Sky Tree Korean Style Lazy Second Transformation Full Head Set


Wig for women with long hair, full headband, curly hair, lazy water ripples, natural forehead, artificial hair, full headband, seamless wig set


Using wear-resistant materials, it is durable and maintains a long-lasting and beautiful hairstyle. This full head curly hair with lazy water ripples and natural simulated hair on the forehead is a seamless wig cover that is a must-have for you to transform into a fashion icon. Whether in work, leisure, or special occasions, it can make you confident in showcasing your own style. Come and choose a hairstyle that suits you, and showcase your infinite charm!

Additional information




sky tree


Korean style

Wig hairstyle

Long curly hair

Product name

Lazy water ripple

Packaging type

Basic packaging

Classification of wig bangs

Can Qi Ke Xie Liu Hai


Instantly changing hairstyles to enhance temperament

sort by color

Air bangs [black brown] Lazy water ripples, Air bangs [cold brown] lazy water ripples, Zhongfen Bazi [black brown] Lazy water ripple, Zhongfen Bazi [Cold Brown] Lazy Water Ripple

20 reviews for Sky Tree Korean Style Lazy Second Transformation Full Head Set

  1. Anonymous

    I received the goods quite quickly. The wig looks very realistic when worn and looks pretty. The quality is also good.

  2. Anonymous

    You can’t tell it’s a wig at all, which is a plus.The texture is very good and the workmanship is meticulous and perfect.

  3. Anonymous

    This is my first time trying a wool curled wig, it needs to be taken care of to look better. It has a huge amount of hair!!

  4. Anonymous

    The curl is very natural, I combed it with a comb a little, it is easy to take care of, it is relatively easy to use, the hair is soft??????

  5. Anonymous

    I love it so much that I have always wanted to buy it and give it a try. It is very good. It is very suitable for novices to wear and it blends well with my hair!

  6. Anonymous

    The quality is super great! It’s easy to manage and repair even if you have a lot of hair! I saw it recommended by a blogger and it really didn’t disappoint me?

  7. Anonymous

    The effect on the top is very natural, just like my own hair. When I went out to play, I took a few photos for reference, which is still very valuable and stylish~

  8. Anonymous

    It’s so supernatural that no one can see it! And I’m lazy, so I just get the natural effect without taking care of it, and the customer service attitude is super good.

  9. Anonymous

    I have combed the bangs to the side myself, they are very natural and beautiful. They can also be made into French bangs. I have paired them with a beautiful beret myself

  10. Anonymous

    The hair color is really very natural. You can’t see it at all when you put it on. It feels good and smells good. It’s very breathable when you put it on. I like it very much.

  11. Anonymous

    The hair feels very smooth to the touch, and after wearing it, it is also very natural and does not appear fake. The curly design is also quite attractive, which is my favorite curl

  12. Anonymous

    How can I put it this way? I personally think it’s really beautiful and very impressive. Anyway, I can’t capture the effect that I can see with the naked eye. It’s really beautiful!

  13. Anonymous

    Wearing it gives a very natural feeling, the hair quality is really good, and the breathability is still very good. The large waves are really not picky, and wearing it feels quite comfortable.

  14. Anonymous

    I was really surprised to receive the goods. With and without the wig, the overall temperament of the person is different. It feels very girlish, and the hair quality is particularly good. I am very satisfied

  15. Anonymous

    The hair quality is very good, and it’s very close to my own hair color. You can’t tell it unless you look carefully. It’s very smooth and easy to manage. It’s exactly how I want it to look. The effect is great.

  16. Anonymous

    The quality of the hair is so good. It looks very natural when you put it on. You can’t tell it’s a wig at all. I love it. I love it. I’ve loved this style for a long time. It’s really a savior for round and big faces.

  17. Anonymous

    This color feels very fashionable, and it is very white. I like the length. This full headdress does not choose hair style or hair color. sisters who like it can try it, and the price is not expensive. It changes their temperament every minute. It is perfect

  18. Anonymous

    I have bought many styles of wigs, but they all feel too cumbersome and I don’t like them. This one is very cost-effective and quite real. The key is to save your flat hair. It’s not bad. You should also pay attention to taking care of it later so that it can last longer.

  19. Anonymous

    A fairly simple buyer show. The quality of the wig is very good, there is a bit too much hair, and the cost-effectiveness is really unbeatable in this price range! Photography is really beautiful! Looking forward to the makeup industry doing a good job and taking beautiful photos

  20. Anonymous

    Very, very, very, very beautiful…and quite natural.It’s been a long time since I bought such a cheap and good-looking wig, and the bald star burst into tears.The picture is the first time I took it apart and put it on without much combing. It looks great no matter how you take it??????

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