[Package Installation] Haishi Bao Eye Protection Ceiling Light


Haishibao children’s room eye protection ceiling lamp full spectrum bedroom study classroom lamp high brightness round lamp AH33-T


Haishibao children’s room eye-protecting ceiling lamp full-spectrum bedroom study classroom lamp high-bright round lamp AH33-T is a high-bright ceiling lamp specially designed for children’s rooms.This lamp adopts a round design, which is exquisite and beautiful, and can be perfectly integrated into various home decoration styles.

The biggest feature of this eye-protecting ceiling lamp is its full-spectrum lighting function, which provides natural and soft light, significantly improves visual comfort, helps reduce eye fatigue and prevent myopia.Its high-brightness design provides sufficient lighting to ensure clear vision during reading and studying.

It also has a variety of color temperature adjustment functions to adapt to different usage scenarios.When studying at night, warm white light can create a warm atmosphere; when reading during the day, cool white light can provide clear and bright visual effects.

In addition, Haishubao eye-protecting ceiling lamp for children’s rooms also has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, reliability, and easy installation.Whether it is a bedroom, study or classroom, it is an ideal lighting choice.

In general, the AH33-T eye-protecting ceiling lamp for children’s rooms is an efficient, comfortable, safe and easy-to-use children’s room lighting equipment. It is an ideal choice for parents when choosing eye-protecting lamps for their children. select.





Additional information








Haishi Bao

gross weight



Modern and simple

Warranty period

3 years

Number of accessories


Lampshade material


Is it intelligent control


Irradiation area

10 ㎡ -15 ㎡

package volume

260 * 100 * 520

type of light source

LED lights

Applicable space

children's room

Main material of lamp body



41W (inclusive) -50W (inclusive)

Control type

Intelligent switch control

Type of ceiling light

Aluminum ceiling light

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Does the lighting fixture come with a light source


3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and eleven billion one million four hundred and sixty-two thousand three hundred and fifty-seven

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[AH33c-T基础款50W]推荐5-10m2卧室/儿童房., [AH33e-T基础款50W]推荐5-15m2卧室/儿童房., [AH33-T-1经典款60W]推荐5-15m2卧室/儿童房., [AH34-T Intelligent 50W] Recommended 5-15m2 adult bedroom, [AH37-T upgraded 100W] Recommended 5-20m2 bedroom/study/living room, [AH37A-T Living Room Light 100W] It is recommended to have a living room of 15-25 square meters, [One bedroom, one living room] (living room 15-25 square meters) (bedroom 5-15 square meters), Two bedrooms and one living room (living room 15-25 square meters) (bedroom 5-15 square meters 5-20 square meters), [Three bedrooms and one living room] (living room 15-25 square meters) (bedroom 5-15 square meters 5-20 square meters), 33

20 reviews for [Package Installation] Haishi Bao Eye Protection Ceiling Light

  1. Anonymous

    The lights are really good, suitable for children to learn and read. The high lighting level of the brand is really good.??

  2. Anonymous

    Very good. This is the fourth one I bought. The light is very soft and the quality looks very good. My children also like it. It’s good.

  3. Anonymous

    The switch of this light is quite convenient. It can be controlled directly by hand. It comes in three colors. It is specially bought for children to study. It is more eye-friendly.

  4. Anonymous

    The lighting is very good, very bright, much better than I imagined, great!! The most satisfying lamp! I am also an old customer, I bought a desk lamp before and it was also great!!????

  5. Anonymous

    Nowadays, children with myopia are too expensive, so eye protection lights are really necessary. My ten square meter room is just enough, and the style is simple and elegant, it looks very nice.

  6. Anonymous

    It is very bright and the light is very comfortable. My family likes it very much. Children also like it very much. It is a must-have for children’s bedrooms. You can use this lamp in your home.

  7. Anonymous

    No blue light? Strobe? Any radiation damage! It’s very safe for babies to use. It comes with a small remote control. It can be done in one piece even if you don’t want to get up when you lie down??

