Jiuyang Household Non flipping Large Capacity Air Fry Pot 5L


Jiuyang Air Fry Home 2024 New Large Capacity Electric Fry Official Flagship Store Authentic Visual Oven


Product specifications and instructions
voltage&220V capacity&4L-5L
model&KL50-V518 brand&Joyoung/Jiuyang
City level&Hangzhou City Heating area&Top heating
Warranty period&24 months province&Zhejiang Province
producing area&Chinese Mainland
Procurement location&Chinese Mainland
Type of electric fryer&Non visual fryer
Inner liner material&Non stick inner liner
Intelligent type&Not supporting intelligence
manufacturing enterprise&Hangzhou Jiuyang Household Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd
material quality&PP material/ABS material/aluminum plated plate+food grade non stick coating
Color classification&Flowing Gold 5L+Baking Gift Pack Milk White Milk White+Baking Gift Pack Consultation Customer Service Has Surprise
3C certificate number&two thousand and twenty-three trillion and ten billion seven hundred and twelve million five hundred and twenty-eight thousand two hundred and ninety-eight
Jiuyang air fryer, a new high-capacity household air fryer oven! The 2024 upgrade brings you a healthier and more convenient culinary experience. Adopting high-speed air circulation technology, cooking without oil, easily frying to create a crispy texture. Large capacity design to meet your and your family’s dining needs. Visualization window, the cooking process is clear at a glance, allowing you to keep track of the progress of the food at any time. In addition, it also has multiple preset menus, eliminating the need for complicated operations and easily enjoying the fun of food. Quality assurance, Jiuyang air fryer, a great helper in your home kitchen!

Additional information

color classification

Flowing Gold 5L [Recommended for 1-5 people to use], Flowing Gold 5L+Baking Gift Pack [Set Combination], Milk White 5L [Visual Style], Milk White+Baking Gift Pack 5L [Visual Style], Consulting customer service for surprises [group buying offers discounts]


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