[Limited time flash sale] Cream style retro small refrigerator


Magictec Vintage Refrigerator Double Door Home Living Room Cream Wind Small Refrigerated Frozen High Beauty Cute Refrigerator


Magictec Retro Refrigerator is a stylish two door household refrigerator suitable for small living rooms. It adopts a cream style design, simple and fashionable, which can meet the needs of refrigeration and freezing. This refrigerator adopts advanced refrigeration technology, which has the characteristics of efficient refrigeration and energy conservation, and can maintain the freshness and taste of food. In addition, it also features a miniaturized design with a small footprint, making it convenient to place in the living room. The appearance design of this refrigerator is also very cute, which can add a retro and fashionable atmosphere to your home. Whether you are pursuing a high-quality lifestyle or liking a fresh and refreshing style, Magictec retro refrigerator is your best choice.


Additional information






Magic tec

net weight


gross weight


maximum volume


total capacity



steel plate

time to market



Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months

Freezing chamber volume


power consumption


Box door structure

double door

Frequency conversion or not


Panel type

PCM color coated plate

Refrigeration chamber volume


Refrigeration method

Directly cold

Total capacity range

161-180 liters

Energy efficiency rating

Level three

Refrigerator and freezer models


Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Width x depth (thickness) x height



Hefei Meike Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd

Refrigeration control system

Mechanical temperature control

Same city service

Same city logistics for door-to-door delivery

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Cheese white [in stock quick release], Retro Red [spot quick release], Cheese White [Ready to Ship], Retro red

18 reviews for [Limited time flash sale] Cream style retro small refrigerator

  1. Anonymous

    Actually very average

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    No doubt it looks good, the machine will take some time to see

  4. Anonymous

    High appearance, good cooling effect, and high cost-effectiveness

  5. Anonymous

    I haven’t used it yet after I received it. It looks very good. I will review it after using it for a while.

  6. Anonymous

    The refrigerator was received very beautifully! The wooden frame is very thick and the refrigerator did not have any bumps.

  7. Anonymous

    Super like, looks online! I am very satisfied with the small size, large capacity, and air-cooled design, which will not frost.

  8. Anonymous

    The wooden frame dismantled downstairs, the master helped to open the box and inspect the goods upon arrival, and I really like this style.

  9. Anonymous

    The cream color is very retro, and there is a scratch that the after-sales service helped to handle, but there is no sound. The rest is okay

  10. Anonymous

    Selected according to my size, the master is very helpful in unpacking and putting it in. The milky white color complements my kitchen very well.

  11. Anonymous

    Very nice, very retro, exactly what I wanted.The seller’s service is also very good, and it fits perfectly in this corner of the kitchen.worth buying

  12. Anonymous

    I really like the red color, the more I look at it, the more I like it. I unpacked and checked it in person without any bumps, and the service attitude was very good.

  13. Anonymous

    At first glance, I saw the refrigerator and was very satisfied with it. Beauty is self-evident, it is relatively compact and particularly suitable for small apartments.

  14. Anonymous

    A very, very beautiful retro refrigerator, but the only downside is that the film on the refrigerator is too difficult to tear off. I hope you can consider adjusting it.

  15. Anonymous

    It matches well with the white cabinets at home, but there was a problem when I received the goods. The seller quickly dealt with it and I look forward to the effect after use.

  16. Anonymous

    The capacity is not small, and the partition space is large. The milky white color looks good and is suitable for my home decoration. It runs very smoothly with almost no sound!

  17. Anonymous

    Cream style, the color is very warm, the feet of the refrigerator will not be adjusted after receiving the goods, the customer service sent me a video, and the reserved placement is also very suitable.

  18. Anonymous

    After comparing numerous options, this layout is the most reasonable. The refrigeration capacity is large enough. There is also a set of refrigerators that I really like posted on the road. Come back to review and share them when you arrive

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