2023 Upgraded Goodwife Invisible Hidden Clothes Rack


Good Madam, Invisible Electric Clothes Hanger, Balcony Hidden, Automatic Intelligent Lifting, Thin Embedding, Hidden Clothes Hanger




The Good Wife Invisible Electric Drying Rack is a thin embedded automatic intelligent lifting drying rack with an invisible design. It can be embedded in the balcony or hidden in the wall, saving space and beautiful. It uses electric lifting technology to easily realize functions such as drying clothes and quilts. It also has intelligent control functions and can be remotely operated, which is convenient and fast. In addition, the drying rack also has a variety of safety protection measures to ensure safe use. The Good Wife Invisible Electric Drying Rack is an ideal choice for home drying.


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Guangzhou City

Main material



HOTATA/Good Madam


Chinese mainland

Price range

1400-1700 yuan


Guangdong Province

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Hanger type

Electric clothes drying rack

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Connected to Tmall Genie

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[D-3281] White+intelligent control upgrade+large screen lighting+4 horizontal bars with 4 rows of clamps+free installation, [D-3281+20 aluminum hangers] White color+intelligent control upgrade+large screen lighting+4 horizontal bars with 4 rows of clips, [D-3280] Deep space gray+intelligent control upgrade+large screen lighting+4 horizontal bars with 4 rows of clamps+free installation, [D-3280+20 aluminum hangers] Deep space gray+intelligent control upgrade+large screen lighting+4 horizontal bars with 4 rows of clips

20 reviews for 2023 Upgraded Goodwife Invisible Hidden Clothes Rack

  1. Anonymous

    The installation is done and the master is very careful. I look forward to using it after moving in

  2. Anonymous

    Product Function: Very Practical Appearance Material: Extremely Beautiful Product Quality: Brand Thing Needless to Say

  3. Anonymous

    The product is very thin, just right embedded, does not take up space, is beautiful and atmospheric, and the operation is also very simple

  4. Anonymous

    It is very convenient to use. Clothes and quilts can be dried at the same time, which is what I want. It has enough clothes for the whole family and looks good too!

  5. Anonymous

    Product function: very sensitive lifting. Appearance material: very good material, full of texture. Product quality: light lifting, full of technology, good quality as always.

  6. Anonymous

    The product feels good. There is a slight motor noise when lifting and lowering, but it does stop when encountering obstacles. The quality of the good lady is still trustworthy

  7. Anonymous

    This clothes hanger has complete functions, a grand appearance, and reliable materials. I am very satisfied with it. The quality of the good lady is trustworthy. Great thumbs up!!!

  8. Anonymous

    The clothes hanger is installed. It rises easily without any lag. The light is bright and soft. The installation service is also very good. Big brands are different and worth buying.

  9. Anonymous

    Product function: Very user-friendly. Appearance material: High aesthetic value. Product quality: Good quality. The product rises and falls steadily. Buying during the event is very affordable

  10. Anonymous

    The beauty is very high. It is especially hidden in our home. There is no noise when lifting and lowering. It is super awesome and cost-effective. It is a must for home life! Friends in need, hurry up and buy.

  11. Anonymous

    The appearance of the product is still very textured, with many accessories, making installation very troublesome. The installer took hours to assemble it, and this feature is still single. Looking forward to the user experience

  12. Anonymous

    Product features: The functionality is quite good, with high practicality. Looking forward to using it. Appearance Material: The appearance is pretty good, quite tall and upscale. Product quality: Good quality, looking forward to actual use

  13. Anonymous

    Exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, complete functions, high cost performance. I bought a Haotai Tai clothes drying rack seven years ago, and this year I bought a clothes drying rack. I didn’t look at other brands and went straight to Haotai Tai.

  14. Anonymous

    I have already made an appointment for installation and received a positive review first. It looks very high-end and the service attitude is also very good. Thank you to customer service representative Jiani for your patience and excellent answers. It is truly a big brand and trustworthy!!

  15. Anonymous

    Good Madam, the invisible electric clothes drying rack is hidden on the balcony. The automatic intelligent lifting thin embedded concealed clothes drying rack is really good! I have not checked into my new home yet. I hope you will be very satisfied with the usage process after checking in.

  16. Anonymous

    Big brands are still very trustworthy, with a good customer service attitude, timely installation by technicians, fast installation speed, simple operation of clothes hangers. I had a good impression of this model a long time ago, reserved slots according to size, and recommended everyone to purchase it

  17. Anonymous

    Product Function: Good Madam Clothes Hanger has a very comprehensive function, which can illuminate and automatically sense the lifting. Appearance Material: The quality is very good, it can hold a lot of clothes, and there are also blankets. Product Quality: atmospheric, high-end, high-quality, very suitable!

  18. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: Really good, I like it very much, the color is not pale, it matches my diamond-shaped white wall very well, and the ultra-thin ceiling does not have much presence. The lifting and lowering sound is not loud. I haven’t started using it yet, so I don’t know how it can bear weight, but in terms of appearance, it’s fine.

  19. Anonymous

    Product features: Extremely comprehensive. Appearance and material: The appearance looks very textured, and there is no ambiguity in the areas where materials are needed. Currently, this clothes hanger is definitely worth the money. Product quality: Good lady, old brand, with peace of mind, and the installation master is extremely responsible. The technology is in place, and there are no additional charges. Transparent service.

  20. Anonymous

    First of all, let me talk about the color. I bought the white one and I think it’s very good. I looked at a lot of houses with rose gold or gray ones, which don’t look as clean and elegant as white. And most washing machines are gray. But it depends on the combination of your own house. You can’t go wrong with white. The price is also very favorable. You can make an appointment in advance and wait for delivery when you need it. Finally, let me talk about the usage. We used Haotai Tai at home before, so this time we chose this one without hesitation. It is very convenient to use. The remote control and voice can be used. The humanized design makes the lifting and lowering very stable. I have a video here and you can take a look

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