Rielte foam shield intelligent toilet F1p


Rearte intelligent toilet without water pressure limit foam shield household all-in-one electric instant electric toilet F1P


The foam shield household all-in-one electric instant electric toilet F1P is a fully functional intelligent toilet. It uses advanced foam shield technology, which can easily cope with water pressure regardless of the size. In addition, it is equipped with electric instant heating technology to maintain a constant water temperature and provide a comfortable user experience. The integrated design makes the toilet more beautiful and elegant, while also making it easier to clean. F1P also has multiple other practical functions, such as an electric toilet, providing users with a convenient and comfortable user experience. No matter where you are at home, it is an ideal choice for home life.

Additional information






Xiamen City




Chinese mainland


Fujian Province

Toilet flushing volume


load bearing

70kg and above

Water efficiency level

Level 2

Is the cover plate buffered


Does it include remote control


Toilet drainage method

Ground drainage

Toilet flushing method

Electric assisted

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Same city service

Same city logistics for door-to-door delivery

Additional features

Antibacterial seat ring, i.e. hot night light, seat ring, heating, flushing, water pressure regulation, off seat flushing, booster pump, nozzle, self-cleaning, no water pressure limitation, foam shield, hip cleaning, drying, female cleaning, regulation, heating, remote control, automatic deodorization, nozzle, mobile cleaning, foot feeling, flushing, water temperature regulation, power off, flushing, heating, water temperature regulation

sort by color

F1P (built-in foam shield+no water pressure limit+foot feel flush)

minimum pit distance

305mm, 400mm

20 reviews for Rielte foam shield intelligent toilet F1p

  1. Anonymous

    The product quality is good, the installation is fast and the service is in place. Thank you very much

  2. Anonymous

    Master Lin is particularly good at installing, and the sound of flushing the toilet is also very light

  3. Anonymous

    The toilet is very good, the function is very good, and the shop owner is very patient and satisfied with a shopping experience

  4. Anonymous

    The toilet and my home are really well suited for their high aesthetic value. I hope to be more satisfied after moving in.

  5. Anonymous

    Very satisfied, the logistics awesome, the installation was timely, the customer service staff were also very patient, and patiently answered all problems

  6. Anonymous

    Finally, the toilet has been installed and the decoration is coming to an end! The master is very good. The foam shield foams normally. I feel very good now!

  7. Anonymous

    The goods I bought in the live broadcast room have arrived. The texture is great, the flushing is smooth, and the installation technician is also very dedicated

  8. Anonymous

    Smart function: Not bad, it’s not cold in winter, it’s convenient for parents to use, and it’s very cost-effective! The customer service is very good! Answer patiently!

  9. Anonymous

    The appearance of the toilet is simple and atmospheric, the installation workers provide excellent service, the remote control is simple and clear, and the water is flushed clean

  10. Anonymous

    The quality is good, and the user experience is also quite good, especially the after-sales service is unbeatable. Any problems during the installation process can be solved quickly.

  11. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: The special intelligence really improves the quality of life! Design style: The appearance is also too high, it looks great when placed at home! The excellent customer service is also very good!

  12. Anonymous

    The toilet is good, and the on-site technician is particularly responsible and meticulous. The customer service representative Hua Hua is also very patient in answering questions, with high efficiency and positive feedback

  13. Anonymous

    The goods have been received, recommended by a friend, and used well. The logistics are much faster than expected, and the installation technician is also very responsible. They even came to install the rice at around 6 pm.

  14. Anonymous

    The toilet is very good, of good quality and good-looking.Being planted by a neighbor, Rielite gave it a try. Unexpectedly, it was quite good. The customer service Xiaohong was also very professional. I gave Rielite a thumbs up.

  15. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: Good intelligent function, with many functions. Effluent force: large outflow force. Material and workmanship: good workmanship. Customer service, flower service, and attitude are also very good and patient

  16. Anonymous

    I received the toilet in just one day, and the delivery speed was very fast. It has already been installed, and the efficiency is really high. The customer service of Lamei is also very good, answering every question and responding quickly

  17. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: good water discharge force: good workmanship: good design style: new, young people like it very much. The customer service is very good and answers all questions. I bought it in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room! Recommended

  18. Anonymous

    Toilet?? Installed and used~The experience is very good, and the remote control is simple and clear. The toilet has a beautiful appearance online, and it is recommended to purchase. The customer service is excellent and the flower answer is also very patient.

  19. Anonymous

    The toilet has a good appearance and the installer is also very skilled. After using it for a period of time, the flushing water pressure and position can be adjusted by themselves, and the sensing is also relatively sensitive. Customer service representative Mi is very patient and can patiently wait for a response to resolve any issues. Positive reviews.

  20. Anonymous

    Intelligent functions: This toilet basically covers all the functions that smart toilets should have on the market. Water output and flushing power: Since my home has just been renovated and the water pressure has not been increased, I will check with customer service after use. They are very enthusiastic and they answered my questions as soon as I asked if they were useful

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