Xinfei Variable Frequency Constant Temperature Instant Electric Water Heater


Xinfei Antibacterial Instant Electric Water Heater for Home Bathing Rapid Heating Small Bathroom Constant Temperature Overheating


Xinfei Antibacterial Instant Electric Water Heater, designed specifically for home bathrooms, with a small capacity suitable for household use. It adopts fast heating technology, without the need for long waiting times, and can be heated immediately, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable bathing experience. Specially designed for small bathrooms with constant temperature water discharge, ensuring stable outlet temperature and avoiding inconvenience caused by water temperature fluctuations. The Xinfei Antibacterial Electric Water Heater adopts antibacterial technology to effectively inhibit bacterial growth, maintain clean water quality, and provide a healthy and safe bathing environment for you and your family. Xinfei electric water heater makes your bathroom more comfortable, convenient, and hygienic.

Additional information



net weight





Ningbo City



gross weight


heating power


Operating Voltage



Chinese mainland

warranty period

18 months


Zhejiang Province

Package Size


time to market

January 2022

Energy efficiency rating


Limit of stacking layers

3 layers

control method

Microcomputer based

Procurement location

Chinese mainland


Henan Xinfei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd

Cross section requirements for electrical wires

2.5 square millimeters

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and ten billion seven hundred and six million two hundred and seventy-nine thousand three hundred and seven

sort by color

6000W flagship gold, 6000W flagship gold+missed coverage, 6000W flagship blue, 6000W flagship blue+missing warranty, 6000W flagship black, 6000W flagship black+missing warranty, 7000w flagship gold+missed coverage, 7000w flagship black+missing warranty, 6000W antibacterial gold+leakage protection, 6000W antibacterial blue+leakage protection, 6000W antibacterial black+missing protection

14 reviews for Xinfei Variable Frequency Constant Temperature Instant Electric Water Heater

  1. Anonymous

    Overall it is good

  2. Anonymous

    Evaluate after installation

  3. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  4. Anonymous

    Not bad, I recommend buying it. It heats up quickly and the price is cheap

  5. Anonymous

    It heats up very quickly and it’s hot in a while. It’s very good and convenient.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s great to use this hot water heater in a rental house. It’s simple and convenient. The heating effect is:

  7. Anonymous

    I originally purchased 70000 yuan, but when the merchant shipped it over, it was indeed a product worth 6000 yuan. I am really speechless to the merchant,

  8. Anonymous

    I received the goods yesterday and just tried them out today. They are still okay. One flaw is that the wires are too short. Touchscreen, temperature adjustable, a bit high-end.

  9. Anonymous

    Instant electric water heater is very convenient to use, and the water temperature rises quickly. There are many modes to choose from, and the Xinfei water heater is worth purchasing

  10. Anonymous

    The Xinfei water heater has a high appearance value, is heat-resistant, does not leak electricity, is safe and reliable, is delivered on time, and is easy to install. The hot water comes quickly and has a large water flow, making it worth purchasing

  11. Anonymous

    It is very convenient to use, it is instant heating, and the effect is very good. In the north, solar energy is no longer available. Buying this one is enough for the whole family. I will review it after using it for more than a week. I think it is worth buying. The water flow cannot be adjusted to the maximum. Just adjust the temperature to the water temperature you feel you can use.

  12. Anonymous

    Heating effect: I tried it for several days after receiving the goods, and overall I feel good about it.I bought one before and used it for several years, but it broke, so I bought one online and tried it for two or three days, but it didn’t work, so I returned it. I bought it online from this store and used it for a few days. I felt better, and then I confirmed receipt and delivery. evaluate.

  13. Anonymous

    This is my first time purchasing this electric water heater from this company, and it took me a few days to install and use it, feeling good before I left a comment. It is very convenient to use and produces hot water quickly. It is very comfortable to wash, much more convenient than the 60 liter water heater I used to use before. It also does not consume electricity, so I need to purchase it.

  14. Anonymous

    There are serious quality problems, with shoddy goods being sold as inferior ones. The new product won’t power on after it arrives at home. It still doesn’t work after repeated instructions from customer service. The customer service’s opinion is to replace the host, which is too delayed. Why do we still need to send out the product if the quality is not up to standard? Goods? This is the one below, please be careful not to be fooled.

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