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Xiaoxiong faucet water purifier special tap water purification filter kitchen household filter element chlorine removal filter water pre filtration


The Little Bear Faucet Water Purifier is a specialized tap water purification filter designed specifically for home kitchens, with excellent purification functions. This filter element can remove chlorine gas from tap water, restore pure water quality, and protect your health. Through the fine filtration of the filter element, you will enjoy clear and sweet drinking water, whether cooking or brewing beverages, you can experience a significant improvement in water quality. The little bear faucet water purifier filter element has a long-lasting durability, providing reliable protection for your home drinking water. This water purifier filter is the ideal choice for your home water purification, making your life healthier and purer.

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Wastewater ratio


warranty period

12 months


Non direct drinking

Water efficiency level


Is installation service provided



Faucet water purifier

Brand of water purifier

Bear/Little Bear

working principle

Ceramic filter element

utilized location

Terminal purified water

Installation method

Non standard installation

filter element

PP cotton, activated carbon fiber


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Pink [semi transparent version] One machine, one core, Green [semi transparent version] One machine with four cores, Purple [semi transparent version] One machine with eight cores, Blue filter cartridge with 4 cores suitable for semi transparent models, Light green [semi transparent version] one machine with 12 cores, Orange [fully transparent version] One machine with four cores, Gray [Ultrafiltration Direct Drink Edition] One machine with two cores, White filter cartridge with 6 cores suitable for fully transparent models, Light yellow [do not pat], Yellow [Do not pat]

20 reviews for Kitchen faucet, water purifier, bear front

  1. Anonymous

    The quality is very good

  2. Anonymous

    Very good, affordable and easy to install!

  3. Anonymous

    Easy to install, good filtering effect, high appearance, and can also be used in dormitories!!

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to install and can be used with both hot and cold water.There is no need to worry about water impurities anymore.

  5. Anonymous

    I have been using it for a few days, and the yellow stains have been filtered out. It has been effective and easy to install

  6. Anonymous

    The logistics is very fast. This is my second repurchase. Xiaoxiong’s products are worth buying. The filtering effect is very good.

  7. Anonymous

    It's so easy to use. The installation instructions are very clear. It's very tight and won't leak. Water safety is guaranteed. It's pretty good.

  8. Anonymous

    A super easy-to-use water purifier, and the price is very cheap. You don’t need to buy a filter kettle to boil water with this. It’s really good and worth repurchasing.

  9. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, I used it for a while and commented that it was very good. It was easy to install and there was no leakage. The filtered water had no smell. I have always liked the Little Bear family.

  10. Anonymous

    Easy to install, fortunately the toilet faucet can also be used, and there are various sizes of faucets available for easy installation. Very thoughtful! The water source also feels a bit slippery and clean! Available for purchase

  11. Anonymous

    Easy to install, good water purification effect, it is obvious that once filtered, it feels much cleaner, and the water output effect is also good. Hahaha, gear shifting is also very convenient. Hahaha, really good, convenient for daily life

  12. Anonymous

    The first time I installed a leak, I consulted customer service and patiently explained how to fix it. Finally, I asked the property management to help fix it. The tap water at home is relatively yellow, and I hope it will be useful after installation.

  13. Anonymous

    The tap water at home smells too strong of chlorine. After boiling, there is still a layer of floating matter. Now that I have used a filter, there is almost no chlorine smell and the water is clean. Finally, I don’t have to carry mineral water home. This has solved a big problem.

  14. Anonymous

    Installation service: Upon receiving the package, the customer service sent us the installation tutorial. The water flow speed is quite fast, and the filtering effect is good. We have repurchased the payment. This time, we will buy an upgraded one, which will be more convenient! Overall good, give customer service a good review!

  15. Anonymous

    It’s so easy to use and looks good. The water quality in the place where the river and the sea meet is not good and I worry about the tap water containing chlorine.With this filter faucet, you can rest assured.The water flow is delicate and does not splash. I installed it without reading the instructions.I like Bear Electric and support domestic products

  16. Anonymous

    Very good, it looks good. The water purification effect is good. I just installed it and it took some time to see it.? Installation tips: Remember to install the gasket (Figure 2) first, and then screw on the adapter, otherwise water will seep… I only remembered when I tightened it. It was difficult to unscrew it again, but I still did. Hahaha, Big Girl

  17. Anonymous

    It’s really easy to use! The water in the dormitory is not clean, but the effect is obvious after only one week of installation! It’s easy to install!!! Good news for people with disabilities! The customer service attitude is also super good! I will always love the little bear! For old fans, they are the best The electrical appliances are also super easy to use!!! and the price is very reasonable??????

  18. Anonymous

    The item is very good, and the logistics speed is also very fast. It seems that it arrived in less than two days. However, the packaging is too simple. It is just a box without a seal. This can be improved.After using it, I feel that it is still effective. At least there are not so many sediments in the water after using it before. However, it has a disadvantage that it cannot adjust the direction, which is sometimes not very convenient to use.

  19. Anonymous

    Installation service: The installation is very simple, easy to get started, and very convenient. Several models of heads are included as gifts. Water outlet speed: The water outlet is very fast, and the switching between filtration and direct drinking water is very convenient. I purchased it for the second time, and the filtration effect is good. I have not found any problems so far, but overall it is still very good. I will provide feedback later.

  20. Anonymous

    Installation service: I always feel that the water at home is dirty, and I am afraid of unhealthy impurities such as chlorine. After comparing several companies, I finally bought this water purifier from Xiaoxiong??, and it really did not disappoint me. I feel The price/performance ratio is very high, and the appearance is very good??, the installed accessories are very complete, the water outlet speed and water pressure are not affected after installation, the chlorine removal effect is very good, the water you drink after boiling it feels sweeter ~ very Recommend this Xiaoxiong faucet to purify water and gas????????, my mood becomes better after using it??

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