Female small lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles


Tailing 2023 New Xiaogang Dou Jiajia Electric Car, Small Battery Car, Foot Pedal Electric Bicycle, and Hiking Vehicle


This new Tailing Xiaogang Dou Jiajia electric vehicle is a small electric scooter designed specifically for urban commuting. It adopts a pedal electric bicycle design, providing a convenient riding experience and efficient energy utilization. This electric vehicle is made of high-quality materials, with a simple and fashionable appearance, smooth lines, and a strong sense of modernity. It has multiple color options to meet the personalized needs of different consumers. The Xiaogangdou Jiajia electric vehicle has various practical functions, including front and rear dual disc brakes, LED lighting system, multifunctional instrument panel, and USB charging interface. These features provide consumers with a comfortable, safe, and convenient riding experience. The batteries of electric vehicles use high-performance lithium batteries, which have advantages such as long lifespan, high energy density, and fast charging. It can provide a range of hundreds of kilometers to meet the daily travel needs of consumers in the city. In addition, the Xiaogang Dou Jiajia electric vehicle also has intelligent control functions, which can be remotely controlled and checked for electricity through a mobile app, bringing more convenience to consumers. Overall, the new Tailing Xiaogang Dou Jiajia electric vehicle is a well-designed, fully functional, and cost-effective urban transportation tool. It is suitable for various occasions, whether it is commuting to work, shopping, or leisure and entertainment, it can be easily handled.

Additional information







Is it foldable


Rim size

14 inches

Item number


Vehicle quality



Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


time to market

Summer 2022

top speed

25km/h and below

Battery Type

Lead-acid batteries

Frame material

High-carbon steel

Battery warranty period

one year

Configuration level

Standard type

Is it the same model in the mall


Applicable scenarios

Daily commuting

Braking method

Front and rear hub type

Number of authorized passengers


Is it a smart car

Non intelligent vehicles

Body weight

25kg (inclusive) -50kg (inclusive)

Load capacity

100kg (inclusive) -150kg (exclusive)

Pure electric range

35km (inclusive) -45km (exclusive)

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and eleven billion one hundred and nineteen million five hundred and seventy-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-three



battery capacity


sort by color

P-color deep brown (Taotao), P-Yuncai Plain Green (Taobao), P Yuncai Strolling White (Taotao), Matisse Red (Jiajia 2.0), P-color plain green (Jiajia 2.0)

20 reviews for Female small lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles

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  2. Anonymous

    The shock absorption effect is good, and the range is still being tested. The appearance is quite beautiful.

  3. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: can maintain battery life: can be easily installed: very simple Product quality: quality is also acceptable

  4. Anonymous

    Battery life: Still 100 after two days of driving. Shock absorption effect: comparable to Tesla. It can be ordered by a family. Easy to install: it takes three people to install in one hour.

  5. Anonymous

    The installation is not difficult, but there are many details. It took a girl more than an hour. It is not fast, but it is a little slower than Hello. It rides very well and there is no noise.

  6. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: can be used. Product quality: The seat cushion is very soft and easy to install. It is easy to drive when one person is not fast for over an hour, making it suitable for close range commuting

  7. Anonymous

    Easy to install: very convenient and simple. Shock absorption effect: very good. Product quality: very good. Battery life: I have been riding the second car for two days even before charging. Overall, I am quite satisfied and responsible after sales

  8. Anonymous

    Battery life: About 3 days of commuting. Easy installation: Very convenient. You only need to install the front and front brakes. Product quality: The after-sales service patiently guided the installation for more than ten days. The Double Eleven price is really worth it.

  9. Anonymous

    Easy to install: At first, I tried to figure it out for a while and thought it was difficult to install, but it was quickly installed. Both girls were able to install it easily, and the shock absorption effect was quite quiet when driving. All aspects were quite good, and I was quite satisfied with this electric car

  10. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: I am not very good at riding, but it feels good.Battery life: It’s okay so far, I’ve been practicing.Easy to install: Installation is also very convenient, you can install it yourself by watching the video.All in all, I feel ok so far, but I’m worried about being stolen because it looks so good.

  11. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: quite good, the bike is very compact, and I weigh 160 pounds. Battery life: I have ridden 5 times for a distance of 8.1 kilometers, and it shows that 75% of the electricity is still available. Easy installation: installation is effortless for boys, but it is possible for girls. Need help Product quality: Very good at the moment, hope it can be maintained

  12. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: very good battery life: I often ride it, just charge it once, and it can last for a week. Easy to install: simple, I can watch a video, and it only takes a few minutes. Product quality: I really like it when I buy it. I have bought two of them, and this electric car is very easy to ride. I also like the color????, What about the purchase of the brand value of Tailing? I love it

  13. Anonymous

    Shock-absorbing effect: The seat cushion is quite comfortable. Battery life: It was fully charged when I came back from the car. I have been riding for more than two days and I feel that the battery life is pretty good. Easy installation: It is quite simple to install. After watching the video given by the customer service, I can basically do it myself. The installation is just a car head, the insurance card alignment and the pedals. Product quality: I like it~it’s quite compact, and it’s convenient for commuting anyway~

  14. Anonymous

    1. Installation: You need to install the pedals, brakes, and keels by yourself. It is relatively simple, but it is still recommended for disabled people to find a helper. 2. Comfort: the seat is too soft and uncomfortable to sit on, and the whole person bounces off. 3. Driving experience : The sensitivity is poor when accelerating? Sometimes I release the accelerator and continue to drive. I don’t know if it is normal. 4. Cost-effectiveness: It is quite high. After all, I am also connecting a distance of 1.5 kilometers, which is enough.

