Wig for women with long hair, middle parting, big waves, fluffy full headpiece


Wig for women with long hair, medium parting, long curly hair, large wavy artificial hair, full human hair, naturally fluffy, full head covering style

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This wig is a high-quality wig product for women with long curly hair in the middle and large wave simulated hair. It is made of natural and fluffy human hair, with a full head cover style that is highly realistic. This wig features a mid cut design with long curly hair and a large wave shape, which is naturally fluffy and suitable for various occasions and hairstyle needs. The whole wig is made of real human hair, with a soft and comfortable touch that fully integrates into the personal experience, making it imperceptible to people. It is suitable for people with sparse hair or inability to naturally have large waves, and can perfectly replace real hair to create a beautiful and natural hairstyle. Meanwhile, it is easy to maintain and carry, making it one of the essential fashion accessories for every woman.

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Korean style


Change the shape

Wig hairstyle

Long curly hair

Product name

Big wave long curly hair

Hair material

High temperature filament

Classification of wig bangs

Mid cut bangs

Cosmetic characteristics

Decorate face shape

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Goddess Big Wave Roll [Black Tea] Hair Sending Net, Goddess Wave Roll [Black Tea]+Care Set, Big wave bangs roll [black brown] hair giving net, Big wave bangs roll [black brown]+care set

20 reviews for Wig for women with long hair, middle parting, big waves, fluffy full headpiece

  1. Anonymous

    I finally got it~~So happy!

  2. Anonymous

    The hair is very soft and easy to care for. It looks really nice to wear.

  3. Anonymous

    The wig is easy to wear and will not fall off or become restless, making it very practical.

  4. Anonymous

    It is as light and convenient as your own hair, and you can also experience the feeling of having bangs.

  5. Anonymous

    This wig strap really brings you joy. It looks gentle on the whole person, but it can be loose and the hair is also very smooth and easy to manage

  6. Anonymous

    It looks pretty and doesn’t feel out of place. The color I bought is almost the same as my own hair color, and it covers my hair seams very well.

  7. Anonymous

    This is really the most authentic wig I have ever bought, and the top of my head is also natural. Some of them look particularly fluffy and meet all my needs

  8. Anonymous

    What a cute hairstyle. The hair is soft and easy to comb.I like it very much after I bought it. The price/performance ratio is also high and it looks very good. Recommended!

  9. Anonymous

    Great value for money.There is a lot of hair, but the head is not large.It’s easy to take care of, and the bangs can be clipped on your head just by grabbing them.I didn’t fix it at all.

  10. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, I still need to take care of them. After taking care of them, I was not disappointed when I wore them. They are also more convenient to take care of. I am satisfied.

  11. Anonymous

    I received the hair and I was very surprised. It looks really good and I like it very much. This big wavy hair has a Korean feel. It is very photogenic and atmospheric. It is simply my ideal hairstyle.

  12. Anonymous

    It’s very natural. It’s easy to put on. It’s very cost-effective. It’s very breathable and light when taking photos. The texture of the hair is incredible. It’s easy to take off. It’s very cost-effective.

  13. Anonymous

    I have always used hair extensions. This is the first time I wear a full-length wig. I instantly lost my hair. I love it so much. The wig is very real and does not look fake at all. It is easy to wear. I love it.

  14. Anonymous

    The effect is good when worn, it can cover the hair seam, and it looks beautiful when worn. After wearing it, it is completely invisible, and it is obvious that there is more hair volume, which is very realistic.

  15. Anonymous

    The effect of the wig is really amazing [wow] [wow]. It is easy to wear, easy to remove, and easy to comb. The color of the wig is consistent with the color of your own hair, and the photos are also super stunning

  16. Anonymous

    It’s really light and convenient! The texture is good and it won’t wear out, so it’s fine for jumping around! I took it with me for a day without being tied around my head, and it’s not heavy. I like it very much.

  17. Anonymous

    It’s really good. The fusion and transition are very natural. I almost can’t tell the real thing from the fake. The hair seam is also very natural. It’s very light and breathable. The price/performance ratio is quite high. The texture of the hair is also very good.

  18. Anonymous

    The wig is quite textured and natural. You can choose the color according to your preference. This hair color is very natural and white, and it is a bit fashionable in daily life. It will not look fake when worn out, and the effect is still very good. , the volume is very special

  19. Anonymous

    It’s so real. I was really surprised when I received it. Although the picture looks real, I didn’t expect the real thing to be so real. The hair quality is better than my own hair. I really don’t know how they made it. It’s amazing.It just so happens that I’m going shopping right now. It looks great with a coat.

  20. Anonymous

    It looks good. I have wanted to do this hairstyle for a long time, but I have never tried it. I bought a wig first to try the effect. Unexpectedly, it turned out really well. My hair is also very smooth and fluffy. I think I don’t need to go to the barber shop for styling. Damn my hair, this wig is my winter look

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