Potential professional high-definition aerial photography mini


Botan Potensic drone high-definition professional aerial photography mini aerial photography intelligent FPV unmanned machine official remote control aircraft 4KM image transmission electronic stabilization 4K30fps


This Botan Potensic drone is a high-definition professional mini aerial photography intelligent FPV drone. It has a distance of 4 kilometers for image transmission, supports electronic stabilization function, and has high-definition shooting performance of 4K 30fps. This drone is particularly suitable for photographers, enthusiasts, and professionals to use, allowing for delicate and high-definition aerial photography. Its intelligent control and advanced performance characteristics will give you an excellent aerial photography experience. Drones also have powerful obstacle avoidance systems, which can effectively prevent accidents and ensure safe use. Its mini and portable design makes it easy for you to carry and travel. Choosing the Botan Potensic drone will add infinite fun and convenience to your aerial photography journey.

Additional information




Atom drone

Photo pixels

12 million

Battery life

31 minutes

warranty period

2 years

battery capacity


Empty weight

1.5KG and below

control method

remote control

Image transmission distance


Takeoff total weight

1.5KG and below

Compatible platforms


maximum flight altitude

120 meters and below


Shenzhen Deep Sea Excellent Technology Co., Ltd

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Atom SE Single Battery Edition, Atom SE Package (Dual Battery+Pack), Atom SE Package (Three Batteries+Pack+Charging Manager)

package type

Package One

version type

Original genuine version

20 reviews for Potential professional high-definition aerial photography mini

  1. Anonymous

    The aircraft hovers very stably, handles very steadily, and is very good to use. The customer service attitude is also very good!

  2. Anonymous

    The overall experience is very good, with meticulous workmanship and affordable prices. For beginners, it is still a good choice.

  3. Anonymous

    A very good drone, with clear camera and excellent remote control image transmission. The battery can fly up to 120 meters in half an hour.

  4. Anonymous

    The plane is good and can return accurately. The battery is okay and can fly for an hour. I bought an extra battery, which can last for two hours at a time.

  5. Anonymous

    The quality and workmanship of the goods are good, and the flight is relatively stable. The image quality is also good, and the logistics speed is relatively fast

  6. Anonymous

    The pixels are very clear, a must-have for beginners, the battery life is not much different from the official one, and the signal transmission is also very stable!

  7. Anonymous

    It’s the first drone for a novice. It’s very considerate and has a lot of instructions. The price is really good. I’ve never used DJI, but this feels very good (′?`*)

  8. Anonymous

    This drone has a high cost performance ratio, which is definitely great for beginners to play with. The captured images are quite clear, and it flew steadily in strong winds today

  9. Anonymous

    After choosing for a long time, I wanted to buy a drone around 1000 yuan, but ultimately chose the Botan. It works well, but there may be some lag in image transmission in the city. Currently, it can fly well! 1000 yuan recommendation! Recommended purchase!

  10. Anonymous

    Yes, I bought it on Double 11 and I finally got a chance to play it today. It’s suitable for novices. There are too many high-rise buildings. The image transmission starts to become unstable after about 500-600. Find a chance to try it in a spacious place.

  11. Anonymous

    Hover is quite stable, with most features available and a high cost performance ratio. Remember to fly with GPS, and the range is also standard for half an hour. The key is to like after-sales service. Overall, there is a high chance of purchasing new products in the future!

  12. Anonymous

    After trying it out for a while, my feeling was very good. There may not be any high-rise buildings here, so there is basically no problem with the new fault. The automatic return flight and other functions are also commendable. Overall, I am very satisfied. In my heart, this is a cost-effective machine.

  13. Anonymous

    With the attitude of giving it a try, I chose this brand of drone! The test flight in the past two days has been okay. I am also a novice and have no in-depth understanding of drones! I only know that this thing can fly! What is this good for? Novices who don’t even understand it can definitely play with it.?(?^o^?)?

