Gun gray piano shower constant temperature digital display screen


New Moju846S Gun Grey Intelligent Digital Display Piano Key Constant Temperature Bath Shower Shower Shower Set All Copper


The new moju846S gun gray intelligent digital display piano key constant temperature shower room set is made of all copper material, with excellent quality. It integrates multiple functions such as showerheads, shower faucets, and shower bottom plugs, bringing you a comfortable and convenient bathing experience. This set adopts advanced constant temperature technology, which does not require frequent adjustment of water temperature, ensuring that the outlet temperature is always constant. The intelligent digital display function allows you to know the water temperature at any time, which is convenient and fast. At the same time, the showerhead in the set adopts exquisite craftsmanship, with delicate and even water output, bringing a shower experience like rain. In terms of appearance, the moju846S shower set adopts a gun gray design, which is simple and atmospheric, complementing various bathroom decoration styles. All copper material is durable and not prone to rusting, ensuring aesthetics and stability under long-term use. Overall, this Moju846S gun gray intelligent digital piano key constant temperature shower room set is not only powerful and stylish in appearance, but also has high-quality durability, making it an ideal choice for your bathroom decoration. Experience this luxurious shower set now and enjoy a comfortable shower time!

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846S [gun gray+constant temperature+digital display], 846S [Bright Moon White+Constant Temperature+Digital Display], 846 [Gun Grey+Cold/Hot] (Countless Display), 846S [Gun Grey+Cold/Hot+Digital Display], 846S [Bright Moon White+Cold/Hot+Digital Display], 846 [Gun gray+constant temperature] (countless displays)

16 reviews for Gun gray piano shower constant temperature digital display screen

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice, very high-end colors

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    The installation master is very skilled, very fast, and has a very good attitude

  4. Anonymous

    This is my second purchase. It is very easy to use and the workmanship is very solid.

  5. Anonymous

    I have received the item, the quality is quite good, the appearance is beautiful, and it matches the style at home very well. It is worth buying

  6. Anonymous

    The things are really good. I have already purchased three and I am very satisfied with customer service and product quality. I will also recommend them to friends!

  7. Anonymous

    The merchant is very patient and arranges skilled workers quickly. The appearance is very good, and the touch feels very textured. We look forward to using it in our new home.

  8. Anonymous

    The gun gray is almost the same color as my shower room, and the texture is really good. There are many adjustable places, and it looks very upscale when placed in the public bathroom.

  9. Anonymous

    Previously, all the renovations were outsourced to the renovation company, but this time I have to worry about it myself. I was planted on Xiaohongshu, and this showerhead is very good!

  10. Anonymous

    I started buying one and it feels good. In addition, I also bought a bathroom and the customer service is very professional. I will answer any questions one by one and look forward to checking in and using it.

  11. Anonymous

    The customer service attitude is very good and they solved my problem professionally.I recommended a shower head with a very suitable size. It’s perfect. The texture of the shower head is very good. I’m so satisfied!

  12. Anonymous

    I have kept it in my shopping cart for a long time. The shower head is very beautiful and full of functions. It has a small nozzle that can be pulled out for easy rinsing. I will buy one first and try it. If the effect is good, I will buy another one.

  13. Anonymous

    Overall, the things are quite good, with a gun gray color that is particularly upscale. The materials used are abundant and particularly heavy. Many copper parts can be seen inside. At that time, there were also many types of water coming out! Overall very satisfied

  14. Anonymous

    I have been collecting shopping carts for a long time. The showerhead has a high appearance value and comprehensive functions. It has a small nozzle that can be pulled out for easy rinsing. First, buy one and try it out. If the effect is good, then buy back another one

  15. Anonymous

    This showerhead has excellent material, diverse water outlet modes, convenient water stop switches, and a pressure boosting effect with even and delicate water flow. It has a weighty feel, which is both beautiful and practical, with high cost-effectiveness. The overall quality is good

  16. Anonymous

    Very high-end, atmospheric and upscale! The installation master also said that holding it in hand is heavy, and it is definitely guaranteed to be authentic! The color of white and my ceramic tiles also match well! The logistics is very fast, and the installation is also very fast, about half an hour!

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