Taiwan Bell Sweet Electric Vehicle National License Plate Electric Vehicle


Tailing Meihao 48V Electric Vehicle New National Standard Sweetheart Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle Adult and Female Mobility Battery Bicycle


N * Lightweight design, easy to carry and operate n * New national standard compliance, safety compliance n * Sweetheart lithium battery technology, providing longer battery life n * Made of high-quality materials, durable and reliable n * Suitable for adults and girls, suitable for various riding environments n n This electric vehicle not only has a stylish appearance, but also powerful functions. It is not only suitable for urban cycling, but also allows for unobstructed travel on rural and scenic roads. This electric vehicle will become a good helper for your travel, taking you on a smooth journey around the world. Choose the Tailing Meihao 48V electric vehicle to make travel more enjoyable!

Additional information







Is it foldable


Rim size

14 inches

Item number


Vehicle quality



Chinese mainland

Load capacity

Above 200KG

top speed

25km/h and below

Battery Type

Lead-acid batteries

Frame material

High-carbon steel

Battery warranty period

one year

Configuration level


Applicable scenarios

Daily commuting

Is it a smart car

Non intelligent vehicles

Pure electric range

30km (inclusive) -50km (exclusive)

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and one hundred and fifty-one billion one hundred and nineteen million forty-seven thousand six hundred and forty-two



battery capacity

12ah, 24Ah

sort by color

Milk coffee, Yunrong Green, Intelligent Painting Silver White

20 reviews for Taiwan Bell Sweet Electric Vehicle National License Plate Electric Vehicle

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The car looks very beautiful, intelligent, and of good quality. Safe travel??

  3. Anonymous

    The quality is excellent, the customer service is very considerate, and the installation is also very convenient. It must receive a five-star rating!

  4. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: very good battery life: sufficient for commuting to work. Easy installation: very convenient, with installation video. Product quality: great for big brands

  5. Anonymous

    Battery life: The battery life is good, the body is light and tough. Easy to install: you can install it by yourself, even if you don’t know how to ask customer service for guidance.

  6. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: quite good battery life: no problem, easy to install: can be installed by one person, about an hour and a half, simple product quality: looks beautiful, very good

  7. Anonymous

    The color of the car is very nice. It took me an afternoon to install it. The customer service was very patient and sent me a video. It is suitable for newbies and small girls to ride to work. It is ok.

  8. Anonymous

    My son said that it rides very well and feels great. It looks much better without the basket.Thanks to the courier boss for helping me load the car, it took me 15 minutes to ride the car home once the goods arrived.

  9. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: It's good. The car is beautiful, and the seller's service is also very good. Although there were some minor hiccups, they were all solved with help. The after-sales service is still very good.

  10. Anonymous

    Easy to install: Watching the video, installation is fast. Battery life: Lithium battery 60V 48An. Only after use can you know the shock absorption effect: very comfortable. I like the product quality: very good. I hope it is durable

  11. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Not bad battery life: At first, I felt it was easy to install. It took some time to install, and the installation video explained it very clearly. Product quality: The color looks good and the ride is very smooth

  12. Anonymous

    Easy to install: As a girl, I can install it independently, which is not difficult, but the installation tool provided is very average. If I have the installation tool myself, it will be easier. Battery life: Satisfied. Product quality: Very good

  13. Anonymous

    I feel pretty good, but I need to install some small parts. There is a slight issue with the right pedal screw, and customer service said that the repair cost can be reimbursed. The customer service attitude is very good, it has been driving for several days, not bad!

  14. Anonymous

    The merchant said that the batch is different and there are four missing circles. It looks damaged and afraid of dirt entering the entire car without any major problems. It looks very good and has good shock absorbers. Once installed, it can be ridden. There is already electricity inside, which is good

  15. Anonymous

    The color is quite nice, the size is just right, and the installation is also quite convenient. I delivered it at noon and started installing it. I asked some installation questions, and customer service answered them carefully. The prices on Double Eleven are also very favorable. Overall satisfaction??

  16. Anonymous

    The car has arrived! There are many accessories, but I am not capable of installing them myself. I have decided to pay the master to install them. It seems that the installation by the master is not complicated, and I regret contacting the master a bit. However, I still want the master to do it to save trouble. I drove it for a while, it was very easy to get started, very smooth and happy.

  17. Anonymous

    It arrived at around 9 o'clock last night. I spent three hours tinkering with it. It was already 0 o'clock, so I still have some minor issues. I'll go back to get off work tonight and improve it. The overall car looks good. Everyone who passed by last night said it looked very good. That's it. It would be great if we could arrange for a master to come and install it for free.

  18. Anonymous

    I drove out the door as soon as I installed it. The speed was not too slow and it was just right for me.You can insert a key to unlock the door like in the video. I haven’t tried whether it can be unlocked with a mobile phone.If you don’t know how to install it, just ask customer service for a video. The customer service is very patient.New cars are beautiful. I take pictures. If you don’t think the car panniers look good, you don’t have to pretend.

  19. Anonymous

    Shipping speed, logistics speed, assembly is completed in 40 minutes, and if you have good hands-on skills, it can be assembled in 20 minutes. It is super easy to assemble. I have been riding it for three days. It is very stable for carrying almost 400 kilograms of people in the back seat. It accelerates well, is powerful, and the color Perfect is my favorite electric car. The battery life is great, the shock absorption is great, the lights on the front are great at night, and it’s super convenient to unlock the phone! The after-sales service is great!

  20. Anonymous

    Four batteries were installed by a master, and a GPS was added under the seat. The logistics delivered them to a designated place, which was pretty good. It just so happened that the decorations of the car arrived today, so I installed them. They are quite cute, but the other ones are not. I pretended to be afraid that someone would take my distressed money away.The overall car is quite good, but the battery area is particularly difficult to remove. After a long time of work, the shell is still made of plastic that is very easy to scratch. When the master lifted it, it became warped. Fortunately, it was only the pedal. Otherwise, I would really have a heart attack. The quality of that place is really poor. No other problems have been discovered so far. The next step is to get a license.

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