Three second fast heating device for small household use


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The teddy bear heater, a small electric heater, is a must-have tool in winter! This small sun heater is an ideal choice for homes and offices. It is compact and lightweight, easy to move, and suitable for various environments. Adopting advanced heating technology to quickly heat the air, allowing you to feel warmth in a short period of time. Its energy-saving and energy-saving design is more in line with environmental protection concepts, saving you electricity bills. The teddy bear heater not only allows you to enjoy warmth in the cold winter, but also demonstrates energy conservation and environmental protection.

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Line length




Maximum power



Bear/Little Bear

warranty period

1 year

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Power supply mode

Alternating current


Foshan Xiaoxiong Environmental Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and nineteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million two hundred and seven thousand six hundred and thirty-four

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19 reviews for Three second fast heating device for small household use

  1. Anonymous

    Not bad, very practical!

  2. Anonymous

    Big brands are trustworthy

  3. Anonymous

    Easy to use, fast air outlet

  4. Anonymous

    Very satisfied with the office work

  5. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  6. Anonymous

    Mini, suitable for placing on the table

  7. Anonymous

    I’ll comment after using it, it’s still okay!

  8. Anonymous

    It’s so small. It’s good to put it wherever it’s useful.

  9. Anonymous

    I saw a colleague make one, so I bought one myself, it works well, slightly warm wind

  10. Anonymous

    The two gears are good, not too cold. Choosing a 200W one will save power and not be too hot

  11. Anonymous

    The hot air is still coming out quickly, but the sound is not too low and there is a buzzing sound

  12. Anonymous

    The heating at home is not very good, it is quite cold in winter. This heater is just right for a bedroom less than 10 square meters.

  13. Anonymous

    I want to give a big thumbs up to the dedicated courier for shipping during the Chinese New Year. With you all, this winter is very warm

  14. Anonymous

    The price-performance ratio is very high, the sound is not loud, and it does not get hot after long-term use. This is a heartfelt evaluation~

  15. Anonymous

    Is it okay? The outer packaging is average, but the inside is okay. The appearance is intact. I tried it for half an hour and there is no problem

  16. Anonymous

    Very good, put it on the table to blow my hands, my hands are too cold in winter. The wind is very hot, the noise is acceptable, and it can be turned on for several hours, great!

  17. Anonymous

    The wires are thick and have a good impression at first glance. They are very easy to use and immediately warm up without making a loud noise. Thank you, seller. If they are durable, you can get a score of 1oo

  18. Anonymous

    Thank you to customer service for conveying my urgent desire to ship~~I received it the day before the cooling down, and I am happy no longer to be afraid of sitting in the office and freezing my hands and feet

  19. Anonymous

    The hot air effect is good, at least it is enough for the desktop. The power cord is short and the wire is stiff. It will be difficult to place the heater on a desktop with insufficient interfaces or in an environment where the interfaces are far away. The noise is high. To be honest, I am a little suspicious that this product is modified from a hair dryer. The fan is noisy and the sound really sounds like a hair dryer.

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