  8. Anonymous

    The lamp is already installed and the child likes it very much. It is not dazzling at all. The reading is just right, and the installation master is also very good. The consideration is very thoughtful, and it is worth buying

  9. Anonymous

    The children’s room is only 8 square meters. The ultra-thin design not only does not suppress the floor height, but is also very simple and versatile. What’s more, this ceiling lamp does an excellent job in eye protection??????

  10. Anonymous

    I love an eye protection lamp so much. The master will come and fix it quickly, and it can be used for three color infinite dimming! Babies can do it! Baby reading picture books with it, protecting eyes??, Zundou is great Oh????????????

  11. Anonymous

    I have bought a desk lamp from this company before, and the quality is good. I placed two orders this time and replaced the bedroom and study lights with this one. Simple style, very bright and not dazzling, it also matches well with decoration.

  12. Anonymous

    When I bought it, I was worried that the appearance would be too simple and not look good. When I installed it at home, I found that I was too worried. The style is simple and beautiful, with soft lighting, which is very suitable for children to use.

  13. Anonymous

    The style is simple and elegant, it can be controlled by remote control, which is very convenient, and it can also be turned on at a scheduled time.I like this function very much. It doesn’t take much effort to get up in the morning in winter. It’s great.

  14. Anonymous

    I started buying a doll bedroom lamp that was very bright and soft, so I ordered another lamp and placed it in the doll study, hoping it would be long-lasting and durable. There is a one-year free replacement and a three-year warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

  15. Anonymous

    There are several Hassight table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lamps at home! The first table lamp I bought has been used for several years! This time, the ceiling lamps have been replaced, and each child has three lamps.I hope that children can have a good lighting environment and protect their eyesight when doing homework!

  16. Anonymous

    The effect is so good that I don’t know how to praise the upper and lower dual light source design? It directly maximizes the light coverage of the entire room with no blind spots, transparent bright light visible to the naked eye, and no difference between light and dark. The three brightness modes can be switched according to different life needs!!

  17. Anonymous

    There are thousands of lights, and minimalism is the most eye-catching. The simpler, the more advanced! After having a baby, I bought a lot of lights, but they were either too bright or too dark, which was not good for the baby’s vision development. I finally bought this eye protection lamp, but The remote control can be wall-mounted, so the baby is no longer afraid of reading picture books in the bedroom. My bedroom is about 18 square meters, and it is really comfortable for the eyes. The installation by the master is very worry-free.

  18. Anonymous

    I would be really sad if I didn’t use this light in a children’s room at home. The biggest problem in my house before was that I always relied on natural light. I never thought there would be such a reliable eye-protecting ceiling lamp. This time, I finally arranged for the Haishibao to be used as eye protection. The lamp is an old brand, so I noticed it at first sight. The overall design is simple and elegant, and can be used in any room. It has soft light throughout the house, no glare, no flicker, and no blue light. It’s really good.

  19. Anonymous

    When remodeling a children’s room, you need to choose an eye protection lamp.After doing a lot of homework on my home, I finally bought the ultra-thin eye-protecting ceiling lamp from Hassight.Haishibao is an old domestic brand that specializes in eye protection lamps. It has been specialized in making lamps for 23 years, so it is relatively safe.Based on the size and decoration style of my children’s room, I chose the AH33-T Sunshine Eye Protection Lamp, which is suitable for a space of 6-15 square meters and is just right for this room.

  20. Anonymous

    The moment I turned on the light, I was shocked that it didn’t light up all at once, but slowly and slowly spread out, and then filled the whole room.Forgive me for being such a bumpkin. This is my first time with this kind of lamp. It is not very friendly to the eyes. The multi-function remote control is a must-have for lazy people. Whether I am lying down or sitting, I don’t have to get out of bed to turn it on or off. The lamp provides lighting for various scenes, including matching light sources for work, reading and writing, and leisure and entertainment, to meet the needs of the whole family.

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