Aurora European German fully automatic coffee machine WMF


German WMF Aurora Drip Filter European Home Small Coffee Machine Drip Type Fully Automatic Coffeemaker Insulation




This WMF Aurora drip coffee machine is a small, fully automatic coffee machine designed for homes and small offices.It adopts a drip-type design and fully automatically brews coffee, making it easy to enjoy the aroma of coffee.This coffee machine is made of high-quality materials, has a stylish appearance and European design style, and is suitable for various home environments.It also has a heat preservation function to ensure that the coffee is always kept at the optimal temperature.Whether you are busy at work in the morning or in your leisure time in the afternoon, this WMF Aurora drip coffee machine can bring you a cup of fragrant coffee and bring you a moment of relaxation and pleasure.


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Fully automatic


Chinese mainland

Coffee machine brand


warranty period

24 months


111V~240V (inclusive)


American drip filtration


Shanghai Futengbao Enterprise Development Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and nineteen trillion and one hundred and eighty billion seven hundred and seventeen million nine thousand nine hundred and fifty-six

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Aurora drip filter coffee machine [glass pot]

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  2. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Very suitable for family gatherings, with fast water flow and high water temperature. After starting, there was actually a light strip at the bottom, and the appearance suddenly increased. Many temperature control effects: suitable temperature. Coffee types: not only coffee, but also tea making

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