LG Heavy Duty New Product 439L French Multi door Refrigerator


LG White French Multi door Refrigerator Small 439L Variable Temperature Preservation Ultra Thin Micro Embedded Ice Making Refrigerator 13B


The nLG White French Multi door Refrigerator Small 439L is an exquisite small refrigerator designed specifically for modern households. This refrigerator adopts an advanced French multi door design, making full use of space and allowing you to store more food and drinks. Its ultra-thin design allows it to easily blend into your home environment, achieving a micro embedding effect that is both beautiful and practical. The refrigerator has a powerful preservation function and is equipped with variable temperature preservation technology, which can adjust the temperature according to your needs to maintain the freshness of food. In addition, this refrigerator also has multiple cooling modes to meet your different storage needs. In addition to its powerful preservation function, the LG White French Multi door Refrigerator Small 439L is also equipped with an ice making function, allowing you to make ice cubes at any time and add more flavor to your drinks. Meanwhile, its intelligent control system allows you to easily manage the temperature and humidity of your refrigerator, making it more efficient and energy-efficient. In short, the LG White French Multi door Refrigerator Small 439L is a beautifully designed and fully functional refrigerator that can meet the needs of small families. It will become an indispensable part of your family, bringing convenience and comfort to your life.

Additional information











net weight


gross weight


maximum volume


total capacity



Chinese mainland


French multi door


Jiangsu Province

time to market

March 2023

warranty period

12 months

Package Size


Freezing chamber volume


power consumption


Frequency conversion or not


circulatory system

single cycle

LG refrigerator model


Refrigeration method

air cooling

Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Panel type

PCM color coated plate

Limit of stacking layers

3 layers

Refrigeration chamber volume


Reserved installation width


Box door structure

Multi door style

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Total capacity range

401-500 liters

Brand of refrigerator and freezer


Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Refrigerator and freezer models


After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Width x depth (thickness) x height


Refrigeration control system

Computer temperature control

Energy efficiency filing number


Distance between heat dissipation edges on both sides

Normal (5cm ≤ margin)

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and ten billion seven hundred and one million five hundred and twelve thousand three hundred and five

sort by color

cream white, Starlight silver

19 reviews for LG Heavy Duty New Product 439L French Multi door Refrigerator

  1. Anonymous

    Large capacity and high appearance.

  2. Anonymous

    Large capacity and high cost-effectiveness~

  3. Anonymous

    The refrigerator is very good-looking, has a large capacity, and is very good.

  4. Anonymous

    The refrigerator looks great! It looks great! It’s also pretty good and quiet!

  5. Anonymous

    There is no elevator on the third floor, and the master is delivering goods upstairs

  6. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with the goods received and looking forward to their installation

  7. Anonymous

    The refrigerator has a good appearance, a large space capacity, and a discounted price

  8. Anonymous

    The refrigerator is very easy to use. It saves electricity and is quiet. Very good. Very good.

  9. Anonymous

    The running sound is very loud, and the previous LG refrigerator did not have this phenomenon at all.

  10. Anonymous

    The appearance is simple and atmospheric, with very low sound during operation and reasonable zoning. Small footprint, not bad

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    I decided to buy this one after choosing it for a long time. It has a beautiful appearance, no noise, freezes quickly, and has a good preservation effect

  13. Anonymous

    The product is not only expensive, but also has no problems. Korean refrigerators have good quality, small odor, and large capacity. We will come back next time

  14. Anonymous

    The white refrigerator is really beautiful, just the right size, it took a long time to choose. And the price is beautiful, and the cost-effectiveness is really high. 618 charge is right

  15. Anonymous

    The appearance is okay anyway, and the evaluation is also good. Now wait for the experience of the refrigerator after moving in. Trust the LG brand. Antibacterial and fresh-keeping effects:

  16. Anonymous

    The delivery of refrigerators is quite fast, and people really like them when buying them for the elderly. They have always been a fan of LG, and they buy household appliances from their home

  17. Anonymous

    The refrigerator has a low sound, a large capacity, and a reasonable upper and lower partition; Intelligent control, temperature regulation, and other functions are convenient to use; The antibacterial and fresh-keeping effects are quite good

  18. Anonymous

    This refrigerator is very suitable for small apartments and is very quiet. Capacity size: Large capacity, antibacterial and fresh-keeping effect: There is a vegetable and fruit fresh-keeping room with several zones. Intelligent frequency conversion capability: Frequency conversion

  19. Anonymous

    The refrigerator at home is broken. I measured the size. Judging from the parameters, brand, and appearance, this new LG model just fits. It was delivered the next day after placing the order. The appearance is relatively good. After waiting for a few hours, the running sound is very small, which is the same as before. The sound of the small refrigerator is about the same. This refrigerator is more than enough for our family of three. I will add the others after a while. Thank you customer service for your patient answer. Like??

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