Tiannuoya Automatic Shoe Cover Machine New Dragging Style


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The fully automatic disposable shoe cover machine is a new type of pull-type household and commercial equipment, specially designed for quick replacement and wearing of shoe covers.This machine adopts a fully automatic foot-stepping method, which is convenient and fast, greatly improving work efficiency.Its new factory design has a simple and elegant appearance, easy-to-understand operation, and is suitable for various occasions.Disposable shoe cover machine and fully automatic foot cover machine are suitable for various environments, such as hospitals, laboratories, food processing plants, offices and other places that need to be kept clean.Whether it is for home or commercial use, it is your ideal choice.

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Chinese mainland


Shandong Province

Season of listing year

Autumn 2017

Item number

Pulling shoe cover machine

shell material

ABS engineering plastics

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Excellent version with armrest [silver], Excellent version with armrest [gold], Enhanced version with armrest [silver], Enhanced version with armrest [red], Upgraded version, Regular version (50 capacity), White regular version (50 capacity)

shoe cover capacity

Delivery of 200 plastic shoe covers, Delivery of 100 non-woven shoe covers

20 reviews for Tiannuoya Automatic Shoe Cover Machine New Dragging Style

  1. Anonymous

    It’s pretty good, just what the factory needs.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t know if it’s okay to buy it for a friend.

  3. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, and the effect is good when used

  4. Anonymous

    Not easy to use, shoe covers not easy to fit, customer service ignored.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s great. It’s a pity that I bought a bigger one. I’ll buy a smaller one.

  6. Anonymous

    Baby received it, the quality is quite good, very practical, good, very satisfied

  7. Anonymous

    The quality of the product is very good, high-end and upscale, but it is a bit expensive

  8. Anonymous

    Fast delivery, good quality, satisfied, recommended friends to come, good things worth sharing

  9. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The workmanship is very exquisite, and the things are also very good! Worth buying!

  10. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Too poor to use, workmanship quality: rough, practical performance: not usable, shelved

  11. Anonymous

    The product is not easy to use, the shoe covers cannot be pressed on, and the customer service is not good.

  12. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Good workmanship quality: Good practicality performance: Good product material: Good appearance: Good

  13. Anonymous

    The shoe cover machine is tall and stylish, very user-friendly, and has a beautiful appearance. The customer service is also very responsible and will repurchase it. Wishing the store a prosperous business!

  14. Anonymous

    The baby was received. The quality is very good. It also comes with plastic shoe covers, which is much more convenient. I don’t have to bend down to take off my shoes or change shoes. I like it very much.worth buying.

  15. Anonymous

    The excellent version purchased is easy and convenient for customers or outsiders to use in the workshop. It has a transparent cover and can clearly understand the quantity of shoe covers inside. If needed, it will be repurchased.

  16. Anonymous

    The quality of the machine is very good. The shoe covers are installed with the poles and SF slides. It is simple and is really convenient to put in the studio.I like this color very much. I tried about 20 shoe covers on the test machine. They came out very smoothly without any lag. They are pretty good.

  17. Anonymous

    The goods arrived quickly, and upon opening, they appeared to be of good quality with good packaging and no signs of damage. The fixed shoe cover is quite convenient and simple to operate according to the manual. After trying it out, it fits well on the feet without dragging, smooth and easy to use, and it is also quite atmospheric. It is a must-have in our workshop. Easy and easy to install

  18. Anonymous

    It is easy to use and install. After using it for a while, it has the same effect as described by the merchant, and it is very smooth.It feels good and convenient. You don’t have to throw your shoes everywhere. When guests come, you just step on them and a shoe cover will come out automatically. You no longer have to worry about running out of slippers. The shoe cover capacity is still full. The design is very reasonable and practical. It is very convenient to use and easy to install. The customer service attitude is also very enthusiastic.

  19. Anonymous

    The seller shipped the goods very quickly. I received it so quickly. The quality of the machine is very good. I tried it with about twenty shoe covers. I put my foot there and just pull it back. It is very convenient. It is very easy to take out the shoe cover. Smooth, without any lag, automatic, no need for electricity, energy saving.It’s pretty good, it doesn’t take up much space, and it’s easy to move around. It’s used by the company, and leaders often come to inspect it. I bought it specially. The overall performance is very high, and the price for buying it during events is very affordable.

  20. Anonymous

    The machine has been in use for a few days, and the shoe cover machine is convenient. The machine can be placed anywhere without electricity, and it does not take up space when placed at the door. It has strong practicality and a stylish color. The most important thing is that the shoe cover machine runs smoothly, and when the foot steps inside and pulls back, the shoe cover wraps around the foot, which is quite convenient. The shoe covers delivered are also very good, and the thickened ones can be worn for a long time without breaking. Overall, I am very satisfied with the machines. Next time you make a purchase, you will still choose to print this positive review:? let

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