Subor ultrafiltration machine sold 250000 units without plugging in electricity


Supor water purifier household direct drinking kitchen tap water faucet filter pre ultrafiltration kitchen bottom purified water machine


Supor water purifier is a high-quality household direct drinking water purification equipment suitable for filtering kitchen tap water. It is equipped with a pre ultrafiltration filter element, which can effectively remove impurities, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in tap water, ensuring the safety of drinking. In addition, the water purifier also has an automatic flushing function, which extends the service life of the filter element and saves costs. Its direct drinking water can be consumed directly without boiling, making it convenient and fast. Subor water purifiers are the ideal choice for safe and healthy drinking water in your home.


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Ultrafiltration machine water purification equipment


Zhejiang Shaoxing Supor Household Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

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Activated carbon activated carbon+ultrafiltration membrane PP cotton, activated carbon fiber

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White with a total of 9 built-in cores and on-site installation, Sky blue with a total of 9 built-in cores and on-site installation, Black with built-in 9 cores+self installation

20 reviews for Subor ultrafiltration machine sold 250000 units without plugging in electricity

  1. Anonymous

    Installation service: very fast and very good. The master said that this is enough and you don’t need to buy thousands. Water output speed: water comes out immediately, so you don’t need to buy bottled water in the future. Filtration effect: good

  2. Anonymous

    A very good seller with excellent service quality. It was installed the next day after making an appointment, and the staff were very responsible. They tried it out without any problems before leaving. The service was excellent and trustworthy. We will come back again in the future

  3. Anonymous

    Installation service: Bookstore kitchen utensils and small household appliances all use the Supor brand, trust the Supor brand. So I placed another order for this water purifier this time. The water purifier has a large water output and good filtration effect. The customer service was very patient, had a good attitude, answered every question, and was very satisfied

  4. Anonymous

    Installation service: Installation is simple and easy.I like that there is no need to plug in and no sound.Now you don’t need to buy bottled water to drink water.Feel free to use this filter.If I have children at home, I feel safe using this brand. Water discharge speed: Water discharge is very fast! Filtration effect: The effect is very good and there is no smell!

  5. Anonymous

    Installation service: Not bad. A master came to install it and the installation was completed in half an hour. The water output speed is acceptable because the water purifier in my hometown uses electricity at about the same speed.When you are moving out, try a big-name water purifier. The bleach water is not that heavy anyway, so you can drink water with peace of mind.

  6. Anonymous

    The installation speed is very fast. It can basically be installed on the same day after receiving the goods. The water discharge speed is also very fast. Big brands are trustworthy! But I have to complain about the logistics speed. I received the goods more than a week after placing the order. The promised 21st day Unexpectedly, it took a serious time to log in, so I had to file a complaint!

  7. Anonymous

    Installation service: As soon as the goods arrive, the master will contact the customer for on-site installation. The service is in place. The water outlet speed is fast and the water volume is also large, and the filter effect is immediately activated. The water quality is clear, although it cannot match the reverse osmosis water purifier, it is still sufficient. There is no odor when brewing tea

  8. Anonymous

    After comparing the goods with three different stores. I bought our water purifier. All functions are effective. Moderate size without taking up space. The shipment is very fast. It will arrive the next day after buying. I will be able to drink purified water soon. The water output is very large. The taste is sweet. I plan to buy another one if it works well after a period of time. Highly recommended for purchase. Effluent speed: smooth, fast, filtration effect: clean and satisfactory

  9. Anonymous

    Installation service: The installation technician informed us in advance when to come to our door, the time was very punctual, the installation was very professional, and they also explained the simple maintenance in the later stage. The water flow rate was much larger than expected, and the water was strong enough for filtration. The filtration effect was deliberately opposed to the unfiltered one, and the installed water tasted much better than the unfiltered one, with less bleach and lighter water

  10. Anonymous

    Installation service: The service attitude of the installation technician is particularly good. They called to contact the installation before receiving the goods, patiently explained the water flow speed and good filtration effect. Currently, the water quality looks good, and after using it for a period of time, I compared the effect with the water purifier I bought before. This one is relatively convenient, and the filter element can be replaced. It is easy to use, and I can rest assured to use the brand I purchased

  11. Anonymous

    Installation service: It took a month to install it by myself. The ** master never came to the door. Finally, I installed it by myself. It leaked, reinstalled it and leaked again, replaced it with raw material tape, installed it again and leaked again… Today, half a month later.I finally succeeded. It can release water without leaking. I have also transformed from a novice who knew nothing about raw material belts and angle valves to a mature plumber. The filtering effect: after using it, I don’t feel anything at the moment.

  12. Anonymous

    Installation service: The delivery was fast and the installation was easy. However, I didn’t know how to remove the membrane covering the filter element during the first installation, which resulted in the water leakage being too small after installation. I had to consult customer service.The customer service is very professional and they immediately identified the problem. After peeling off the film according to the customer service instructions, everything was normal. It is very easy to use. The filtration effect is good and the product is very cost-effective!

