Ultra large capacity power bank 120000mAh super fast charging


Authentic Power Bank 120000mAh Super Fast Charge 120000 Extra Large Capacity Outdoor Live Flash Charge Mobile Power Emergency Suitable for Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple Official Flagship Store


High quality materials with long service life.

[Applicable occasions] n Suitable for outdoor live streaming, travel, gatherings and other occasions, providing stable power supply for mobile phones, tablets and other devices. This product is sold at the official flagship store with guaranteed quality and worry free purchase. Welcome to visit the official flagship store to learn more about product information.


Additional information




170 * 80 * 110

Cell type

Soft Case

shell material


Charging mode

USB charging

battery capacity


Does it support 220V output



Approximately 2300 grams

Does it support solar energy


Maximum output power

200W and below

Battery Type

lithium polymer battery

Time required for full charge

28 hours

Additional features

Supports fast charging


Shenzhen Kejie Chuang Electronic Development Co., Ltd

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120000mAh gray white (3 gifts), 120000mAh Xuan Black (3 gifts), 120000mAh gray white (4 gifts), 120000mAh dazzling black (4 gifts), 120000mAh gray white wireless charging version (3 gifts), 120000mAh black wireless charging version (3 gifts), 120000mAh gray white wireless charging version (4 gifts), 120000mAh black wireless charging version (4 gifts)

20 reviews for Ultra large capacity power bank 120000mAh super fast charging

  1. Anonymous

    Received, good, large capacity, worth buying!

  2. Anonymous

    This power bank is amazing, how straight is it????

  3. Anonymous

    Goods received, very cost-effective, I wish the merchant a great sale.Getting better and better.

  4. Anonymous

    Very good, very awesome* After using it for several days, the battery is still over 80, haha, Wai Ruigude

  5. Anonymous

    The quality of the power bank is very good, suitable for outdoor use, and it is worth recommending for purchase.

  6. Anonymous

    The product has been received and is very good. I have bought two, so everyone can rest assured to purchase them

  7. Anonymous

    I feel it is very easy to use and the power is quite durable. I like this power bank very much and it is worth buying.

  8. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, it can last for about 10 days on a single charge, and it also has a high appearance. It is recommended.

  9. Anonymous

    The actual product looks better than the promotional image, and after testing the built-in virtual battery, it is indeed quite good.

  10. Anonymous

    The power bank is big and easy to use. It’s too big, it’s so easy to use, and it’s so comfortable. It can’t be used up even when you go camping.

  11. Anonymous

    Received the goods and used them three times. Currently, there is 92% remaining electricity in the photo. I’m Apple 12ProMax, awesome, the power bank!

  12. Anonymous

    The weight is quite heavy, suitable for self-driving trips. It shows fast charging when charging mobile phones. I used it as soon as I received the goods. It’s ok.

  13. Anonymous

    Received the goods. As I will be working outdoors for about a week, I have chosen a larger and larger size with acceptable quantity. I will see how it works in the future

  14. Anonymous

    It’s really good and solves all the electricity problems.The power is so strong that it doesn’t drop much after charging four or five devices in a day.highly recommended

  15. Anonymous

    The quality of the power bank is good, the appearance is beautiful, and the speed is quite fast after charging. The weight is not very heavy, so it is recommended to purchase.

  16. Anonymous

    This price is really the right one. With a large capacity of 120000 milliamperes, it is precipitated and finely crafted. When going camping in the summer, you can charge multiple devices at the same time. Satisfied with positive feedback.

  17. Anonymous

    The large-capacity power bank is easy to use. It fully charged my vivox70 in 45 minutes. The delivery is fast and the after-sales service is professional. I don’t have to worry about my phone running out of power when I go fishing. It’s good value for money and worth buying.

  18. Anonymous

    It is a very large and heavy outdoor power supply. We are planning to go out on a self-driving trip. I bought a high-power power bank, which solved the power consumption of mobile phones and tablets during our self-driving trip. I took it back and charged it 4 times. There is quite a lot of power left, which is very good. .

  19. Anonymous

    Not bad, the capacity is in line with expectations, and the price is satisfactory. I received 86% of the battery and charged it a few times. The phone lost power quickly. It may be that the new battery has a weak charge. Follow the store’s instructions and use up the battery completely. It will be normal after recharging it. I tried Honor 60 and it can be charged 18 times. In this way, both Honor and Huawei can display super fast charging, which is basically consistent with the seller’s description. The express delivery service needs to be improved. I didn’t even make a call when it was delivered.

  20. Anonymous

    I bought a power bank from this company and used it for 2 years. Some time ago, a friend dropped it and soaked it in water. I ordered a larger one. The packaging is well protected. It has 4 USB output ports and three input ports. The C port test can be input, output, and fast charging. Counting together, there are 5 output ports and three input ports. (The fast charging port and the slow charging port are independent outputs. Plugging in two mobile phones will not affect the fast charging port. Super fast charging, thumbs up for this) Fast charging supports super fast charging for my wife and I’s Honor magic5 and Huawei mate60p. The charging speed is not as fast as the original charger of the phone, but it is faster than other power banks. The test capacity has been cycled. At one time, the two mobile phones can be charged about 15 times in total. According to the rated capacity, there is no false standard. It is relatively large and heavy to carry. Fortunately, it comes with a handle. The courier’s attitude is not good. I hope it can be improved. I will provide a real evaluation for everyone’s reference.

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