Graphene baseboard electric heater for household use


Graphene baseboard heater for home use, underfloor heating, winter 2023, new energy-saving and energy-saving heating device


Please regularly clean the dust on the equipment and keep the air outlet clean to ensure the best heating effect. Choose this graphene baseboard heater to make winter no longer cold!

Additional information







Line length


Maximum power



Four Seasons Music

warranty period

24 months

heating method

Graphene heating

Net weight (including base)


Power supply mode

Alternating current


Cixi Xianghe Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Additional features

Dumping power outage, other/other voice control

control method

Touch based wireless remote control mechanical knob sound control

3C certificate number

two thousand and nineteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million two hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and four

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0.7 meter mechanical [local heating] suitable for 5-15 square meters, 0.9 meter mechanical [graphene rapid heating] suitable for 15-25 square meters, 0.9 meter remote control [graphene rapid heating] suitable for 15-25 square meters, 0.98 meter mechanical [graphene rapid heating] suitable for 20-30 square meters, 0.98 meter remote control [graphene rapid heating] suitable for 20-30 square meters, 0.98 meter remote control+voice [graphene fast heating] suitable for 20-30 square meters, 1.14 meter mechanical [graphene rapid heating] suitable for 30-40 ㎡, 1.14 meter remote control [graphene rapid heating] suitable for 30-40 square meters, 1.14 meter remote control+voice [graphene fast heating] suitable for 30-40 square meters, 1.2 meters, Remote control, Sky white graphene, Suitable for 25-35 square meters, 1.25 meters, mechanical, vertical wall dual-use, suitable for 25-35 square meters, 1.25 meters, remote control, dual-purpose vertical wall, suitable for 25-35 square meters, 1.25 meters, Mechanical, Vertical wall dual-purpose graphene, Suitable for 30-40 square meters, 1.25 meters, remote control, vertical wall dual-purpose graphene, suitable for 30-40 square meters, 1.25 meters, Remote control+voice, Vertical wall dual-purpose graphene, Suitable for 30-40 square meters, Priority shipping for favorites and purchases

20 reviews for Graphene baseboard electric heater for household use

  1. Anonymous

    The thing is good, it fits well in the room, and it is also very practical. I am very satisfied.

  2. Anonymous

    Warm! The cold has finally cleared up! Make one of them! But remember to connect a separate socket for the power

  3. Anonymous

    After receiving the item, it has been in use for some time and is very needed in winter. After opening it, my small room can be warmed up.

  4. Anonymous

    My mother said it was very warm, the living room was immediately warm and there was no noise, and she asked me to buy a big one?????? It’s like a mobile radiator

  5. Anonymous

    A very good electric heater, and the remote control is also very useful. It is indeed remotely controlled, and I am not afraid of the cold when I wake up in the morning

  6. Anonymous

    I have been using it for a week. It can quickly raise the room temperature and warm it up. It is also very convenient to heat yogurt and fruit on it. I recommend buying it.

  7. Anonymous

    The thing is good, lightweight and flexible. The texture is full and the heating effect is also very fast. The appearance is also very high. I hope it can be used for a longer time

  8. Anonymous

    It took me a long time to evaluate it, and I used it in the office. The boss said it looks very high-end, warm, and heats up quickly. When I put it in first gear, it becomes very warm

  9. Anonymous

    For someone like me who is afraid of the cold, a winter heater is essential. This type of baseboard heater is safe and reliable. It can be placed against the wall and is not dry at night

  10. Anonymous

    Plug in the power and place it in the second gear, immediately feeling warmth. Place it on the ground and let the hot air move upwards. The temperature of the entire environment quickly rose.

  11. Anonymous

    Winter has arrived, why are there so few baseboards? As shown in the picture, the appearance is simple and elegant, the buttons are clear and clear, the power is so high, the room heats up quickly, and the sense of happiness is up!

  12. Anonymous

    I bought it very well during the coldest time in Guangdong, and it heats up quickly with a remote control, making it convenient to operate without leaving the bed. The only problem is that the things have warmed up again when they arrive in Guangdong

  13. Anonymous

    First time using this baseboard heater. Used for drying clothes. Some people also put a small amount of snacks on Xiaohongshu for baking. I tried it very well. Multifunctional belongs to yes. The heating is also quite fast. The small room is just right

  14. Anonymous

    The heating is very fast, and if the bedroom is small, the room will be hot in five minutes. It is lightweight and easy to move, and it is also convenient to carry when moving in the future. The store shipped the goods very quickly and received them the next day.

  15. Anonymous

    Very good skirting board, affordable, very warm, the whole room is warm in a short time after turning it on, 21 degrees do not need to wear clothes, cover with a quilt to sleep warm. This product is really great. It can also warm clothes, freshly washed clothes, dry overnight

  16. Anonymous

    Being planted by a friend heats up quickly, and the room quickly warms up. The rented house does not have heating, and it is also troublesome to turn on the air conditioning. With this, it is very convenient. I can also soothe my clothes and wet the room. This winter is no longer sad.

  17. Anonymous

    First of all, the logistics. I placed the order that afternoon and it was delivered the next day. It was fast. As for the quality, it is excellent. I live in northern Anhui. There is no heating at work. The office is very spacious. I used this skirting board right after it arrived. It is no longer cold. Finally, it is good quality and low price. I will comment on the power consumption after using it for a while. All five points! First choice for repurchase!

  18. Anonymous

    I have been using it for five days and it feels pretty good. The cost-effectiveness is still very high, and it is also very stable to use. The heat is also quite high. First of all, the package is good, the paper shell is also thick, and there is foam filling inside, so the quality of the package is not bad. Second, there is no odor, no noise, and no effect on sleep. Although there is no humidifier, I put a stainless steel box on it. I think the humidification effect is better than that of ordinary humidifiers. Because it is hot water evaporation, you can go to every corner. Ordinary humidifiers only have moisture around the humidifier, and the ground is wet, which is my feeling of this shopping.

  19. Anonymous

    This heater is the most convenient and fastest heating product so far. My family has bought quartz heaters and ceramic heaters. The most exaggerated thing is that the Dyson hot and cold integrated machine given by my son-in-law when we moved to a new house cannot be compared with this one. I have been using it since it arrived at home, and I don’t turn on the air conditioner (because the air conditioner has wind). This one has no wind and is very quiet. You can’t see the red light, but the heat rises quickly. The only thing I don’t know is whether it is a power consumption problem. Now the electric meter is in the electric meter cabinet and I can’t see it. I can only wait until the next month’s electricity bill comes to know.

  20. Anonymous

    I’ve tried it for a while and I’m going to give my review. I don’t like using air conditioning, so I have a quick-heat furnace in every room of my house. I originally bought the old model (I also took photos for comparison) because I know that the so-called quick-heat furnace uses the principle of hot air to circulate and heat the air in the room. The old model has a higher cavity, so the heating effect must be better. I didn’t want to buy this kind of skirting, but my wife thought it looked good, so she had to buy it to compare with the old model. Anyway, it’s only two hundred yuan, so I’ll just treat it as fun. It’s as expected, it looks good. I bought the long one, and when the door is closed, it can only cover a room of about 15 square meters at most. The advertisement says it can cover 30 square meters, but I advise you not to think about it. The physical conditions are limited here, and the law of conservation of energy cannot be broken by appearance. To be honest, I can’t say how the merchants are, because they are also following the market. I can only say that more people care about appearance than effect.

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