[First place on the positive review list] Skyworth integrated stove


Skyworth Integrated Stove Integrated Stove Household Steam Oven Integrated Lower Discharge Variable Frequency Range Hood Disinfection Cabinet Official Flagship Store


Effectively kill bacteria, keep tableware clean, and care for the health of the whole family. Official flagship store sales, quality assurance. Skyworth Integrated Stove creates a healthy, comfortable, and efficient kitchen environment for you. Buy now and bring new vitality to your kitchen!

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net weight


gross weight


Rated heat load




Key type

tactile switch


Chinese mainland

time to market

July 2023

Smoke machine noise


Number of stove eyes


warranty period

60 months

Product Size


Package Size


Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Limit of stacking layers

2nd floor

Smoke hood structure

Deep cover type

Ignition mode

Pulse electronic ignition

Gas stove panel material

tempered glass

Material of range hood panel

tempered glass

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Smoking methods

Side suction and bottom discharge

Range hood exhaust volume

26 cubic meters per minute

Flameout protection device

Thermocouple flameout protection

Energy efficiency filing number


Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and twelve billion four hundred and one million five hundred and forty thousand three hundred and fifty-eight

sort by color

J001D 5000W Blue 22m3 Standard, Disinfection version, J001D 5000W black 24m3 variable frequency, disinfection version, J001D 5000W gray upgraded 26m3 variable frequency, disinfection version, J001D 5000W white 24m3 variable frequency, steaming, baking, and frying style, J001D 5000W Green Upgrade 26m3 Variable Frequency, Steamed, Roasted, and Fried, J001D 5000W Rock Grey Flagship 26m3 Variable Frequency, Independent Steaming and Baking Edition, J001D 5000W Gold 22m3 Standard, Disinfection version

fuel type

natural gas, Liquefied gas

18 reviews for [First place on the positive review list] Skyworth integrated stove

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: The product is very good and my mother likes it very much,…..

  3. Anonymous

    Just received the goods, not bad. The after-sales service from Xiaoshe, Xiaotang, Xiaoting, Xiaomei and Xiaodeng, Xiaoshu, and Xiaoyu Yingying is good??

  4. Anonymous

    The logistics were fast and it was delivered to the sixth floor of the escalator. It ranked first in Taobao sales and will be reviewed after installation and use.

  5. Anonymous

    The after-sales service provided by Xiaoshe, Xiaotang, Xiaoting, Xiaomei, Xiaodeng, Xiaoshu, Xiaojia, and Xiaoyu Yingying is quite good. The installer is very friendly.

  6. Anonymous

    Skyworth’s big brand is trustworthy, its quality and after-sales service are guaranteed, its price is very affordable, its door-to-door service is very good, and it is very stylish and beautiful.

  7. Anonymous

    Not yet installed, but the logistics are super fast, the service is thoughtful, customer service is Mao Mao Xiaohua, and Xiao Deng Xiaotang is patient and meticulous. The product quality is very good.

  8. Anonymous

    The packaging is intact and undamaged. This integrated stove has excellent quality, with voice and wave functions, it is very powerful, and the air volume is also very large. Overall, I really like it. My family is very satisfied.

  9. Anonymous

    The master is very professional, and the installation effect is very good. It is high-end, atmospheric, and upscale, and can also be controlled by voice. It has not been ventilated yet, so I will follow up with reviews after using it

  10. Anonymous

    Skyworth old brand, do you want to buy an integrated stove or Skyworth? The things are very exquisite and good, and the package installation saves a lot of effort. I recommend buying this one. Once you customize the furniture, you can start the stove

  11. Anonymous

    Easy to clean: Easy to clean. The appearance is atmospheric. The steam oven and heating plate are powered by electricity. It is relatively convenient to use. The customer service provided by Xiaohua Maomao is good. Any problems can be promptly resolved. High cost performance ratio??

  12. Anonymous

    Easy to clean: It should be easy to clean. Oil extraction effect: The wind is relatively strong, and the integrated stove has a good effect on extracting oil fumes. The installer is very professional and quickly installed it. The firepower is much better than the stove I used before. Heating effect: Heating is fast.

  13. Anonymous

    The integrated stove has been installed and has a tall appearance. The range hood has a strong suction force. The installation technician has a serious attitude, and the after-sales service of Xiaoshe, Xiaotang, Xiaoting, Xiaodeng, Xiaojia, Xiaoyu, and Yingying is good. When buying an integrated stove, Skyworth is the first choice.

  14. Anonymous

    I looked at a lot of stores online but didn’t place an order. The only one I bought from Skyworth was that many people bought it and their service attitude was also good. At this time, the order I placed with them was indeed very good. The wind power is sufficient and the storage is very useful. If you need it, place your order here..

  15. Anonymous

    The integrated stove has just been installed and looks very beautiful and satisfactory overall. The only drawback is that the plate inside the range hood is made of stainless steel. If it is not embroidered with steel, it will be easier to clean. Otherwise, there is a fear of brushing, even if it is glass like a panel. The maximum air volume in the initial test is strong, and other uses can be followed up for further evaluation. The delivery and installation technicians provided excellent service.

  16. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: I haven’t used it yet, and I don’t know if it is easy to clean. It should be better than the original one.Oil extraction effect: The oil extraction effect is much stronger than the one used at home. This integrated stove is really easy to use.Heating effect: The heating effect is also very good, the firepower is very strong, it is easy to use, and it is a very good thing.The customer service shop Xiaowei + Lingling have very good service; the after-sales services of Xiaotang, Xiaoshe, Xiaodeng, Xiaohui, Xiaomei, Xiaoting, Yingying, Xiaojia, and Maomao are very good.

  17. Anonymous

    This is my first time buying Skyworth, and I am very diligent and responsible in both pre-sales and after-sales. Before installation, I have been communicating with the decorator and pre embedded the flue, which perfectly saves space. The product is trustworthy, mainly because it has almost no oil fumes when used, and a powerful disinfection cabinet perfectly solves the problem of storing tableware. The cost-effectiveness is extremely high. Skyworth is very good. After installation, it is easy to use without taking up space. The hanging cabinet can be fully filled, and the after-sales service is very good. The installation team is very polite, and overall everything is good.

  18. Anonymous

    It is a very powerful integrated stove with very low noise. The fume extraction effect is really first-class. I no longer have the feeling of being choked when cooking before. This is my most satisfying online purchase. The installation effect is beyond expectations.Very beautiful, and I feel very good after trying it out. Is it easy to clean? The heating effect is very fast. The oil extraction effect is very powerful. Overall, it is very good! The appearance is simple and beautiful, and the performance is very good. This integrated stove has been installed. Good, the quality is good, it heats up quickly, the range hood is very powerful, it doesn’t smoke, even if there is a lot of smoke there is no problem, it is easy to use, the installation by the installer is very professional, the installer is also very careful, the service is very good, the product is beautiful, the customer service is great, Maomao Xiaohua Xiao Deng and Xiao Tang are patient and careful

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