Infant toddler stroller with multiple functions


Manlong learning stroller for babies aged 6 to 18 months, toy walker for babies learning to walk, magical tool for 1-2 years old gift


This Manlong learning stroller is a toy designed specifically for babies aged 6 to 18 months, suitable for helping them learn to walk. It is a multifunctional walking aid that not only facilitates babies to move indoors, but also provides them with a safe learning environment. This stroller is scientifically designed, structurally stable, and easy for babies to grasp, making it safe and reliable to use. It is also a great gift choice for babies aged 1-2, helping them learn to walk happily.

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Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


Applicable age

2 years, 18 months, 12 months

Toy type

Multi functional hand pushed game cart

3C certificate number

two thousand and eighteen trillion and twelve billion two hundred and one million one hundred and fourteen thousand three hundred and fifty-three

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Step stroller – khaki color (comes with a tow rope), Khaki color (with free traction rope)+2M long anti-collision strip+4 anti-collision angles, Khaki color (comes with traction rope)+anti fall cap, The anti-collision strip is 2 meters long

20 reviews for Infant toddler stroller with multiple functions

  1. Anonymous

    Easy to install, no odor, pretty good.

  2. Anonymous

    Received, not bad, the material is very thick

  3. Anonymous

    The walker is so cute, and the baby loves it very much.

  4. Anonymous

    Manlong’s stuff really comes in with closed eyes, looking forward to the baby walking

  5. Anonymous

    Easy to install, the baby can sit on it, and the wheels will not get stuck midway. The child can just have fun??

  6. Anonymous

    The quality of the walker is good, and the price is not expensive. The color is beautiful and children really like it

  7. Anonymous

    The wheels are very smooth and of good quality, and the baby loves to play. Dad seems to have that natural sense of relaxation when taking care of his children??

  8. Anonymous

    Ease of organization: easy to install. Baby features: can sit, learn to walk, and can be stored. Baby likes it very much. After it is installed, he doesn’t want to come out when he sits??

  9. Anonymous

    My daughter just learned how to walk and immediately placed an order. Her appearance and practicality are very good, and the quality is also very good online. My daughter loves to play and likes it

  10. Anonymous

    The quality is very good. The board is thick and the appearance is both beautiful and practical. The main reason is that the logistics are fast. SF Express delivers the goods to your doorstep and praises them

  11. Anonymous

    I received the baby. I was so surprised. The quality is very good and the price/performance ratio is very high. It is beyond my expectation! The main reason is that it looks really good and the photos are very good~

  12. Anonymous

    The walker is so cute. Babies love to play, not only can they push and play, but they can also sit and play. The assembly is simple and stable, and the details of each part of the car are very good. Not bad, not bad.

  13. Anonymous

    Applicable age: 8 months old, babies can sit down now, and as they grow older, they can learn to walk and tidy up. Easy to assemble: very easy. Material introduction: environmentally friendly, no good taste, no burrs

  14. Anonymous

    I really like this walker. The color is nice. When I go out, other children look at me with envy. Hahaha, babies as young as one month old can sit in it and can be supported when they learn to walk. It’s really good~

  15. Anonymous

    I was attracted by the appearance at first glance. This little plane is really good-looking. It has multiple uses in one car. It can store a stroller, a walker, and a tractor?? It’s really good. I’m satisfied with the workmanship.

  16. Anonymous

    I am a loyal user of Manlong! The quality of this walker is super good, it is made of very thick plastic, and the wheels are very smooth when pushed without any jamming! Although there are a lot of parts, it is very easy to assemble!

  17. Anonymous

    My baby has been wanting to stand lately, so I quickly got her into this walker. The baby can stand and stop steadily, and adults can also sit inside and play with ropes. When not in use, they can also store toys, which is very practical!

  18. Anonymous

    The walking bike has been received. Recently, my son started buying the new product, Manlong, while learning to walk. Its appearance is really high and the quality is also very good. My son is very stable and suitable for walking. I am satisfied with the baby~

  19. Anonymous

    Cheche is really cute?? The baby goes to play with Cheche every day when he wakes up.The wheels turn heads when you take them out with you? The wheels also come with safety locks, so if they get stuck, you won’t worry about your baby losing his footing and falling.

  20. Anonymous

    A very attractive toddler stroller, people say I bought it too early, but it not only has the ability to push it by hand, but also allows children to sit inside, pull the traction rope, and take it out for a cool breeze. It can also store small toys inside, which is really good

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