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DOCO makeup mirror is a portable LED beauty mirror suitable for desktop dressing tables. It is equipped with an adjustable brightness LED light, providing users with a clear and bright mirror image. In addition, it also comes with fill lights, suitable for various lighting environments, helping you better see your makeup. This mirror also features a desktop design, making it convenient for you to use anywhere, such as in a suitcase, bathroom, etc. In addition, it also has a variety of colors to choose from, meeting your personalized needs. This makeup mirror is an essential tool for your travel, work, or daily life. DOCO makeup mirrors are your ideal portable beauty solution.

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Little White Mirror Standard Edition, Little White Mirror (Comes with Hair Hoops and Makeup Eggs), Sunglasses Pro Edition Sakura Powder, Sunlight Mirror Pro Mint Green, Folding Mirror – Peach Powder, Folding Mirror – Cloud White

20 reviews for Xiaomi Youpin portable LED makeup mirror

  1. Anonymous

    Functional effect: The three gear adjustment is very useful. Product quality: The quality is very good

  2. Anonymous

    The mirror looks very clear~Mint green color is small and fresh?? A very cute mirror suitable for makeup

  3. Anonymous

    I really like this makeup mirror, it’s very clear, has an aperture, and the brightness is just right. It’s worth recommending!

  4. Anonymous

    The photo is really clear! And I really like the color! The mint green is so refreshing! I can’t do my makeup without it anymore

  5. Anonymous

    The mirror is very good, the mint green color is very fresh, and the three types of lighting meet different needs. I really like it!

  6. Anonymous

    The small mirror has a high aesthetic value. It has been used for a week and feels good. The lighting is not harsh and the light is very clear.

  7. Anonymous

    Very pink makeup mirror, the color looks good, the mirror is very clear, the makeup looks very clear, I like it~The customer service attitude is also very good~~

  8. Anonymous

    A relatively lightweight makeup mirror with a high aesthetic value and decent lighting. It can also be infinitely dimmable, which is enough for my daughter to wear

  9. Anonymous

    It looks great and is easy to use. It’s not too big or too small and fits perfectly on the dressing table. My makeup becomes more refined after using this mirror. I like it.

  10. Anonymous

    It has three settings and can be used as a night light at night. It’s really good, and it looks good. It also has a small portable mirror on the back. It’s super cute. I like it very much. Haha

  11. Anonymous

    Functional effect: The product has been received and customer service is very nice. The mirror is equipped with shock-absorbing measures. The item is intact. The mirror is very clear and flawless.

  12. Anonymous

    The quality of the mirror is very good, it looks very clear, and there are three levels of lighting that can be adjusted. It is very convenient to apply makeup, and the color is also beautiful. I really like it

  13. Anonymous

    Functional effect: three-color lights, and each color can be dimmed and brightened.It’s really good!!! I bought it for 30 each from pdd. The shape of my face is distorted and the color is very ugly.This one is really good.The texture of the mirror is also great!!

  14. Anonymous

    The desktop mirror I bought is of the best quality. The disc at the bottom can be used as a lot of things. It doesn’t take up much space on the table. It’s beautiful and beautiful. It has three-way light adjustment and the reflection in the mirror won’t be deformed. Really. very nice

  15. Anonymous

    A reliable mirror of my dream, with a super large and ultra clear surface. The flaws on my face can be clearly seen! After using it, you will know that it is really different from ordinary mirrors. From the mirror surface, you can see that your face is three-dimensional rather than flat~I really like it!!

  16. Anonymous

    The cost-effectiveness is still very high, the operation is very simple, it can be dark or bright, the lighting is natural, and the battery life is long after each charge. The back light also has a charging prompt. The customer service is always very patient in answering my operational questions, and the service is very nice

  17. Anonymous

    The color of the mirror is very fresh, and the three color light is adjustable, clear and natural. The overall stability is also very good, and the texture is also good. The base can also hold things, with high cost-effectiveness. Recommended! In addition, they also gave away beauty eggs and hairbands, received positive reviews??

  18. Anonymous

    High appearance, easy to use, not too big or too small, just right on the dressing table. After using this mirror for makeup, it has become more exquisite. I like it, there are three color temperatures, touch screen switch, and focus on taking photos and adding light! Completely non fake, realistic and natural, it can even be used as a night light to make it even more dazzling, with excellent brightness!

  19. Anonymous

    If you also like pink makeup mirrors~ You can take a look at it, it’s pink and tender!! Regretting not having it earlier -???? (??)- There are three levels of light sources, and the intensity of the light can be adjusted. Normally, when I make up in the dormitory, I prefer to use natural light for makeup, and I am becoming more and more proficient! Hehe, and it’s a gift that can be taken for just over a hundred yuan???

  20. Anonymous

    1. ‘The magnification effect of the makeup mirror is very good, showing every detail in detail, making makeup more precise. It is an indispensable item on my makeup table.’ 2. ‘The LED lighting design of this makeup mirror is very thoughtful, providing bright and soft light, allowing me to complete exquisite makeup under any lighting conditions.’ 3. ‘I bought this makeup mirror and found that it can not only magnify and observe details, but also provide good lighting. It is a good helper that I must use every day for makeup.’ 4. ‘The rotating design of the makeup mirror is very convenient. I can adjust the angle at will, and the mirror surface is clear, which allows me to easily complete various makeup looks. I am very satisfied.’ 5. ‘This makeup mirror has a very good texture, the mirror surface is clear and there are no dead spots, and the LED light is bright and soft. It is a high-quality makeup tool and is highly recommended.’

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