  13. Anonymous

    Installation service: The installation was very careful and much cheaper than in the store. The electrical appliances I bought were still cheaper online, and my attitude was also very good. As soon as I installed them, the water came out, and it was convenient for my family to drink. The water quality was good, and it was tested to be pure water without any impurities. The water flow rate was fast, and it was pure water. You can eat it with peace of mind. Filtering effect: The water quality was very good, much cheaper than in the store, and the installation master was also attentive,

  14. Anonymous

    The installation was simple and fast, and the master patiently explained the methods for future use, as well as the installation and removal of the filter element. The items were small and exquisite without taking up space, and the customer service lady was also very considerate. It was really cost-effective to purchase from this event, and the after-sales service was also explained very well. Friends can take the courage to purchase. The price is not expensive, and it is very good for home use?????? Effluent speed: The output is very large, without water interruption. Filtration effect: The filtration effect is very good. Installation service: simple and fast installation. Service is very good

  15. Anonymous

    Installation service: The master was super nice. He came over to help me install it on a rainy day because I was in a hurry to use it.Like~~ The water output speed is larger than other water purifiers, which is good~~ It can fill a pot in one go, so you don’t have to stand aside and wait.Filtration effect: I think the filtration is good~~The water is very clear on the glass.Please look at the picture.I had the mentality of giving it a try, but I didn’t expect the effect to be so good~~After the Chinese New Year, I will arrange it for my parents’ home and my hometown~~Highly recommended~~A household water purifier that is easy to use, not expensive, and has a very high cost performance. .Hahaha

  16. Anonymous

    The merchant's service is excellent. He answers all questions and responds very quickly. The purchasing process is very pleasant. I bought this product with free PP cotton for life. The price/performance ratio should be good. The master came to install it. It is very convenient and worry-free. It is very effective. Not bad, worth recommending… Installation service: The master came to install it, explained patiently, and the service was very good. Water output speed: The water output speed is very good, normal water output speed. It feels good after the first use. Filtration effect: The water quality currently looks very clear. Look. It looks good, I'll see the effect after using it for a long time

  17. Anonymous

    Choice: Supor is a high-quality brand in the kitchen. The rice cookers currently used at home are all made by Supor.Therefore, I chose Supor as the water purifier without hesitation, as it has the best price/performance ratio.The quality is not like a water purifier costing several hundred yuan, and it does not require any auxiliary charging.This avoids the hassle of sockets.Water quality: The water quality was tested immediately after installation, and it was as advertised.Completely up to standard, families with children can choose with confidence, Supor is trustworthy.Service: The customer service is very patient and enthusiastic in explaining.The understanding of the product and parameter analysis are very good.

  18. Anonymous

    Installation service: The installation package is photographed, and the master comes to the door and completes it in 10 minutes. Water output speed: The water output is normal, similar to other brands used in the past. Filtration effect: It has just been installed, and the water has not been boiled yet. It should be a regular brand, and it should not be bad! It will take a few days of use. The next day I review the miscellaneous brands that I have been using from the bank system for the past few years. Some of the phone replacement parts actually broke after a year, and the waste water needs to be drained every half a month, which is very troublesome! This time I chose to buy Supor, and it still worked. No need to release waste water, great!

  19. Anonymous

    After comparing several products, I finally bought Supor. I use Supor for all my rice cookers and electric ceramic stoves. I feel more at ease. I read the reviews and said that the installer was very slow to come, but he couldn’t. I haven’t even arrived yet, and the master contacted me very soon. It arrived quickly and he patiently taught me how to open and change the filter element without plugging in the electricity.The water comes out very quickly, and you can drink it directly. I have a bad gastrointestinal condition, so when I boil it and drink it, a lot of water comes out. In the past, the water came out very slowly when using other brands, and the filtration effect was pretty good. The level 1.3 filter element needs to be replaced every six months or so. Level 2.5 is replaced every year or so, and level 4 is replaced every two years. Generally speaking, it is quite cost-effective to drink clean water.

  20. Anonymous

    Choice: Because Supor is a high-quality kitchen brand, I compared many brands and finally chose Supor, which is the most cost-effective.Quality: The black and white appearance design is very high-end, and it feels very textured. It doesn’t look like a water purifier costing hundreds of dollars at all, and it doesn’t require any auxiliary charging.This avoids the hassle of sockets.Water quality: The water quality was tested immediately after installation, and it was as advertised.Completely up to standard, families with children can choose with confidence, Supor is trustworthy.Service: The customer service is very patient and enthusiastic in explaining.The understanding of the product and parameter analysis are very good.Subsequently, the installation master called me several times to confirm the installation time, and even waited for half an hour. There was no dissatisfaction, and the service was excellent.

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