Art house lighting, living room chandelier, postmodern crystal chandelier


Villa duplex, living room, crystal chandelier, staircase, high-end light, modern fireflies, starry display hall, LED light


High end villa duplex living room crystal chandelier, exquisite and atmospheric staircase lighting decoration. This is a modern firefly full sky star exhibition hall LED light that combines art and practicality. The crystal chandelier emits a unique radiance, creating a dreamy atmosphere and adding luxury and elegance to your home space. It is suitable for various styles of villas and duplex buildings, providing first-class lighting for your living room and stairs. This LED light has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, and durability, bringing more convenience and comfort to your life. Come and experience this luxurious and practical modern lighting fixture, adding a unique charm to your home!

Additional information


Chinese mainland

Number of lamp heads



Minimalist and modern


111V~240V (inclusive)

Irradiation area

15 ㎡ -30 ㎡

Is it intelligent control


type of light source

LED lights

Pendant type

Crystal chandeliers

Main material of lampshade


Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Lamp shape

Dual purpose ceiling lamp

Control type

Intelligent switch control

Main material of lamp body

Stainless steel

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and one hundred and eighty-one billion one million eighteen thousand two hundred and ninety-two

sort by color

Chromium silver diameter 100cm infinite dimming, Chromium silver diameter 120cm infinite dimming, Chromium silver diameter 150cm infinite dimming, Titanium gold with a diameter of 100cm and infinite dimming, Titanium gold diameter 120cm infinite dimming, Titanium gold diameter 150cm infinite dimming

20 reviews for Art house lighting, living room chandelier, postmodern crystal chandelier

  1. Anonymous

    The atmosphere is very suitable for my villa

  2. Anonymous

    I like the exterior design, overall it’s good.

  3. Anonymous

    The light is warm and beautiful, loved by my family

  4. Anonymous

    Very beautiful, very satisfied lamp, I really like it

  5. Anonymous

    Not bad, very satisfied. It matches my home style very well

  6. Anonymous

    It is an ideal product with good quality and fast logistics, worthy of praise

  7. Anonymous

    The effect is perfect. Hanging villas is really beautiful, with excellent texture

  8. Anonymous

    The chandelier I bought to use in the villa is very beautiful and worth the cost.

  9. Anonymous

    Received the product, with good quality and fast delivery, it is worth purchasing

  10. Anonymous

    The style is elegant, my family members like it, it is the feeling I want in my heart

  11. Anonymous

    The quality of imported crystals. Excellent texture, reasonable prices from large manufacturers

  12. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  13. Anonymous

    The effect is very beautiful, the logistics is very fast, and the merchant’s service attitude is very good.

  14. Anonymous

    The quality of the lamps is very good. I compared several and finally chose this one. I was not disappointed.

  15. Anonymous

    Received the lighting fixtures, the brightness is just right and matches the home decoration style perfectly. Satisfied

  16. Anonymous

    The lamp installation in the living room is quite good, simple and elegant, quite high-end, and easy to clean in daily life.

  17. Anonymous

    The quality of the lamp is very good, and the installation effect is satisfactory. The service attitude of the merchant is also very good

  18. Anonymous

    The cost-effectiveness is high and the quality is also super good. The workmanship is fine, and the actual product is stunning with no color difference.

  19. Anonymous

    The lighting fixtures are very exquisite, and the craftsmanship of the master is good. There are no quality issues, and the packaging is also very sturdy. The master installed them on site, and the installation effect is very satisfactory. It is worth recommending!

  20. Anonymous

    Seeing that this lamp is an offline physical store, I immediately fell in love with it. The price was too expensive and exceeded my budget, so I chose to purchase it online. At first, I was worried about the quality, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive it. The texture is the same as the physical store, with thick materials and good workmanship details, but the price is much cheaper than the physical store. Positive reviews

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