Baby crib multifunctional foldable portable baby


Baby crib multifunctional foldable portable baby 0-3 year old baby bb movable cradle bed with wheels


This baby crib features a multifunctional design that is foldable and easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for newborns. Its design is clever, and the crib part can be folded, making it easy to store and carry. Babies can move freely, and the crib is equipped with wheels, allowing them to enjoy a comfortable sleeping environment anytime, anywhere. In addition, the material of the crib is safe and harmless, with extremely high comfort, which helps the healthy growth of the baby. Whether at home or out, it is a small world for babies, making it convenient for mothers to take care of them at any time. What makes parents feel at ease is that its design and production process follow strict environmental standards, making it a safe choice for babies and parents to use with peace of mind.

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Light gray (mosquito net+mattress+storage frame) comes with 2 spring and autumn urinary pads as a gift, Sky blue (mosquito net+mattress+storage frame) comes with 2 spring and autumn urinary pads as a gift, Pink (mosquito net+mattress+storage frame) comes with 2 urinary pads, Light green (mosquito net+mattress+storage frame) comes with 2 spring and autumn urinary pads as a gift



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20 reviews for Baby crib multifunctional foldable portable baby

  1. Anonymous

    Buyer did not provide a review within 15 days

  2. Anonymous

    Very good, very satisfied in all aspects. The baby also likes to sleep. Like it, like it

  3. Anonymous

    I tried the design myself and it was very reasonable. I provided enough materials. The quality is good.

  4. Anonymous

    The logistics and products are both good, with high cost-effectiveness. The baby also likes to sleep inside

  5. Anonymous

    A baby crib that can be pushed and laid down, with excellent material and high cost-effectiveness, is worth buying.

  6. Anonymous

    The quality is good, and it is also very convenient to collect. It is suitable for carrying when going out, and it is highly praised

  7. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, very sturdy, and the shipment is also fast. We received the goods in two days, and received positive reviews

  8. Anonymous

    The baby crib is very wide, with a fence to prevent falling, and the appearance is good. I bought it in gray, and the fabric quality is good.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s very good. I took it apart and washed it after buying it. There is no smell. It is very convenient to push the cart around in the living room.

  10. Anonymous

    Product function: Suitable for function, appearance, material: quite sturdy. Product quality: Good quality. Once received, it was disassembled and washed, very nice

  11. Anonymous

    Product Function: A particularly good product!!! Appearance Material: This one has no odor and is very good!! Product quality: Quality is also something we can shoulder!! not bad

  12. Anonymous

    I opened it when I received the goods. It’s really good. I think it can be used after three years old. It’s very convenient to put it in the shop and can be put away when not in use.

  13. Anonymous

    The appearance of the car looks good, relatively loose, and the material is decent. It feels odorless and has not been used for the time being. Further evaluation will be provided after use.

  14. Anonymous

    Product quality: The quality is very good and there is no odor. When I received the goods, I opened them and checked them again. The baby will be born in just over a month. I hope the baby will like it.

  15. Anonymous

    It is a good helper for coaxing the baby to sleep. It can push and pull the baby to sleep and place more space. It is wide enough to enlarge the quilt in winter. The whole family thinks it is worth buying.

  16. Anonymous

    Product Function: Very practical, loved by babies in the company, convenient and space saving. Appearance Material: Material is very safe, everyone can rest assured. Product Quality: High cost-effectiveness

  17. Anonymous

    With this rocking cot, the baby talks very well at night, and his hands don’t get sore from holding it during the day. The quality is very good.The color is also good-looking, and mothers in need can buy it.This makes it easier to take care of your baby.

  18. Anonymous

    The quality of the crib is really good. The material is specially chosen, so you don’t have to worry about the smell. The wheels can also be folded up and used as a rocking bed. It is very practical and the size is quite large. It feels like it can be used up to two years old.

  19. Anonymous

    Product quality: The quality is very good. I thought about buying it from the beginning. It’s not expensive anyway. When I came back to see it, I was really surprised. The quality is nothing to say, and it has many functions. It’s really worth the money! I like it. Sisters, feel free to enter!

  20. Anonymous

    Product Function: Powerful, with shaking, and convenient universal wheel push and pull. Appearance Material: The appearance design is very beautiful( ˉ ▽ ˉ)?? Reasonable layout, good outdoor rest for children, and anti mosquito and fly cover. Product quality: Good quality (* ^? ^)???????? Stability?? Friendship.

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