  15. Anonymous

    It’s not bad, but it’s a little difficult to install. I fumbled it by myself. Once installed, it’s OK. It’s quite easy to ride. It’s just right for girls to ride in school.In the end, Deppon Express is really bad!!! It doesn’t deliver the goods at the scheduled delivery time. It only delivers after urging. Once it’s delivered, it just leaves and doesn’t care. Shock absorption effect: Average battery life: It’s been 10 days since I bought it and it hasn’t been charged yet. It shows that 50% of the battery is left, and the battery life is pretty good.

  16. Anonymous

    Battery life: The battery is quite durable, and it took about four to five days since receiving the car to lose about one battery. The battery life is still very high Product quality: The new car has never been shipped again, the shell and paint are intact, and the transportation process is also safe and reliable. The quality of the helmet delivered is quite good, and the wrapping is good Easy to install: The new car only requires the front foot pedal to be installed, and customer service will send a simple video. The service attitude is also good, and the experience is very good

  17. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: The shock absorption effect is very good, it feels like driving on flat ground. Battery life: It has a long battery life and can run over 200 kilometers on a single charge. Installation is convenient. There is a technician who comes to the door for installation, and the service is very good. Oli provides product quality: The quality of this car is very hard. It has been damaged in several car accidents, but it has not been damaged. The speed is also very fast, and it can run 120 kilometers. The suspension is also very good. I often use it for off-road driving??

  18. Anonymous

    I don’t know how to ride an electric bike, so I was very nervous when I bought it. I thought that if I couldn’t ride it, I would just add another useless tool to my home. But I was really surprised when I bought it.First of all, Yibo is so handsome. The avatar on the box is not willing to throw it into the trash can. I cut it out and keep it at home.Secondly, I installed the front end and front brake by myself by following the instructions that day, and they were easy to install.And it can be ridden away immediately. It is really easy to use, very stable, and really unexpected.Finally, this car is really good-looking and cute, and it’s worth it!!!

  19. Anonymous

    Battery life: It really has a long battery life, and it will sleep by itself when not in use? It has a safety setting. When it is not used for a long time, it will lock itself, and you need to press the brake on the right to restart. It feels very safe. , very suitable for girls, but may be a bit restrictive for boys. Easy to install: not too complicated, but the video posted is not easy for girls who have not been exposed to related tools, so it is not easy to understand.First install the handlebar with a hexagonal wrench, and then install the pedals at the back. Before installing the large rear pedals on the Jiajia 2.0, there is another one under the pedals. I forgot what it is called. Anyway, you have to plug it with something from the parts bag, and then Install the big pedal again.The next step is to install the front brake and check the rear brake. For this step, it is recommended that girls find a man to install it.The last thing is to plug in the fuse. The fuse is under the back seat. I don’t know about other people’s. The car I bought has an fuse on the car itself. There is also one in the parts bag. I use the one on the car. When the power is turned on. , there will be sparks when plugging in the fuse. It is not recommended for girls to do this step by themselves. It will be very scary and thrilling.In the end, the installation of the bicycle pedals depends on personal wishes.Product quality: The quality is very good. When riding, you can feel that the tires are in a vacuum and full state.

  20. Anonymous

    I received this battery car, opened it, and assembled it completely. At first glance, it is so beautiful. I like it even more than I expected. The service attitude of the merchant is also very good, the logistics is fast, and the after-sales service is also very good. It is worth buying. Baby, it’s been a ride.It feels pretty good.Quite sensitive.You are right to choose a Taiwan bell.It is very comfortable to ride, very convenient to install, the shock absorption effect is the first in quality, it is very strong and brand new, it does not feel hard when driving on the road, it is very comfortable to drive, and it is also very soft when walking on dirt roads, it is very comfortable to sit on, battery life: battery It is an original and genuine brand-new battery and it is also from a famous brand. It can run a long distance every time it is fully charged. It charges quickly and is very durable. It is quite good. It is enough for commuting to and from work. I also pick up my children after work. The battery is very durable and can be used wherever I go. Wherever it is charged, it is easy to install. It is also very easy to install. Basically, it arrives pre-installed. After the goods arrive, you can install it by yourself and just twist a few screws. It is very easy and not difficult at all. Then install the pedals. Just watch it, it’s very simple. The customer service will teach you one-on-one. The video is really simple and you can watch it in just 1 minute. In a word, this tram is really good, especially suitable for picking up children to go to school, buying groceries, and going to work. The battery is still there. It’s durable and fast to charge, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The quality of the product is reliable and the quality is very good. Two adults can sit on it and have nothing to do and still have the power to climb hills.

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