[Voice graphene] Rongshida baseboard heating


Rongshida graphene baseboard heater for household energy-saving underfloor heating, 2023 new electric heater, divine tool for winter

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Rongshida graphene baseboard heater is an efficient and energy-saving underfloor heating device designed specifically for winter home heating. This heater adopts the latest graphene technology and has excellent thermal conductivity, which can quickly increase indoor temperature while maintaining a comfortable heat sensation. Its unique skirting heating method is not only safe and reliable, but also easy to install and move, suitable for various home environments. In addition, the heater also has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, which is more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods. It is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms and other places, and is an ideal choice for winter home life.

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Line length


Maximum power


warranty period

1 year



Net weight (including base)


heating method

Graphene heating

Power supply mode

Alternating current

Additional features

Dumping power outage


Hefei Rongshida Small Home Appliances Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million four hundred and twenty-one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six

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90cm mechanical model, 90cm mechanical [graphene rapid heating] suitable for 15-25 ㎡, 90cm remote control model [graphene fast heating] 15-40 ℃ temperature setting suitable for 15-25 ㎡, [Intelligent Voice App] 90cm Remote Control [Graphene Rapid Heat] 15-40 ℃ Temperature Setting Applicable for 15-25 ㎡, 1.1 meter remote control [graphene rapid heating] 15-40 ℃ temperature setting suitable for 25-40 ㎡, 1.1 meter remote control [graphene+constant temperature humidification] 15-40 ℃ temperature setting suitable for 25-40 ㎡, 1.1 meter remote control [graphene+atomization humidification] 15-40 ℃ temperature setting suitable for 25-40 ㎡, [Intelligent Voice App] 1.1 meter remote control [Graphene+atomization humidification] 15-40 ℃ temperature setting suitable for 25-40 ㎡, 1.22 meter white upgraded remote control intelligent model [graphene fast heating] suitable for 25-40 square meters

19 reviews for [Voice graphene] Rongshida baseboard heating

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Warm hands and feet in winter. The effect is good

  3. Anonymous

    Easy to use and of good safety and quality, worth purchasing

  4. Anonymous

    Highly intelligent and easy to operate. A very practical heating product.

  5. Anonymous

    Express delivery speed, high-quality heater, fast heating, and great value for money.

  6. Anonymous

    Very good, the heating speed is fast, and even a horizontal one is enough. Satisfied.

  7. Anonymous

    A cost-effective grill, I have tried it out, but it heats up quickly without any visible brightness.

  8. Anonymous

    Delivery is timely and logistics are fast. The packaging is intact and the functionality is currently satisfactory

  9. Anonymous

    The thing is very good. If there are any problems, customer service will patiently teach you. Overall, the use is pretty good

  10. Anonymous

    I haven’t started using it yet, but I believe it will work. I believe graphene has a function that can cool down the body. I look forward to the effect!

  11. Anonymous

    Received the machine and tested it outdoors with power on, but there was basically no odor. Put it in the bathroom and put a shelf on top. Heating and drying clothes are both essential. Great.

  12. Anonymous

    I didn’t expect such a good effect at such a friendly price. It heats up very quickly in the study, living room, and bedroom, and it’s not heavy at all. I’m really satisfied with it. It can be used for washing.

  13. Anonymous

    Received the logistics quickly, the texture is very good, the appearance is high, the heating speed is fast, the effect is impressive, and the humidification function is really good. The cost-effectiveness is very high

  14. Anonymous

    Last August, their family bought one that was very useful. They also bought another one for their parents. There is no heating in Zhejiang, and it is uncomfortable to turn on the air conditioning. This one is both cheap and useful, affordable

  15. Anonymous

    The seller shipped it super fast. It’s just right for the cold weather in the north. It’s corner line style, novel style, and matches the decoration style of my home. It heats up quickly and the price is affordable. I wish the seller a big sale!

  16. Anonymous

    I have received the item, it is still relatively warm to drive, and the logistics are fast. Once I placed the order, I immediately shipped it. The weather in Zhejiang is extremely cold and hot, and it will drop below zero in a few days. The heater can be used now!

  17. Anonymous

    Just got the product, testing it… First feeling is that the mute function is done! First give a thumbs up??! The logistics and delivery are awesome, second thumbs up??! The voice assistant is testing… I’m figuring it out! My husband said it can only say this one sentence: It’s resting! Hahaha?? It made me laugh…

  18. Anonymous

    This is a very good baseboard. I used to use Rongshida before, and I have been using it for three years. This time, I will replace it with a new one, and the temperature can be raised once. I feel that if I put it under my feet, it will be very hot at 18 degrees, making it very comfortable to bake. It is suitable for people with rhinitis, not bad, not bad

  19. Anonymous

    I bought this electric heater instead of installing a wall mounted heating system at home. Compared to wall mounted heating equipment of hot water boilers, I feel that there are the following characteristics. Firstly, it is small in size, movable, and takes up space without the need for installation; Secondly, it is silent and low-key; Thirdly, heat transfer is fast, and it takes minutes to heat up. Compare his home appliance heater. Firstly, high cost-effectiveness; Secondly, the knob adjustment is convenient, and it is easy to operate by placing the knob on the panel; Thirdly, the upright supports at both ends are integrated and secure without the need for installation. In short, it is worth recommending and purchasing.

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