. Anonymous

    Installation is not difficult, customer service is very professional. When encountering problems during the installation process, customer service immediately replied with a solution, very professional! Printing one or two hundred sheets with black ink will run out of ink, but you can add it yourself, which is very convenient. The bottle of ink you receive can be added several times, which is also good!

  15. Anonymous

    This Canon printer is really great value! Scan to automatically generate PDF files, make color and black-and-white copies, and can print from mobile phones and computers. It is also wirelessly connected. As long as you can connect to WIFI, you can print wirelessly and remotely! The price is super awesome and the functions are great. Very powerful! Photo paper and ink are also included.Printed photos are of the same quality as photo studio quality!

  16. Anonymous

    1. Canon printer, good quality, easy to use. The printing is clear and the color photos are also very realistic. 2. The Canon 4600 model I bought is easy to install, capable of continuous copying and wireless connection. It has all functions and is a great assistant for office work. If you want to buy a printer, you can choose Canon first. 3. Good after-sales service ensures that customers have no worries. When I installed it, the service staff patiently guided me and had a very good attitude, and I was very satisfied.

  17. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, I printed the photos according to the video and instructions. The effect is indeed very good, especially the colors, which are clear and true. I really like it.I didn’t know how to use it at first, so I consulted customer service, who provided guidance very responsibly, thank you very much.With this baby, taking photos and printing can be done at home, and there is no need to go to a photo studio anymore.The packaging is exquisite, the logistics is fast, and the delivery is timely. Please give it a five-star rating.

  18. Anonymous

    My husband bought this printer for me. Generally, I choose to buy expensive home appliances by myself. There are so many choices online. I didn’t expect that the one he chose this time was very good, whether it is printing carton effects or printing photos. They are all very good (the photo of ???? has been copied??). I am preparing for the exam. I will hurry up and get it. There will be a lot of information that needs to be printed. Otherwise, the handwritten manuscript will be too painful. I will use it more when my daughter enters first grade. There are many, but there is still a printer at home!

  19. Anonymous

    Five-star praise!!! Let me talk about the customer service first: they have a positive and cooperative attitude and taught me how to install the driver step by step. No matter if I encounter any problems before or after sales, the customer service will reply within 5 minutes and help me solve it.I am a middle-aged mother, and the problems I encountered really taught me bit by bit.After the installation, I tried printing test papers, photos, and photocopied a test paper, and encountered no problems.I bought this model on the recommendation of a colleague. He has used it for 3 years without any problems. I hope I will be as lucky with the printer I bought.

  20. Anonymous

    I must give this printer a great review! Its performance really exceeded my expectations. The printing quality is excellent, both the text and images are clear and sharp, and the details are perfectly displayed, which satisfies me very much. The printing speed is also quite fast, greatly improving my work efficiency and saving a lot of time. Its operation is very simple and easy to understand, even those who are not familiar with the technology can easily get started. Moreover, this printer is very stable and rarely experiences paper jams or other malfunctions, which makes me feel very at ease during use. In addition, its consumables cost is relatively low, and long-term use will not bring too much economic burden. Finally, I would like to praise its exterior design, which is simple and elegant, and very suitable for placing on a desk. In short, this printer is an excellent product with excellent performance, convenient operation, and high stability. I strongly recommend it to everyone!

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