Mr. Bang M17A Electric Clothes Hanger Remote Control Lift


Mr. Bang M17 Electric Clothes Hanger Intelligent Invisible Remote Control Lifting Clothes Hanger Balcony Home Automatic Bed Cooling Rod


Mr. Bang M17 Electric Clothes Hanger is an intelligent invisible remote control lifting clothes hanger designed specifically for family balconies. It integrates multiple functions such as electric clothes drying, automatic telescopic, invisible design, intelligent remote control, etc., making it an ideal choice for home drying. This clothes hanger is made of high-quality materials and has a simple and fashionable appearance, which can adapt to various balcony environments. Its intelligent remote control design makes operation more convenient and fast, with one click control for easy clothes drying. In addition, it also has an automatic drying function, which can quickly dry clothes, saving time and energy. It is a practical, beautiful, and convenient automatic cooling rod for household use.

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Mr. Bond

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Chinese mainland


Zhejiang Province

Main material

Aluminum Alloy

Hanger type

Electric clothes drying rack

Additional features

Electric control lifting and lowering

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M17A white+Athens silver+support for Mijia

19 reviews for Mr. Bang M17A Electric Clothes Hanger Remote Control Lift

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Good product quality and skilled installation technicians

  3. Anonymous

    The product is great, with a high appearance and good quality

  4. Anonymous

    The installer is meticulous and meticulous, and the product is very beautiful

  5. Anonymous

    The installation master is diligent and responsible, and communication is smooth.

  6. Anonymous

    Timely on-site installation is completed, and the installation effect is satisfactory

  7. Anonymous

    The clothes hanger looks great, and the installation master is meticulous and easy to use

  8. Anonymous

    Mr. Bang’s installation master is very professional and the service is in place! Satisfied

  9. Anonymous

    The master came to the door promptly, installed professionally, and had a very good service attitude

  10. Anonymous

    Highly valued, the installation master is quick to work, and communication is also very smooth. Highly praised!

  11. Anonymous

    The product is very beautiful and minimalist. The after-sales service is very up to standard, and the technician installed it very carefully

  12. Anonymous

    The installer was very attentive, putting all the ash from the holes into the bag, packing it and taking it away. The product was tested and received good reviews

  13. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, and the installation is good. The original installed light is off center and has an extra hole. You can make up for it when the time comes.

  14. Anonymous

    Product Function: Complete Functionality, Appearance Material: Perfect Fit to Natural Wood Cream Wind, Product Quality: Good Quality, Delivery and Logistics Service, Diligent Installation Master, and Adequate Service.

  15. Anonymous

    The customer service attitude is good, the store ships quickly, the installation technician answers questions and does things quickly and well, the clothes hanger is beautiful, generous, and practical, and the shopping experience is excellent

  16. Anonymous

    Product Function: Simple buttons, easy to operate. Appearance Material: Silver white, simple and atmospheric, large lighting area, and large drying space. Practical Product Quality: Good quality, patiently and carefully recommended by installers, trustworthy

  17. Anonymous

    The installation master came to my house very quickly and had a very good service attitude. I like the installation effect very much. He also patiently explained after the installation. I am very satisfied with the overall service. Mr. Bang has good after-sales service and the service is guaranteed. Thumbs up!

  18. Anonymous

    The product looks particularly beautiful and lightweight, making it easy to use. Debang Logistics delivered goods to your doorstep on time and received praise from the delivery master. The installation master installed it quickly and well, and even taught how to use it after installation, which was highly praised~

  19. Anonymous

    Product function: Very good function. Appearance material: White is very beautiful. Product quality: Good quality. Upon receiving it, I immediately opened it and took a look. It is very good, with excellent quality and high aesthetic value? Recommendation: Good friend, Mr. Liu from Jinfu comes to your door on time, has a professional installation, and a good service attitude. The installation master is fast, professional, efficient, and has a good attitude. The clothes hanger is convenient to use.

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