Tongrentang One Black Wash Plant Pure Bubble Hair Dyeing Cream Dyes Hair at Home, Authentic and Non irritating


[Tongrentang One Wash Black] Bubble Hair Dyeing Cream Plant Pure Official Authentic No Stimulus Dyeing Hair at Home


[Tongrentang One Wash Black] Plant pure bubble hair dye cream, safe and non irritating, easy to dye hair at home. Using natural plant ingredients, rich in nutrients, to protect scalp health, making it easy for you to have natural black hair. At the same time, this hair dye cream has rich foam, which is easy to apply and easy to operate. Tongrentang brand guarantee, authentic product guarantee, allowing you to use with confidence. Come and try this natural and healthy hair dye product!

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China mainland

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Basic packaging

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Normal specifications

product name

Hanyi Hair Dyeing Cream (Natural Black)

Manufacturer name

Guangzhou Hanxi Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Name of responsible enterprise

Nanjing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical

Production license number of the manufacturing enterprise

Yue Makeup 20170361

Cosmetic filing number/registration certificate number

Guo Zhuang Te Zi 20222165

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Chocolate color (refundable if not satisfied) official genuine product, Natural black (refundable for dissatisfaction) official genuine product, Black brown (refundable if not satisfied) official genuine product, Chestnut brown (guaranteed return for dissatisfaction) official genuine product, Coffee color (refundable if not satisfied) official genuine product, Brown black (refundable for dissatisfaction) official genuine product

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14 reviews for Tongrentang One Black Wash Plant Pure Bubble Hair Dyeing Cream Dyes Hair at Home, Authentic and Non irritating

  1. Anonymous

    Hair dye is very useful, the color is very straight, there is no color difference, and the color dyed is very natural

  2. Anonymous

    The child is trustworthy and loves this hair dye very much. After using it, it feels very comfortable without any discomfort

  3. Anonymous

    The taste is not pungent, and it is also very convenient to operate. When using it for my mother, it does not irritate the skin, and the dyeing is quite even, covering the white hair.

  4. Anonymous

    Very useful. The previously bleached hair turned yellow and was completely covered in black. The hair dye has a pleasant aroma and does not have that pungent smell. The color is natural and I really like it

  5. Anonymous

    The color is applied quite quickly. After dyeing, the hair looks shiny and not rough, which is quite good. Moreover, the coloring is very even. The previous hair color has been covered, which is very natural and black

  6. Anonymous

    Convenient! Easy to color! It was my first time to dye my hair at home and I was surprised at the effect. It is super easy to operate.It does not stick to the scalp, and the white hair was stained in both tests.The color is uniform and beautiful.

  7. Anonymous

    The goods have been received and the logistics are fast. I immediately used them. The color is applied quickly, the scalp is not itchy, the dyeing is even, the bubbles are rich, the smell is fresh, and the hair is washed smoothly. We will definitely repurchase next time!

  8. Anonymous

    I have been using Bubble Dyeing Pure Plant Shampoo for a few days since I got it back. It is easy to dye my hair and the color goes on quickly. My scalp is not itchy and my hair is smooth after washing. It is shipped very quickly and the packaging is very good. I give it five stars. Good reviews

  9. Anonymous

    When dyeing hair, there is no stimulating odor at all, but it is very fragrant. The usage method is simple, just apply it directly, wait for about 15 minutes to clean, and then the hair will turn black. It looks even better than a hair salon, and even comes with gloves, wrap, and earmuffs. It is very complete

  10. Anonymous

    Hair dyeing is easy, the scalp is not itchy, the bubbles are abundant, the dyeing is very even, and the smell is fresh! This is the second time I bought it. Since I bought the bubble dye, I have never gone to a barber shop to dye my hair again. It is cheap and affordable! Dear friends, Hurry up and place your order! Buy

  11. Anonymous

    This plant-based hair dye is so easy to use! The effect of covering gray hair is satisfactory, it is very convenient to use, and it comes with many accessories.The color is fast and even. The seller is very responsible and a good seller! I often dye my hair. The smell of this product is not pungent. I am very satisfied with the hair dyeing. It is really good.

  12. Anonymous

    I bought it for my mom. The hair dye effect is very good, it covers the skin significantly and does not stick to my hands. The most important thing is that my mom said it does not irritate the skin, does not itch, and is not allergic. The plant-based hair dye formula is gentle and does not irritate, and there is no pungent smell. A bottle of short hair can be used more than ten times without any problem. After using it, buy it and make sure this one is fine

  13. Anonymous

    Baby received it, the effect is really great after use. When using it, squeeze out the cream and rub it with your palm to create micro bubbles. Rub it a few times and it will quickly color. After washing, the hair will turn black without a pungent smell. Satisfied with the smoothness of the hair without knots, it has a high cost performance ratio and is easy to clean when applied to the skin. It is simple and effective, and will continue to be purchased. Sincerely give it a good review.

  14. Anonymous

    The packaging is very good, and the hair conditioner is also included. I am extremely satisfied with it. This bottle can be dyed several times because there is less white hair, so I need to dye my hair regularly. I have used other brands before, but the effect is not as good as this one. I will never buy another brand again, so I will buy this one. The cost performance is also high. I am very satisfied with the color dyed this time, which is very natural and even better than the one I bought before,

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