Good Madam, fully embedded invisible electric clothesline


Good Madam Electric Clothes Hanger Embedded in Invisible Clothes Hanger Intelligent Remote Control Home Balcony Automatic Lifting and Cooling Rod


The Good Wife Electric Clothes Drying Rack is an intelligent remote control clothes drying product embedded in an invisible clothes drying rack, suitable for use on family balconies. The product adopts an electric lifting design, which can easily lift and lower the clothes drying rod, providing a convenient clothes drying experience.

The product adopts a humanized remote control operation method, allowing users to easily control the lifting and locking of the clothes drying rod. At the same time, the Good Wife Electric Clothes Drying Rack also has an automatic lifting function, which can automatically adjust the lifting speed according to the weight of the clothes to improve the efficiency of clothes drying.

In addition, the Good Wife Electric Clothes Drying Rack also has an intelligent lighting function, which can provide a clear sight for clothes drying and facilitate user operation. At the same time, the product also has multiple safety protection functions such as wind protection, lightning protection, overcurrent, and overheating to ensure user safety.

In general, the Good Wife Electric Clothes Drying Rack is a fully functional, easy-to-operate, safe and reliable intelligent clothes drying product, suitable for use on family balconies, bringing convenience and comfort to family life.




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Guangzhou City

Main material



HOTATA/Good Madam

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Chinese mainland

Price range

999-3000 yuan


Guangdong Province

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Hanger type

Electric clothes drying rack

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Connected to Tmall Genie

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[D-3200] 2-meter double pole+lighting+voice– Cost performance recommendation–, [D-3203] 2-meter double pole+pole+lighting, [D-3203+20 aluminum hangers] 2-meter double pole+quilt pole+lighting, [D-3201] 2.4m double pole+lighting+voice– Cost performance recommendation–, [D-3204] 2.4m double pole+pole+lighting+voice, [D-3204+20 aluminum hangers] 2.4m double pole+pole+lighting+voice, [D-3202] 1.5 meter double pole+subject pole+lighting, [D-3198] 2.4m single pole+pole+lighting+voice, [D-3196] 1.5 meter single pole+subject pole+lighting, [D-3197] 2-meter single pole+pole+lighting, [D-3194] 2-meter single pole+lighting+voice, [D-3190] 1.5-meter single pole foundation model, [D-3193] 1.5 meter single pole+lighting, [D-3195] 2.4m single pole+lighting+voice



20 reviews for Good Madam, fully embedded invisible electric clothesline

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The product is so good, I am very satisfied, I believe that big brands are right

  3. Anonymous

    The goods arrived quickly, and the master was very proactive in on-site installation. The concealed effect was very good when pre installing the ceiling

  4. Anonymous

    The new design is excellent, and the lifting speed and response are also quite sensitive. The quality of products produced by large factories is guaranteed

  5. Anonymous

    Very good, it looks very good, the lights are very bright, and the master installed it smoothly. It will be ready soon! Looking forward to the effect of future check-in!

  6. Anonymous

    The installation is very professional, the hanger looks great, and it is of good quality and affordable! Next time, I will choose a good wife, which is worth recommending

  7. Anonymous

    The hidden type is quite comfortable. In addition, it has the functions of hanging quilts and lighting. Overall, it is not bad. It is recommended to buy a double rod type.

  8. Anonymous

    After the product is installed, it looks very beautiful. The balcony can be much more beautiful in an instant, and the installation technician is also very timely and in place

  9. Anonymous

    Product Function: Powerful Appearance Material: Extremely textured High end and atmospheric Product Quality: Durable, sturdy, with raised and lowered silent lights, bright and comfortable

  10. Anonymous

    ??I bought it when there was a promotion. You get what you pay for. It looks beautiful. The material and workmanship are good. I feel it is worth buying. The logistics is super fast. Thumbs up!

  11. Anonymous

    The clothes hanger is relatively simple and atmospheric, and the installation master came to install it on time. He is very patient and satisfied. I hope everything will be normal in the future!

  12. Anonymous

    My sister also bought this brand at home, which is very useful, so I decisively ordered this clothes hanger. The intelligent voice function is very convenient to use, so I can directly recommend it

  13. Anonymous

    Due to the urgent need for decoration, the seller shipped the goods quickly, the logistics were fast, and the installation technician came to the door for installation in a timely manner. The service attitude was very good.

  14. Anonymous

    The upgraded new model is very beautiful, and the pole can also directly air the quilt, finally meeting my idea of installing a hidden clothes drying pole. The brightness of the lighting is also very suitable, perfect. There is no doubt about the after-sales service of a good wife, and some people definitely choose a good wife.

  15. Anonymous

    I received the clothes rack, but the customer service was okay. The installation person was not on site and encountered a problem with the clothes rack being left unopened. Later, I added an installation technician on WeChat to resolve the issue. I will evaluate it again when I use it in the future, and still give it a good review

  16. Anonymous

    Product function: Intelligent and user-friendly, a remote control can control poles A and B separately, and can also control lifting and lowering simultaneously. Appearance Material: Beautiful, elegant, delicate, and exquisite, leading the modern decoration aesthetic. Product quality: Good quality, easy to control, and trustworthy brand quality.

  17. Anonymous

    The quality of the clothes hanger for the good wife is undeniable, and the brand is trustworthy. The installation master said that the good wife has never encountered any after-sales maintenance problems. The installation master is particularly commendable, professional and enthusiastic. The key is that I am in a hurry to work, and they help install it after work

  18. Anonymous

    The clothes hanger received a very good texture, and the whole family was very satisfied. With it, the appearance of the entire balcony has been greatly improved. Not only that, but also the sun exposure is super large, the quality is also great, and the installation is quite simple to follow the steps. It is very smooth and easy to use, and it runs smoothly without any problems. It is easy to use and looks good!

  19. Anonymous

    The product is very good. The installer squeezed out time for me to come and install it. He was afraid of delaying my ceiling. After arriving at my house, he was very professional and asked how much size the cabinet layout should leave. He also avoided a lot of trouble for my family, especially my curtain box occupies a part of the balcony top. The size of 2 rods is not reasonable for my family. Later, I negotiated with the carpenter and finally installed a satisfactory position. I am very grateful to the master. I met the right person and I am not afraid of problems. The master said that the quality of the good wife can be trusted. She has installed so many brands and you get what you pay for. ~

  20. Anonymous

    Hurry to buy it for installation, please note that if you want it to be flush with the ceiling, you still need to install it first and then the ceiling. The installation master said that I bought the latest and thinnest model. I was afraid it would affect the ceiling height, but it was actually okay. It was not very low, and the master bedroom balcony was changed from 2.4 meters to 2 meters. Fortunately, the installation master reminded me to leave the width of the cabinet door open, otherwise I would have to fight with the cabinet door. After installing it, the carpenter said that the light strip was really bright and directly cancelled the spotlights on my balcony. They were all lucky and met two good masters.

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