French style pearl crystal all copper retro chandelier: selection of lighting fixtures for the bedroom/living room of a medieval American villa


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This French style pearl crystal all copper retro chandelier combines classic elements of medieval American and European styles, making it an ideal choice for villa living rooms and bedrooms. This pendant lamp is made of all copper as the main body, which has been finely polished and polished to present a noble and elegant temperament. Carefully selected pearl crystal bead strings adorn the lamp post, shimmering with charming luster, adding a romantic and luxurious touch to the space. The design of this chandelier is full of retro charm, whether it is the exquisite carving on the lampshade or the retro shape of the lamp post, it makes people feel like they have returned to that era full of art and culture. At the same time, it is also very suitable for modern home styles, able to blend with various decoration styles, adding a unique charm to your home. In terms of functionality, this chandelier provides sufficient lighting to illuminate the entire space, while the sparkling light of its crystal bead string also adds a touch of agility and vitality to the space. In addition, it is equipped with various lamp holders to meet different lighting needs, whether it is reading, working, or leisure entertainment, it can bring you a comfortable lighting environment. Overall, this French style pearl crystal all copper vintage chandelier is an excellent product that combines art, luxury, retro, and practicality. Whether you have a passion for traditional aesthetics or pursue a modern and minimalist style, it is an excellent choice for your home decoration. Take it home quickly and let your home life shine with even more charming brilliance!


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Lamp shape


Number of lamp heads



Chinese mainland

Warranty period

5 years

Number of accessories


Number of light sources




Is it intelligent control


Irradiation area

10 ㎡ -15 ㎡

type of light source

LED lights

Main material of lamp body


Main material of lampshade


Lamp body auxiliary material


Control Type

Non intelligent control

Lampshade auxiliary material


Pendant type

All copper/copper pendant lamp

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Color temperature K value of light source


Does the lighting fixture come with a light source


Same city service

Same city logistics for door-to-door delivery

3C certificate number

two thousand and seventeen trillion and eleven billion one million nine hundred and sixty-five thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine

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All copper 6-head – gourd crystal (with three color light source), All copper 8-head – gourd crystal (with three color light source), All Copper 10 Head – Hulu Crystal (Comes with Three Color Light Source), All copper 8+4 head – gourd crystal (with three color light source), All copper 10+5 head – gourd crystal (with three color light source), All copper 12+6 head – gourd crystal (with three color light source)

18 reviews for French style pearl crystal all copper retro chandelier: selection of lighting fixtures for the bedroom/living room of a medieval American villa

  1. Anonymous

    A very beautiful crystal lamp

  2. Anonymous

    French style, very suitable for

  3. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  4. Anonymous

    The crystal lamp is big and shiny, very beautiful

  5. Anonymous

    It’s OK, but there are many flaws and scratches on the pearls

  6. Anonymous

    It looks really good, the quality is very good, and it looks great when installed

  7. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  8. Anonymous

    The crystal lamp is better than I imagined. After installing it, it looks very high-end and beautiful

  9. Anonymous

    The quality is indeed good, the color is not cheap, and the eight heads are just a bit larger, which is really wonderful

  10. Anonymous

    A six headed dining room and an eight headed living room are particularly well matched, creating a beautiful and luxurious French style

  11. Anonymous

    The super beautiful candle lamp is used in the master bedroom, creating an explosive atmosphere! The quality is very good, strongly recommended

  12. Anonymous

    A stunning crystal lamp that looks good when stir fried chicken. I like it, and the crystal is particularly shiny. The customer service attitude is very good

  13. Anonymous

    It’s really beautiful, the crystal is very translucent, and the light refracted is also very beautiful. This is a crystal lamp that has lasted for a long time.

  14. Anonymous

    The crystal texture is particularly good, and the installation technician who helped to make an appointment with the store is also very professional. I will still buy from this store if needed next time

  15. Anonymous

    This lamp is very beautiful! Crystal and pearls perfectly match, elegant and beautiful, magnificent! Presenting a true artistic beauty together with my artistic ceiling, unparalleled. Perfect and flawless!

  16. Anonymous

    The style is nice and the quality is good. Because I was in a hurry to install it, I didn’t contact the store. I found a local installer. The master said that the quality is quite good. This is the right purchase.

  17. Anonymous

    When decorating a new house, I looked at a lot of them in physical stores but didn’t find anything I liked. I accidentally saw this crystal chandelier in Xiaohongshu and purchased it directly. After installing it, I felt that the combination looked pretty good. Customer service attitude Good, enthusiastic and patient, a very satisfying purchase,

  18. Anonymous

    I saw it from Xiaohongshu and immediately came over to buy it. The actual product is very beautiful, and taking photos cannot produce the desired effect. The material is very good, and the lighting fixtures were purchased online without any dents. However, installation is indeed very time-consuming, but it looks beautiful and worth it after installation. Overall, I am very satisfied!

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