[High end New Product] Micro steaming and baking embedded all-in-one machine


[New product launch] Midea GR5PRO embedded micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine steaming and baking oven microwave oven steaming and baking oven


[New product launch] Midea GR5PRO embedded micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine, integrating microwave, steamer, and oven, innovative design, beautiful and practical. By adopting intelligent control technology, precise temperature and time control can be achieved to meet your various cooking needs. GR5PRO has multiple functions such as fast heating, steam cooking, baking, etc., making your culinary journey more convenient. In addition, its embedded design saves space and enhances kitchen aesthetics. Come and experience the beautiful GR5PRO embedded micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine, and embark on your culinary journey!

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control method



Chinese mainland

warranty period

72 months

Energy efficiency rating



Thawing steam barbecue

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Panel material

Ordinary tempered glass

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and fourteen million three hundred and eighty-four thousand eight hundred and twelve

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install service

Including installation

18 reviews for [High end New Product] Micro steaming and baking embedded all-in-one machine

  1. Anonymous

    Installed, to be used after moving

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Good product, good after-sales service

  4. Anonymous

    Not bad, the installation efficiency is very high

  5. Anonymous

    The new color screen is easy to operate and has a high appearance value!!

  6. Anonymous

    The thing is very good. It looks great in texture, and I hope the cooking is also great

  7. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: Good texture, on-time delivery: Fast. Product function: Rich. Product quality: Very good

  8. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Excellent Product, New Product Product Quality: Useful Product Function: Rich, Timely Delivery: Fast

  9. Anonymous

    Very good and powerful. Not used yet. The A50 I bought earlier was sold on Xianyu and replaced with the same size reserved for installation.

  10. Anonymous

    Appearance material: Very fake. Product quality: completely false advertising. Product Function: Completely inconsistent with the description.

  11. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Beautiful and generous Product Quality: Not yet in use, expected results Delivery on time: On time, the installer is very patient

  12. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Very attractive Product Quality: Good quality, comfortable to use Product Function: Rich and timely delivery: Delivery can be even faster

  13. Anonymous

    Midea’s service is OK, and the customer service is OK. The product ecosystem is also good. I feel that the experience is much better than Gree. The appearance is also beautiful and youthful.

  14. Anonymous

    Perfectly embedded, tested steaming and baking, both functions can be used. The built-in drying function can dry the machine after steaming, and it comes with a color screen, which looks good overall.

  15. Anonymous

    The service attitude of the master is good, very professional and enthusiastic. The dishwasher and steam oven are installed very well, and I am particularly satisfied. Can you give a thumbs up to the master??

  16. Anonymous

    The steaming oven can be connected to the Midea app, and even novice beginners can quickly get started. It is perfect for me. The appearance is grand and upscale, and it looks great. After finishing the dishes, I will review it again.

  17. Anonymous

    It’s a big machine. Actually, my husband and I don’t cook much, but I still want to buy one. After doing a lot of research, I decided to buy this machine. I feel that the operation page is very convenient, and the elderly can also understand it. It’s good. Delivery on time: on time Product function: good Product quality: good Appearance material: good

  18. Anonymous

    It was a very bad shopping experience. As a long-time user of Midea for more than ten years, I was extremely disappointed with Midea’s customer service this time. I used to buy a lot of products offline, and I was very satisfied with the pre-sales and after-sales service. I didn’t expect the online customer service to be so bad… I asked a very simple question, but one customer service representative immediately transferred the call to the next one without replying, and the next one transferred the call to another one. I repeated the same problem many times, and in the end no one could help me solve it, but it wasted a lot of time. The three-in-one microwave oven I bought has not been shipped yet after the promised installation time has passed. I have repeatedly contacted the customer service, and my only request is to confirm when it can be shipped, because I have already lost the door-to-door installation fee once by the cabinet installation master I hired according to the promised time, and I don’t want to lose it again. My family is anxious to wait for the microwave oven to arrive and install the cabinet. As a result, every time I contact the customer service, there is only one sentence, which will urge the delivery as soon as possible. No one is responsible to really do the verification work. It is you who have already shipped overdue. Is this how I waste my time again and again?

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