Midea Oil Ting Household Energy saving and Energy saving Bedroom Warmer


Midea heater oil Ting household energy-saving and energy-saving heating fan bedroom electric heater oil Ding electric radiator hot oil tincture

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Bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and other places that require heating. Overall, the Midea oil heater is an energy-saving and energy-saving fan that is very suitable for household use, especially in bedrooms. It will bring you and your family a warm and comfortable indoor environment.

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12 months

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Guangdong Midea Environmental Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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two thousand and ten trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million four hundred and twenty-six thousand one hundred and thirty-three

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19 reviews for Midea Oil Ting Household Energy saving and Energy saving Bedroom Warmer

  1. Anonymous

    Hot quickly, warm.

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Youting is very useful and has a fast heating effect

  4. Anonymous

    Buy out of season because the central region is occasionally cold

  5. Anonymous

    Fast delivery speed, good customer service attitude, come back to evaluate after use.

  6. Anonymous

    I received the item. It should be fine for a big brand. The quality is OK. Good review.

  7. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly and visually appealing. I need to install some small accessories myself

  8. Anonymous

    Fast heating, good quality control, warm and practical space, and can also dry some clothes

  9. Anonymous

    Things are pretty good, they saved winter! A positive review of over 200 yuan is also suitable.

  10. Anonymous

    The goods arrive quickly and are heated quickly after being plugged in. It is bought for babies and has no odor

  11. Anonymous

    Overall, it was very good and took several days to evaluate. Fast speed has had a huge impact on the cold current in recent days.

  12. Anonymous

    The appearance of the heater is really beautiful and durable. I tried it on and the effect was good. I believe it is a big brand of Midea.

  13. Anonymous

    The white color I chose is simple and beautiful. It gets hot soon after it is powered on. It is worth buying if you buy it early and feel comfortable.

  14. Anonymous

    I bought three for the company before and found them very useful. Fast heating and energy-saving compared to air conditioning. This will buy a bedroom for my father-in-law to keep warm.

  15. Anonymous

    I have tried it, it is quite warm. This heating method is quite good, safe and stable, and can also dry clothes. It is also good to have a humidifier. It is small and exquisite and does not take up space. It can be stuffed under the desk.

  16. Anonymous

    The products of big brands are good. If you turn on the high setting in a small room, the temperature will rise quickly. You can also dry clothes on the shelf. If you put it in the living room, the whole family will not feel cold when playing with mobile phones together.

  17. Anonymous

    Due to the urgent needs of our customers, we placed an order last night and received it this afternoon in a very timely manner. The electric heater is beautiful and elegant, and the heating is very fast. It is really a big brand, and the quality is good. Customer service is thoughtful and patient. It is because of trust in customer service that we placed the order.

  18. Anonymous

    Power consumption: lower than air conditioning, does not require long periods of driving two gears, it will be too hot to withstand. Heating effect: very good, fast heating, -3 degrees Celsius outdoors, 17 or 18 degrees Celsius indoors. Appearance and Material: Beautiful and with a good texture, compact and exquisite, it does not take up space and can be stuffed under the office desk

  19. Anonymous

    It is 65 square meters and has a headroom of 5.8 meters. Two of them are placed in the workshop office, and they are very warm in half an hour.It’s now -3 degrees below zero outdoors and 17 or 18 degrees indoors, and people are still coming in and out frequently.It’s very warm, no need to wear a coat, convenient for working.It has an exquisite appearance, is compact, does not take up space, has significant heating effect, and has low energy consumption. You can just turn on one heating setting for a long time.,

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