Subor desktop heater new dormitory heater


Subor desktop heater, small heater for household, office, small sun, energy-saving, low noise, winter god

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A compact and practical small heater, a must-have in the office! Adopting advanced technology, efficient heating, instant heating. Energy saving and low consumption, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Lightweight design, silent operation, will not disturb your work or rest. Flexible mobile design, suitable for various spatial environments. The ideal companion for winter, bringing you warmth and comfort. Whether at home or in the office, Subor desktop heaters are your ideal heating choice.

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1 year

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Mechanical knob

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Zhejiang Shaoxing Supor Home Furnishings Co., Ltd

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two thousand and twenty-three trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million five hundred and seventy-two thousand four hundred and forty-six

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19 reviews for Subor desktop heater new dormitory heater

  1. Anonymous

    Good hot air, good quality??

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Really nice, small on the table, very convenient and really warm

  4. Anonymous

    The wind speed and temperature are ok, suitable for bathing babies!

  5. Anonymous

    Compact and user-friendly, with strong wind and no odor, I really like it.

  6. Anonymous

    Very good product heats up quickly and has a cute and satisfactory appearance

  7. Anonymous

    The size is right, the color is super like, and it is easy to use, recommended

  8. Anonymous

    High appearance, good quality, quick warming, acceptable sound volume, satisfied?? Can be purchased

  9. Anonymous

    I like it very much. I use it in the office. It is convenient and does not take up space. Five points for praise

  10. Anonymous

    Very good, the quality and appearance design are excellent! The user experience is also fantastic! Worth buying!

  11. Anonymous

    Good quality, super pink, I love it! And it heats up very quickly! It’s perfect for changing diapers or dressing after a bath!

  12. Anonymous

    This is so easy to use. I bought several before, but they all smelled bad when I blew them out. This one has no smell and is beautiful.

  13. Anonymous

    I am most worried about noise and lighting issues. Try it out, wind noise is still acceptable, and there is basically no hot light line

  14. Anonymous

    High appearance, acceptable noise, needs to be kept close. The wind direction cannot be lowered, it would be better if it could be changed.

  15. Anonymous

    The appearance is OK, the first gear is indeed cold wind, and the warm wind is also very powerful. It is very small and is the style I like.

  16. Anonymous

    The quality of big brands is reliable, the sound is not loud when working, and the appearance is also online. Overall, it is worth spending a few dozen dollars.

  17. Anonymous

    The seller’s delivery was very fast. I took this model to the company. My colleagues said it was very nice and asked me to send the link. It warmed up in a short while.

  18. Anonymous

    The appearance is pink and off-white, which looks very warm and cute. The workmanship is very smooth, without burrs, and the line is quite thick. There are three gears. I use it for night duty and buy it for my baby to do homework. It is small and exquisite. It does not take up space when placed beside the bed. The wind direction can be adjusted up and down, which is suitable for office use. It is very convenient to use and looks very good.

  19. Anonymous

    The appearance is simple and beautiful, quite attractive. The design is flexible and lightweight, easy to use and store, without taking up space. The three speed adjustment of low heat and high heat meets most needs. When turned on, the temperature rises rapidly and generates heat evenly. When used up close, the low heat temperature is just right, but the sound is a bit loud and slightly noisy. Everything else is quite good. Logistics is as fast as ever

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