  14. Anonymous

    I also followed Botan for a long time before buying, worried about shaking. But in actual use, the anti shake effect is good, the video taken is very good, the flight is very smooth, and the picture quality is also very clear. The only downside is that the photo effect is not good when the lighting is poor at night, and the customer service is very patient

  15. Anonymous

    Very good, good quality, easy to operate.I have been playing model airplanes that cost tens of hundreds of dollars before, so I have experience in operating them.Videos and photos are downloaded from the app, and the resolution is a bit low.I’ll take out the memory card when I go back tonight and see how the original camera photos look before I can comment further.

  16. Anonymous

    I am quite satisfied with the plane. This company should have core technology, but currently it is mainly difficult to see clearly at night, and the effect during the day is still good. In addition, I have a DJI mini 3 at home. Under the same conditions, the DJI mini 3 will automatically return after flying one kilometer with multiple signal interruptions, while the Botan will fly 500 meters. However, the price is listed here, and overall, I am quite satisfied.

  17. Anonymous

    I was quite worried about the drone that was in my early 1000s at first. But after I got it, I learned a bit and tried it several times on the roof of my house. It was really fun to fly. There were no problems after flying it several times. It gave me a different perspective to see my community and The nearby buildings have a unique feel. When the weather is fine, the picture quality is really good. The stability of the entire machine is also good. It is not comparable to those toy drones. I really like having another shooting tool for future trips, haha.

  18. Anonymous

    As a novice, I have chosen this product by comparing multiple options. I really feel like I made the right choice. The delivery was very fast, and my first flight was very successful. The weather has been good these days, and the flight effect sounds good. The one I chose for beginners is very easy to operate, but the shooting skills are not very good. The image transmission is also quite stable, and the flight signal is full everywhere, which is quite good. The GPS signal is stable, and the remote control is sensitive. Overall, this price point is worth it, and the after-sales service is good!

  19. Anonymous

    The first feeling when I received the goods was quite amazing.As a new drone, it is very cost-effective for me. My needs are not particularly high. I just want to go out and take some photos and videos. 4K can meet my needs.(The video below is from a drone. The image quality is still good. It seems that the image quality will be compressed. 4K can really satisfy people like me who play by themselves.) This drone can intelligently avoid The Obstacle is small, lightweight, and very easy to carry. The dual-battery model I bought is, I think, the best at the moment. If the battery life is not enough in the future, I will consider buying a single battery again. One battery is fully charged, and it can fly for 25 minutes. Well, there is still about 10% of the battery left, and it will remind you whether you need to return.If you are worried about insufficient power, you can consider purchasing multiple batteries.?????? Insert a small episode for reference only: I lost my flight once, and it showed that the plane and the remote control were lost. As a novice, I thought I lost it just after I bought it??? After a while, I flew back by myself. really not bad.Waiting for subsequent use experience…

  20. Anonymous

    Let me talk about my experience during the past two days: the logistics speed is very fast.If you expect the machine to be high-end, don’t have any illusions. It’s basically made of plastic.But the plastic is okay. It is 2 meters off the ground and has been dropped three times and can still be used.Sometimes I don’t understand what’s going on. I’m flying fine, but suddenly it goes into attitude mode, or disconnects, and I can’t hold it anymore.Fortunately, I didn’t fly too high or too far.I have never used other brands at this price and I don’t know how they are. If you are pursuing picture quality, 4k is better to use. Don’t talk too much about picture quality in other formats.Overall, it’s pretty clear during the day, but it’s definitely not as good as your phone.The night view persuades me to give up. It is not as good as the mobile phone I have used for 4 years. After all, the CMOS is only 1/3.There is a return-to-home function, but it is not as safe as using it manually.This price is basically the same. It is better than some other brands that cost 1,000 yuan.If a novice wants to try it out, I think he can consider a cheaper one. Otherwise, if the toy costs one thousand yuan, it will be very heartbreaking if it breaks. It would be nice if I could replace it at will.This machine seems to be comparable to the 2.2 of a certain brand, which is twice as expensive. If a newbie has a limited budget, I recommend this one.There is a free memory card, so if you buy it as standard, you can record without having to increase your budget.The customer service of this machine also does not recommend attaching an action camera.

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